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Cabela's covenant 4 FFP

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Stopped in Bass Pro's outlet in Springfield last weekend, don't usually look in the front cabinet but a knife caught my eye. While looking at it, someone had them get a scope out of the cabinet. After he was done looking at it I decided to check it out.

Looked through, zoomed in and realized it was FFP so looked at the price. Retail 299.00, outlet, 120.00. hmmm.  While inspecting, counter help is saying 30 day money back return. It was a 6-24x50. Glass didn't appear damaged, had lens clithe, and neoprene scope cover. Looked good except could tell it had been mounted, had scuffs from rings on bottom side.

They also had what appeared new, a 4-14x44, same model for 130.00.

Wasn't looking for a scope but bought both. Had never handled a Cabela's branded scope nor knew anything about them, but the glass looked really good, even at full zoom and with good eye relief. Decided I'd try them out PDQ in case they needed to be returned.

Lapped a Burris PEPR and installed the 6-24x50. Ran the windage and elevation full range a half dozen times to see what the MOA range was, both had 50, even though Cabela's sight says 40 for this one. 15 MOA per revolution.

Shot with it today @ 50 yards(lunch hour, not a lot of time). For shot 2.5" low and left, 2nd shot 2" low and left(hmmm maybe why it was returned, or maybe just settling in). 3rd shot 1.5" low, 2" left. 4th shot over laps 3rd. Decided to make first adjustement. 4 moa right, 3 up. 5th shot center top of 1 moa bullseye, shots 6-10 all overlapping shot 5, could cover with a penny. Pretty pleased with initial outting.

Will pull off rifle and roll around a bit and remount and shoot again when this blizzard moves out.

Reticle is tiny when zoomed out, not as easy to read as the impact 60 on my vx3i lrp 6.5-20. but style is very similar, zoomed in to 10 or so and it's easy to read. Side focus gave a very sharp target picture.


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