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  1. These ^^^^ plus: factory gun or build? Parts list? Pictures of bolt face and lugs? How well lubed? Lots of possible culprits but no where near enough info.
  2. Forward weight, I don’t run full auto, my DI system works fine, no real need to add complications to an already proven system, although marginal DI is proven to be more accurate (again marginal)
  3. No. No guarantee you’ll find a lower to fit unless you don’t mind doing machine work to possibly upper and lower. And yes, they still haven’t figured out recoil system or barrel port sizes yet.
  4. Very different. In size, thread pitch and barrel nut. First you need to know: do I have an AR10 or a LR308? There’s a difference, because only Armalite is an AR10. It’s a different thread pitch. If not, then you have an LR308. But is it high or low rail height?
  5. He hasn’t been here since September 2019
  6. On all cartridges that are loaded for auto feeding weapons with a necked case, prefer Lee Crimp Dies
  7. @98Z5Vwill be by shortly, he has one of the few I know of. I would better be able to offer some suggestions if I knew your budget. I understand you want to save but you might be ok and not know it. First, the best inexpensive receivers I would suggest are the Aero M5 set. Handguard is more of a personal preference type thing and doesn’t affect performance in the least besides weight and possibly grip. Stock and grip are personal preference as well. Lots of good options out there.
  8. Welcome. Tons available for a manners of things. Pretty knowledgeable and diverse crew, if a little rough around the edges.
  9. This, plus when you destroy the indoor range it’s usually property that costs several tens of thousands to fix. Plus after a magazine or so those steel core projectiles are going to be ricocheted back at you when you strip the absorbent material and get down to steel. Trust me, dodging bullets isn’t fun.
  10. We need exact measurements of your buffer and spring or you can get the KAK buffer and orange Springco spring
  11. At the time it was your post count, one point per
  12. Start with my suggestions on your recoil system. That may help the slamming into the feed ramps, it’ll definitely help your cycling and feeding/extraction issues.
  13. Be prepared to replace it, they have had known issues of failure in the casting process. There are definitely better out there close to the price, LaRue being one of them. Just a heads up
  14. I still want to know how to seat a primer upside down
  15. So they porked ya bud. Truth. But we are here to help. Start reading, check out pinned topics and hit up the intro thread. And don’t ever go back there again. How do you not know what parts you’re using in a build for a customer? First things first. Your buffer and spring as as wrong as Biden and Kamala. Junk both and keep the tube for small AR parts and buy a complete Armalite system. Or keep the tube and get a KAK buffer and springco orange spring.
  16. You said people drop a powder load in through the bottom. How the hell do they then seat the primer? I’m relatively new to reloading but have several thousand rounds under my belt and that one definitely had me wondering wtf. Also, like 98 said, gas guns crimping is necessary. And you are incorrect on the lighter projectiles performing as well as the heavier ones. You’ll fight wind drift far more than you would with a heavy. Let me ask you another thing, why would crushing of powder matter in the least? Do you really think a small grain of powder would be less efficient? Chemical make up decides burn rate more than the size in a general sense, especially if you’re only talking about a few near where the bullet is seated in the case.
  17. I would change your buffer and spring. Then get an idea out if your gas timing is correct. Then check your gas port. In that order
  18. Also, did you have your bolt headspaced to the barrel?
  19. Actually it’s all about the ball bearings these days
  20. I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen 2J swaps and eco boost swaps in the GN bodied cars. Not for me. I will say anything that keeps car culture going is good though. Even the rivers in their auto zone civics with fart cans. Reason I believe that is otherwise we would all be driving boring electric cars with no soul…
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