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  1. I missed the important detail that the 1-8x is SFP instead of FFP, thanks for pointing it out I'm with you and will stick with the 1-6x.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to go with a TN Arms lower.
  3. Thanks for the thread @mineralman55, very cool rifle. I am considering using a TN Arms lower/Aero Precision upper for my first build. How has the TN Arms composite lower performed? Also, what handguard did you use for this build?
  4. Ignorance of the rules and especially "The Rule" is no excuse but I promise I was not aware of it until this thread. I thought @DNP's mention of it might have had something to do with my response to @haewired's build thread but decided to pretend I didn't see it and maintain a casual "business as usual"-type low profile and so on. Since that didn't work I promise to provide a range report on my build when I can. FWIW I did search the forum for relevant content related to TN Arms' composite lowers, TN Arms, composite lowers and other related search terms before posting but mineralman55's build thread didn't come up for some reason. No big deal as I have already pretty much settled on a AP upper too at this point. I think I'm going to use the regular AP M5 upper (i.e. the generic DPMS Gen 1 High Profile pattern upper) instead of the AP M5E though as while the enhanced version may be better in some respects than the plain M5 upper it also appears to lock you into using one of AP's handguards. These look good too and are probably a great option but I want to do a "Plain Jane" DPMS Gen 1 build. If there is a compelling argument in favor of a different upper please tell me. BTW @Belt Fed what manufacturer's composite lower is in this picture?
  5. Very cool rifle, please provide a range report when you can. Thanks to this forum I'm thinking about trying my first .308 build and have started researching components. In the course of this I came across completed hybrid polymer lowers (they are "hybrid" as they contain some brass reinforcement) from Tennessee Arms. Do you or anyone else reading this have any experience with these? I know there are several other more mainstream options for lowers (e.g. Aero Precision M5, etc.) but I think these inexpensive polymer lowers look kind of cool and their low cost is also attractive. https://www.tnarmsco.com/ar-308/
  6. How much did all the parts you listed for your Aero/Sig Shorty 308 pistol build cost @jtallen83? Also, how many hours of work? I'm fine with approximations and just looking for ballpark figures.
  7. It makes for a good closer-range/heavy cover hunting rig too. FYI PA recently released a 1-8x version that's the same weight as the 1-6x. https://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-1-8x-rifle-scope-illuminated-acss-reticle
  8. I like bullpups and the IWI Tavor 7 .308 really piqued my interest when it was announced a while back. Its release has been delayed due to accuracy issues as IWI does not want sell this rifle to civilians until it shoots at least 1 MOA, especially since its MSRP will be around $2,200. As I'm a bit of a fan (or perhaps a sucker) for this rifle I of course spent extra time loitering around the IWI booth at the NRA Guns and Gear show last weekend. I was not able to get any kind of specific ETA updates or insight w/regard to its availability here in the US from the IWI folks but was able to see and handle a couple of these rifles in real life though and take some pics.
  9. Thanks, I wanted to accessorize with a couple of new AR-10s but my wife said rifles don't qualify as "clothing" as far as our household budget is concerned. At least I tried. https://www.armalite.com/product-category/apparel-and-accessories/
  10. Got some Armalite tshirts this week. They're really good quality.
  11. Thanks for sharing this Rex. I saw a Youtube video of a guy who said .308 pistols are very unpleasant to shoot w/out hearing protection (like getting hit by a UFC fighter or something) and it was a concern for me. I'm not planning to do alot of operation w/out hearing protection but it's good to know I won't go deaf after just a couple of rounds without it. I get enough complaints about the TV being too loud from my wife as it is.
  12. This particular use case makes sense and puts these pistols in the "more than a cool range toy" category. 80%+ of the Whitetail hunting I do in WI every November w/the crew involves shooting that is well within 300yds. As one of the kids/whippersnappers I'm often charged w/driving swamps and other thick terrain where visibility and shooting is usually even closer in (100 yds or less) and a lightweight rifle w/a short barrel...oops, I mean pistol would be perfect. I'm thinking Magpul Pro irons will be fine, no need for glass.
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