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  1. You could trim the delrin pad down and it’ll be fine. Replace the spring and now move on to your gas port…
  2. I just upgraded all my Rigid to brushless, wow, what a difference. Milwaukee are real nice, but rigid offered a trade in sale and I got a decent deal
  3. Your recoil system is likely the culprit. Please measure , weigh, and if possible provide pictures. Internal depth of tube as well although that is not usually messed up on rifle extension. BTW, almost never should you have to remove buffer weights
  4. Relaxed spring length is off, should be 13.75”. Coil count should be 34 at that length. So bye bye spring. Need the length of the buffer please……….. your buffer tube seems correct enough, should be 9 5/8”… your buffer length should be 5 3/16
  5. 20 rds is nothing on these. We have seen 300 rd break in periods. Stay with it. Post up those measurements
  6. Your buffer weight is ok but I still think we need measurements of the entire recoil system. Please post pictures of the buffer length, internal depth of you tube and spring length. Also, if these are correct in dimensions it very well could be your gas system, which is an easy fix with some basic tools. please start with the above
  7. Almost ever case here is vaccinated, we have the highest vax rate in the country, not helping a thing. The hospitals are clogged but not with serious cases but the usual idiots who go for every little thing, same as before. Still no deaths worldwide from omicron. It’s endemic at this point. My 94 yr old grandmother has had it, twice, from caregivers. Up here nurses who have it but are asymptomatic are still required to work.
  8. Well, I can tell you your wrong. Not with your concepts but in what happens with execution. “Black market” pot sales have been driven up by the over taxing and high prices by dispensaries. Money from said sales have increased violence including a spike in gun violence. Lots of false ideals being pedaled by people in position to prosper from their positions. As far as production at home, that’s fine but rarely meets consumption levels and more of a hobby. Nothing wrong with the plant, nor it’s many benefits, lots of backwards thinkers out there to dump on it.
  9. I don’t load handgun but I would absolutely clean your case
  10. Sounds like summertime here in the city. The PR and Dominican gangs up here are at war daily. I get to deal with it weekly if not more. Just like this. One had and AK for sure. The others were pistol caliber, if I had to guess a modified glock and a mac10
  11. What this means is what I referenced with using ammo and tuning the rifle, then switching ammo and expecting the same results
  12. The Aero receiver extension has been known late to have incorrect dimensions. Please measure the internal depth.
  13. So long answer is no. Short answer not always. I guess my first question is do you reload? If no, buying off the shelf, and getting whatever’s available then no, it’s not going to work. JP parts are high quality race gun parts and tuning any rifle to a tailored load will almost guarantee it won’t function properly with others. Think of it like this. You have a guy come in with a 70’ chevelle with a blown Reher Morrison and a TCI power glide tubbed for 33’s on a sick set of RC headlocks. He say it’s a 7.30 car and runs 180’s and you have no reason to doubt it. Next he says it’s built with quality parts, yup, can see that. Then he say he’s running it on methanol but would like to flip back and forth between pump gas. Wait, what? If you want to feed the beast a specific load using tunable parts, because you have or will develop a recipe, so be it. That’s awesome, show me the end result so I can drool all over my screen. But tunable parts suck if you have one box of 175gr GMM and a box of M80. Too far each other to run if it’s made for one or the other. And removing the buffer retaining pin and running a traditional set up is not wise. That will cause you to chase your tail under loads that have slightly different pressure zones, never mind what I compared above. Aloha, welcome to the asylum. We love cool shit. Like cars, bikes, guns, planes, hunting, fishing and all sorts of shenanigans
  14. Let’s get this out of the way. It’s not a Gen 2. It’s GII. It’s a whole different frame type. Your receivers are DPMS/SR-25 patterned (although the company calls it AR-10, which is Armalite and a trademarked and proprietary receiver set). Faxon has good barrels and I’m not sure what @DustBusterhas going on with his, are generally very good and backed by the company. There are a ton of barrel makers out there if you seek an alternative. Try to get one with a headspaced bolt. Now, let’s talk about what you’re looking for, since you are not specific in what you want this rifle to do (you’ve only generally stated you want it to shoot and look good). Distances you’re looking to shoot? caliber? why a binary trigger? They are not going to help you be accurate. Trigger work with a quality trigger will be more beneficial and nearly as fast. The second shot of a binary, especially on a .308/large frame caliber is going to suck, maybe miss and IPSC target altogether. use the Armalite recoil system and you won’t have any problems. It’s proven, can work on Armalite and DPMS patterns without any issues. weight- you say you don’t care, yet, in case of extreme wokeness you’ll use this rifle in only what I can assume is in self defense. Do you have any experience with a rifle? Weight matters….. a lot. Swing a 16 lb rifle for a few hours plus the kit to support it and it’ll matter….a 16” barrel will hit 800 yds if you know your dope and weigh 2 lbs less where it counts, end of the barrel. Something to chew on
  15. Keep it dripping wet, may need to for the parts to work in
  16. Welcome, no hate but there has multiple reports of those side chargers with issues. One way to see where your bcg is hitting the lower is th put some white out on the rear and see where it lands.
  17. I’ll do it… just be warned, you’ll need your own bottle, GREG doesn’t share…
  18. If it’s a standard Armalite AR10 buffer you may have it backwards, should be 5.3oz
  19. Yup, and we expect a review for the benefits of the group. Be glad you’re getting off with a $35 magazine lol. It’s one of our very few initiations.
  20. They’ve been erased, let’s keep it a little classier. Mostly clothed please.
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