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  1. Stress point? How so? Unless you plan on mortaring the rifle constantly I can’t see why…. I’ve never had it fail on any of my rifles or issued rifles….
  2. I was up in Lake Placid last week for a hockey tournament. Snow every day, high of 6, low of -22. Got home and it snowed 8”. Looking at more tomorrow night.
  3. The car that broke the record was fast! Only issue is they don’t have endurance yet. Once they can lap Spa in an endurance race I’ll buy into the tech
  4. That’s not that bad bro… what’s your round count on the rifle?
  5. Varget is outstanding. I wish I could grab more. @98Z5Vwill have some load data for you. I kept loading Mi262 clone loads until I was too low to do a 168/175 load ladder for each. Still looking for more
  6. There is not nearly enough information here. No measurements, branding or information here. Also. You should use known factory ammo for break in periods to eliminate re load tolerance issues. Please provide specific info
  7. Got that as well. I like it but can’t justify that. If I spend that much it’s going to be on a long range rig, 300 WIN MAG or bigger
  8. Agreed, that’s a bad bitch. 50 shades of fde
  9. Welcome. Gas tube is good. Recoil system measurements and weight of buffer is needed. I would also be willing to bet small gas port on your barrel, WC has been consistently under with their barrels. Have no worries. A solid hour of your time between posts and part changes is all that’s needed!
  10. Your 3.8 oz buffer is too light for a .308. It should be a minimum of 5.3. It may be considered heavy for an AR 15 but on a 308AR it’s standard weight. A heavy buffer for .308 is typically 6.5/8/10 oz.
  11. It’s a pre ban that’ll bring you some good money. More than enough to buy a new one with an optic. It could also provide someone trapped behind the line a weapon. Just a thought
  12. Yes. No issue at all. Are you in a restricted state?
  13. I have a LaRue and a MaTen. I can’t get to it today, going to bed for midnight shift. I will get to it tomorrow for you and report back
  14. I think you’ll find round count will help here. These take quite a few to break in and properly run. 100 rounds or more, way more metal to mesh together and wear in. Think of bedding rings on a piston. for what it’s worth, soft points can have some serious issues loading from a magazine in any AR. Big or small. Feed ramps do a number on them and they deform pretty badly. Manually load a round if you’re using it for hunting to keep the projectile in tip top shape. ( with bolt locked back drop it in and release the bolt)
  15. Last I knew it’s proprietary. What are your issues? Be detailed. Factory gun? Buffer and spring size and weight? Gas port measurement? Where’s the gas tube end up in the cam cut out?
  16. Terminal list on Amazon prime, R9 gents
  17. G Shock. I beat the living tar out of them and they still roll
  18. Nothing in the picture you posted concerns me. Unless you have some that are worse I would not mess with your extractor.
  19. You don’t mention ejection issues
  20. Their barrels are second to none. I have two and will only replace them with the same quality barrel
  21. Hmmm. I’d argue that statement. That might be good for inside 400 yds but your fairly lacking power needed after that.
  22. Excuse me sir…. I believe i fit in somewhere here…..
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