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  1. Quite a bit of ammo at Rural King today. 7.62 x 39 (Wolf). .223 steel case (Wolf), quite a bit of 12 gauge shotgun, 22 rimfire, 270 Winchester and a few "odd" calibers, 224 Ruger and one Russian variant. No one was in there "hoarding" any of it either. Couldn't take a pic, the County didn't pay my cell phone bill so it got shut off last week.........
  2. Yep, I like them more than most people. Also, unlike my wife, I can lock them up in the trunk for half an hour and they are glad to see me when I get back!.....LOL
  3. Back on the topic of ammo, I am seeing LOTS of Wolf 7.62 x 39 out there at $10 a box. I don't shoot that caliber very often but do have an AR-47 that runs it pretty good. Used to have an nice AK-47 and a couple of SKS Paratrooper rifles that used it, but sent those on down the road once I decided to fill the safe with black rifles........
  4. "That Dog exudes JOY! Must be a blast watching him work." Yep, Sadie is fast as greased lightening and LOVES groundhog hunting. She catches quite a few of those little ground squirrels and chipmunks and piles them up in the yard. Pretty hard on mice and rats around here as well. I've got my new boy in training, Samson, hope he turns out just as good........
  5. EVERYTHING around here is for sale except for my dogs, even the wife. She is the best deal on the property because in a week you will pay me MORE money to take her back!.....LOL....
  6. +2 Imagine sailing head strong with guns a blazin into a far superior fleet knowing full well you don't have enough torpedoes or ammunition to maybe get but two or three of them before they put you to the bottom of the ocean........Them were some tough SOB's back then for sure and we should NOT forget there efforts and sacrifice........
  7. "There's a reason for that... Those that get it, shoot it, and either turn it back in (police up the brass) because they have to, or they keep it for themselves and reload it - if they don't have to turn it in" Cool and as always thanks for the info/details. Good news is that I found it, bad news is that I went out and bought 200 rounds of new Winchester brass and have been working with it for quite a few years now. I don't like mixing it up, so will have to either continue with what I've got, or chit-can all of it and move on to the LC Match Brass. I've worked up a nice hunting load using Varget and 175 grain Barnes bullets. Since we take three different 308-AR's out West Elk hunting it's not always easy to find one load that works well in all three rifles but we're there at the moment. Not sure if I have the time or energy to change things up at this point, plus "when something is working well don't fuk with it" has served me well for quite a few decades! I vaguely remember sticking around to clean up as we shot on the last relay at a match in Virginia and most likely I was allowed to keep some of the brass for my efforts. This would have been in the summer of 1986 or 1987, so it's been in storage quite a while......
  8. I've never seen one in these parts. A higher end Taurus 22 showed up at Rural King yesterday, looked like a spin-off of the Taurus TX-22...
  9. I bought mine back in the mid-1970's and exploited it for decades till one day I went to open the bolt and the handle separated from it...YIKES! Not the rifles fault, if you got the loads a little too hot it REFUSED to open without whacking it with a hammer. I did that to it a lot early on before figuring out the perfect load for it , was also learning the ropes with reloading at that time so. With any of this stuff you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs and very quickly I learned to stay on the lower end of the charges posted in reloading manuals....FWIW. I suppose all the "whacking" took it's toll on the bolt/handle and it just decided one day it had enough of it......
  10. Really? I've never seen any for sale anyplace. This would have came from an in service match at either Camp Perry or Damneck in the late 1980's. At one of those matches I shot a 19-10/4X slow fire prone, personal best. What's the going rate for it these days? I used some of it decades ago to make some .243 loads. Necked them down to 7mm--08 than down to .243 and trimmed them. Not sure if the brass had anything to do with it but that rifle was DEADLY accurate putting most groups well under 1/2" at 100 yards or pretty much in the same hole IF the jerk behind the trigger did their part. I've owned a few "home-run" rifles that just flat got it done for tight groups. Believe it or not at the top of the pile was a Remington 788 in 22/250, 1/4" three shot groups at 100 yards were the norm. I used H-414 and Speer 52 grain bench rest bullets (flat base not boat tail). For some reason across by chrony boa-tail bullets were down 200fps over the flat base varieties, to this day never figured that one out. Right with it is my 450 Bushmaster, ALL groups ever fired from that rifle go pretty much into the same hole if you hold still enough. Couple of years ago at our range with witnesses I fired 5 rounds at 100 yards and only 3 holes nested in a tiny cluster. They accused me of shooting two rounds off the paper!....LOL My AR-15's are "spotty" for accuracy and very finicky with ammunition. X-Tac in the two Varmint AR's get it done pretty good. Most of the "low end" generic Wolf, Privi, Federal, American Eagle, etc will NOT consistently group in anything I've ran that stuff thru. I really should hand-load for them and try to tighten things up some, but I've went another direction with Varmint hunting. I'm using my Ruger 10-22 topped with a cheap 3-9 Tasco scope instead. I'm 100 percent hit ratio to 100 yards, about 75 percent out to 150 and about 1 in 3 at 200-225 yards. It's a LOT of fun and best of all it doesn't ring the chit out of my ears and scare all the groundhog within a mile back into their holes. Sometimes I'll even get 2 or 3 opportunities at the same hog before I either give him a bellyache or he figures out something just isn't quite right and goes underground. There is quite a "delay" before the rounds hit home at 200 yards, but it will still plant them in their tracks on occasion and when it doesn't Sadie is all up in their chit before they make it back to their holes!........
  11. I'll check out the Walther...tks... I was cleaning up in the basement yesterday and found a sealed container FULL of Lake City Match brass. There is probably 200-300 cases in there, once fired. It would be from the late 1980's........
  12. LOVE IT! Clear thru all powers, light weight, and durable. It's never budged and I've had it on there quite a while now and several hunting trips out to Colorado Elk hunting......
  13. Ammo is starting to show up, this morning Rural King had a couple of cases of Wolf 7.62 x 39, some shotgun ammo, some "high end .223/.556 and 204 Ruger.....
  14. PSA lower, A2 stock (packed full with a cleaning/survival kit stuff), 14.7" upper, Leupold 2-7 scope.......
  15. I had a Taurus PT-92 briefly around 2000 but never fired it. Can't even remember where it came from or went to, probably traded it off at a Gun Show. I never really spent any time with it at all, just figured it was a "knock-off" of the Beretta........
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