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  1. A friend of mine showed up last Saturday with NIB Taurus Judge in .410. Hey, look at what I just bought he said. So we walk over to my 55 gallon drum burn barrel to ventilate it a few times, or that was the plan. We are about 20 feet away and my friend fires one round and hits it dead center. Then he fires two more rounds and hits about a foot in front and a foot to the left of the barrel. He finished off the remaining rounds and same thing, it's shooting about 3 feet low and 1 foot to the left. I said hey man, the worms are putting up white flags and you are tearing up my yard. So he grumbles at me under his breath, reloads, and fires again, same thing. So I ask him to hand it to me and I fire two rounds and they hit dead center. Before handing it back to him I open the cylinder and rotate it back so it's going to come up on an empty round the next shot (we called this "ball and dummy" back in my Military range days and used to train new shooters with huge "anticipation" problems). So I hand it back to him and he takes careful aim and "click". At the same time the gun goes down about 2" as he anticipates the shot and jerks the trigger at the same moment. He turned to me and said you SOB. I just smiled and told him that he needs to work on fundamentals and to quit worrying about the recoil. Case in point here, my friend, like many hundred of other shooters I've seen over the years had no idea that subconsciously he was doing anything at all wrong........FWIW......
  2. I didn't buy the Taurus mostly because of the size and my track history with Taurus has NOT been good at all. I'm not going to be specific there, as I'm sure they have some good weapons in the line-up, but I'm zero for three so will tread softly if I go that direction again. Anyhow, just sitting here enjoying a lemon bar desert Deb came up with and glad to get out of the heat, it was pretty brutal here today. I logged another 400 rounds thru the M & P over the weekend. I ran more Remington, CCI and some Mexican stuff, all flawless. Still haven't cleaned it or even wiped it off and it's had zero malfunctions other than three ammo related from one box of Remington Thunderbolt that I mentioned earlier. I'm going to continue to fire it until it malfunctions, then strip it down for a thorough cleaning. Hoping to make it to 1000 rounds without issues. I never got around to ordering any magazine upgrades, still firing the factory 10 round mags. I'll get back on that later this week and report back on how well they work.......
  3. I shot High Power matches competitively for several years while on active duty. For the most part the majority of the folks shooting did well until we went to standing/off-hand. I grew up hunting and shooting game with almost all of it off hand so had an edge on that deal. It still takes a lot of practice and most of it can be dry-fire. There are various techniques or ways to shoot off-hand, but it boils right down to what you are comfortable with and the skill level you obtain thru practice and repetition. I've never much been fond of heavy or long barrel rifles even for Match shooting. They have their place but for off-hand a light rifle that drills sub 1" MOA will be fine. You'll find it easier to hold steady especially for multiple shots on the same target. Pretty much for each shot you are working your sight picture down to the tightest little figure 8 you can keep in the black and timing your shot for when you are closest to dead center as possible. It's a skill set developed over time and I've not ran into too many folks who were all that good at it........
  4. Call Smith & Wesson's warranty department, they have excellent customer service.. I had issues with a 45 Shield couple of years ago. They emailed a shipping label to me in minutes and UPS picked it up the next day. It was gone a couple of weeks, and came back completely rebuilt with a full page listing of the parts replaced and explanation of the issues found, etc......
  5. That's what I was looking for tks. I can deal with the slide not locking back after the last round if I can get 16 + 1. Some say the little 22 lacks stopping power right to start with, so MORE is always better with this sort of thing........
  6. Some loose the function and others don't. I didn't do much research but did find followers that increase capacity to 12 rounds and keep the hold open function. It appears anything greater than that and you loose it. You'd think someone would be making a high capacity mag for these pistols. The darned thing is only half full with 10 rounds in it. It would seem one could nearly double that number without much effort with a grip extension.......
  7. Was finally able to get one, bypassed the new Taurus 22 waiting on the M & P. I know the Taurus gets raving reviews but I've had ZERO luck with their pistols to date, plus the 22 is full size and I wanted something a little smaller. The Smith M & P 22 turned out to be a good choice. Very accurate for this type of pistol, and so far 100 percent dead solid reliable aside from two ammo related issues (not enough powder charge and one "dud"). I've ran about 600 rounds thru it so far, all cheaper ammo, bulk pack Remington, Federal, and some imported stuff. All three issues came from the same box of Remington Thunderbolt 22 which I consider pretty "spotty" as I also have had trouble with it in my 10-22 with inconsistent power charges leading to jams or failing to eject/feed the next round. Anyhow, I'm looking to upgrade the magazines for higher capacity or buy new ones that hold more than 10 rounds. I did a little searching on Google and didn't come up with much where you don't loose the lock back the slide on the last round deal. What's out there and how to they work? The only negatives with the M & P 22 so far are a "gritty" trigger, which is getting better with every outing and soaking the mechanism good with gun oil (home brew). It's also got a little more take-up for the next round than I like, but getting used to it. After a little practice I'm hitting 100 percent on our steel targets at 25-30' at the range, and 3 for 3 on raccoons the Min-Pins treed late at night out at the chicken coup, but rapid fire is a little weird with this trigger and striker fired set-up. In these times it's certainly a LOT less expensive to shoot than my 45's and 9mm's as I've been able to pick up bricks of 500 rounds for about $40 on a regular basis. Thanks in advance for any advice on high capacity mags and maybe getting this trigger to be a bit more user friendly.......Cliff
  8. "I wish the B5 P23 grip had a cap, and could store something (spare batts, M&Ms, whatever)." +2 All of my 308-AR's have A2 stocks on them for the same reason, storage. I keep a small cleaning kit in the 308-AR I take out West Elk Hunting and some fire starting stuff......
  9. Agreed, nice shooting. Personally I would NOT make any changes or rule out the Barnes bullet not working well until you get to spend some range time on a calm day with no wind at all. Wind is NOT your friend with these things and can move the shooter and the bullets around a lot more than one would think they would.......FWIW.....
  10. never heard of the guy......I guess I don't get out much......
  11. Keep in mind that your equipment shoots better than you do.......and.....................there is no-one shooting back at you! Nice work!!.........
  12. I did some 22 ammo testing a few years ago in my bolt action. It's a really old Sears and Roebuck (Marlin) and absolutely the most consistently accurate 22 rifle I've ever shot. It was a MESS way back in the 1970's when I acquired it, but cleaned up nicely and turned out to be quite a shooter. A few years ago just for fun I tested a bunch of different 22 LR ammo. Some of the details escape me but I shot Remington bulk pack stuff, Federal, CCI and Winchester. ALL the bulk pack stuff was dirty and not all that great. I did all the shooting at 50 yards from a good bench rest. The overall winner for accuracy was Winchester Western Super X. With that said it came from bricks I bought at least 30 years ago. CCI was right there with it. Both were just standard 22 round nose, not hollow points. I managed several dime sized groups from the WW and the CCI was hanging right there with it but just a tad larger groups. Some of that bulk pack chit was out to almost 2" with a few fliers in most groups making them even bigger. This particular rifle is so accurate you can shoot a hole in a piece of paper at 25 yards then shoot at the hole and after half a dozen shots you can't tell how many rounds you've fired. My 10/22 is decent, but no where near as accurate or consistent as the old Marlin bolt action rifle. I have managed a few groups hovering around 1" at 50 yards but it's not consistent and almost always a 10 shot group will have several fliers in it. Although not as accurate I've moved to the 10/22 for groundhog hunting and have killed several in excess of 200 yards. My hit ratio to 100 yards is pretty close to 100 percent. It falls off so fast after 100 yards I'm half that at 150 and maybe one in 5 or 6 out at 200 yards and that's on a calm day where I don't have to worry about windage, just elevation.......
  13. I ran into some crappy 22 ammo from Remington yesterday....Thunderbolt 22. I was sighting in my 10/22 after upgrading the scope. Talk about chitty ammo. I started out with some CCI and once I got things dialed in shot a nice 1" group at 50 yards. Started running low on the CCI and had brought along some Remington Thunderbolt. Talk about crap. Every other round or so had a noticeable difference in "report" like the powder charge was down some. A couple didn't have enough ass to eject the shell and effectively chamber another and jammed it up. One jam was so bad I had to pry the dinged round back with a screwdriver to clear the weapon. The groups at 50 yards were chit, lots of flyers and groups were out to about 4-5" instead of nesting nicely in a 1" circle like the CCI ammo. I switched back to the CCI and everything was fine. I guess Remington either doesn't know or doesn't care about that crap because it's just 22 rimfire and unlikely one would stick a round in the barrel or blow your gun up with it.......FWIW......Cliff
  14. Thanks......not sure if anyone noticed but he plague from SAI School was for being on staff at the Instructors School, or train the trainers course. I can't think of a better job, teaching others to be SAI instructors and shooting guns all day! Sadly, I couldn't hang out there very long. It was a nice break from chit-tons of deployment, and Deb was getting tired of me being around so much anyhow so I short toured from there and back to the grind......
  15. Thanks. Got to do a lot of cool chit back in them days, been all over that region. Can't remember ever being in a hotter place than Guyana, never checked but it's probably only a couple of clicks North of the equator. Probably best known for the Jim Jones thing........
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