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AR-15 Carbine Buffers


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Recoil, perceived recoil (by the shooter), cycling that's out of whack, i.e., cycles too fast and won't lock back on the last round, because the buffer is too light.  Some people use the buffer weight to fix other problems, like out-of-spec gas holes in the barrel, too, but that depends on the barrel manufacturer more than anything else.

Alot of the newer mainsteam rifles and carbines were never designed for the current gas systems, either.  Carbine-length gas systems running a 11.5" or even 13.7" barrel is a good example.  Experimentations with buffer weighting has been figured out for most combos now, though. 

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What top end config does it have right now?  Since it's a Colt, there certainly aren't gonna be problems with out-of-spec gas ports on the barrel - seriously. 

You shouldn't have any troubles running a standard carbine buffer in it, if it's the rifle gas on a 20" barrel. 

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Standard carbine or H will be fine on it.  The H buffer will shoot a little softer.  Definitely not the H2 or H3 for it, though.

We had standard carbine buffers in our M4A1s initially, and they were all replaced in short order.  I don't know what the armorers replaced them with, but it was a damn good improvement afterwards. 

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I forgot to add this part, but it might be worth a phonecall to Spike's Tactical for a few questions. 

I ran my 14.5" today at the range, wth the .308.  It's the first time I've given it the shakedown, and I used the Spike's ST-T2 buffer in it (H2 weighted).  It's a powdered metal weighting in there, instead of the sliding weights that are typically used - and it's sweet.  I've had alot of time on the 14.5" carbines in the past, and this thing shot much better than previous guns.  If they say that buffer would work in your 20", I'd highly recommend it. 



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Love that thing.  I was already shooting with a modififed grip on the VFG, and this just makes it easier.  Way more comfortable.  I figured if I didn't like it, I could just sell it for what I paid.  After working with it, there's no way I'll get rid of it. 

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