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Gun laws by state for CCW


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Great info, thanks.

I'll add a couple of things since I get involved with homicide investigations here in my County in Ohio (Chief CSI).

Ohio (for example) is also a Castle Doctrine State.  Many other States are as well.  This changes the game some when it comes to potentially deadly encounters.  You do NOT have to retreat nor to you have to be inside your residence to use deadly force.  "Stand your ground" is also by used in some States and language used in association with Castle Doctrines.

What this basically means is that if you have the right to use deadly force when all the elements exist and using deadly force is deemed reasonable for the circumstance when at your residence, vehicle or business.  Basically without going into great detail, do NOT shoot anyone who doesn't need to be shot and you'll be fine when Law Enforcement comes around to investigate the incident.

Now comes the important part.  DO NOT leave your weapon in your vehicle for any reason.  If you are going into a business, for example that has put up a sign in accordance with State Laws concerning CCW's and display a sign that weapons are not permitted in their establishment, don't leave your weapon in the vehicle.

Criminals have been targeting vehicles in parking lots of these places because they know a LOT of folks have CCW's and there will be a high percentage of vehicles in close proximity to those establishments with weapons left in them.

They are also (and have been for some time) targeting residences by reading obituaries.  Yes, they know that when folks pass away it may be several days for the surviving family members to remove firearms (and other valuables) from those residences.  The hardest hit in that group are elderly and were living in farmhouses or in remote areas.  Hope this helps some......Cliff

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