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  1. Yep, didn't hunt more than about 45 minutes. The deer were really moving good yesterday. I pushed a big buck out of the creek bottom walking in, he was right where I wanted to set-up. Too dark to get on him and he was moving too fast anyhow. Saw 3 does about 2 minutes later, they came running down a fence row and clear thru the woods without stopping. About 20 minutes after that a doe came in from my left with this buck chasing her. She made a hard right turn about 80 yards out and was literally going to run right over me but stopped in her tracks when I dropped the buck. She didn't even run off while I poked around looking for the 450 brass. As soon as I found it and started toward the downed buck she took off. I went and got the side-by-side to pull him back to the shop. Samson went along as he loves pulling pieces off a downed buck. A herd of deer came in on us while we were field dressing him. Samson chased them clear out of sight then came trotting back all proud and chit. That's the easy part, then the processing begins. I had him skinned within half an hour, cleaned up and will hang till tomorrow. I do all my own processing as I'm NOT fond of having my deer lay in a pile of deer at some processing facility with the stinky hide on it for several days before they get to it. I like them gutted, skinned, cooled down and hanging within an hour of hitting the ground. That's the important part. Not sure if waiting a few days before processing makes any difference or not. I grind them up and vacuum seal in one pound bags. Everyone loves it, but most of the time we do NOT tell visitors that the dish they just devoured was made from deer burger!........
  2. Hornady ballistic tip 250 grain. Right out of the box. I bought a case when I bought the Bushmaster upper and have plenty left.......
  3. Got my "small" buck this morning. He chased a doe down thru the woods a little after 8am. I actually shot him coming straight at me on a good run at 60 yards. The doe was only about 10' from me when I touched off the 450 Bushmaster. It piled him right up. The last three deer I've taken with the 450 never took another step. There was no exit wound, will look for the bullet when I finish up the processing......
  4. Thanks. I passed up several bucks that morning including the one in the photo below. These days I'm looking for a 100-130 pound doe to put meat in the freezer. My buddy Mike bagged him Saturday morning. I'll take another doe and a small buck in the next month or so. This year we have WAY too many bucks so need to thin them out a bit........
  5. Looks amazing. Love the attention to detail and leaving some parts in the original finish. I apologize for the late response, have been busy with other things and absent from the Forum for while. One of them was selling my Silverado 3500 Duramax to our local dealer. FIRST time in my life I actually made out messing with a dealership. I bought a "driver" to replace it till things settle down some. Went deer hunting two weeks ago Sunday and had a big fat doe on the ground within an hour. My "pet" wild Turkey was waiting for me this morning. Finally got a frost here last night, late in coming but at least it will kill of the ticks and some of the undergrowth. I can't remember having flies, ticks and other insects around so late in the year..........
  6. "Hmmm I just use the hay forks on the front of the tractor." Good idea. I use my 4 post lift, just tie a leg to one of the braces between the ramps and push a button..... I'm so lazy these days after I get the hide off the back legs and cut past the tail I hook it to the winch on the Quad to help pull the rest off it off the carcass. Typically they are shinned, quartered and cooling off on my 8' folding table within 20-30 minutes of hitting the ground. I've even started skipping the gutting process as we have been doing out West for the past few years with Elk. Take the loins, back legs, bone some meat off the front quarters/neck and don't worry about the rest of it......
  7. "my age that happens a lot." I've developed two things in recent years, and man do both of them make life a LOT easier. First I developed CRS (Can't Remember Sh*t), then more recently I developed an even WORSE case of DGS (Don't Give a Sh*t). Now, no matter what happens every thing is fine at the end of the day and I sleep like a baby!.......LOL....
  8. I've converted all of my 308-AR's to A2 stocks, but never used one from UTG. I sourced out Mil-Spec A2 stocks and tubes instead. I sourced DPMS springs and buffers for them. The part numbers are below. I did all this WAY before finding this site and for 3 different manufacturers of 308-AR's. Two were PSA, one from Veriforce Tactical and two from Alexandria Pro-Fab. Right, wrong or otherwise all of them run flawlessly. Here are the part numbers: PMS LR-308 Buffer Rifle 308-BS-11 DPMS LR-308 Buffer Spring 308-BS-10B
  9. Just a reminder about the "cycle of life". Few reading this get to see how folks end more than I do. (CSI for the County for 16 years ) Just ran a case last night where a 24 year old hung himself because of a bad break up with a girlfriend....UGLY. Anyhow, I see WAY too many folks leave this place too early because they spend most of their adults lives on some sort of "body abuse program". The ones on the FULL body abuse program leave here much sooner. That's tobacco, alcohol, drugs, poor nutrition and little if any exercise, cardio, etc. When you are young you can abuse the chit out of your body and bounce right back like it never even happened. After decades of abuse your body will reach a point where it's had enough and you can and most likely will develop issues in one form or another that will lead to either a very poor quality of life or life-ending, or both. I see 30-50 years olds ALL THE TIME succumb to their long history of being on the "full body abuse program". Some of these are folks I've known for many years. Just lost a really good friend two years ago who drank like a fish and smoked like a chimney. He developed COPD about 7 years before his death. He reached a point where he'd smoke a cigarette then step outside and literally cough a lung right on the ground! When he finally got his composure he'd go do a breathing treatment.....WTF? I asked him one day about it and he very quickly snapped at me "fuk-it, gotta die of somthin". Well two years ago that time came as a pieces of tar dislodged from one of his arteries and went to his brain. He fell in the living room and never made it to bed. His wife found him the next morning paralyzed on one side of his body and unable to speak. Three hours later in the ICU the doctor told them that he might be able to save him, but even if they did he would never walk or speak again. Unable to speak the doctor asked them both yes or no (one squeeze on his wife's hand or two) whether to take him off life support. Without hesitation he squeezed his wife's hand once........he was dead in 15 minutes...... Is that the way you want to leave this World, and 20-30 years before you should have?.........FWIW.....
  10. Thanks, I'm liking not working so many hours, leaves time for fun stuff! I can see where it would be beneficial to leave the factory coatings and Cerakote over them. The key to success would be getting all the oil out of the pores of the base material. Heat is your friend with these things for sure, plus a good degreaser.......
  11. "Money in your pockets brother πŸΊπŸΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ" You reach a point in your life where you have to decide when to stop "grinding" (paying chit off and staying ahead of the tax man) and to start enjoying what time you have left. I see so many people work their asses off right up to the end then don't get to enjoy any of it. I had a BIG reality check this year as I lost two close friends who just retired. They both had big plans, had saved and sacrificed for decades, then GONE before they could do any fun chit. I reached that point this year. Winding down the carb business and retiring from the CSI job at the end of the year. I've been doing it slowly as I stopped doing carb restorations two years ago. All my employees have left so it's just me doing everything and I'm taking more and more off my plate every day. Currently doing mostly parts sales, only working Monday-Thursday in the shop and not taking in any more work. I'm still going to do some "cash and carry" stuff to support some of my expensive habits, like building AR's and such. Otherwise just going to enjoy what time I have left........
  12. Thanks. I use Brake-Clean here to degrease before heating them up and then again after the warming process if any oily residue bleeds to the surface. Never tried the Cerakote deal. My 450 Bushmaster below was the first AR platform I've camo'd. Have done a few muzzle loaders and shotguns in the past but never really played around with patterns and using leaves and ferns like I did on the 450. Really happy with how the 450 came out. Will be doing one of my 308-AR's in the next month or so before we head out West Elk hunting......
  13. 45/70 was my "go to" caliber for decades. I've been shooting and hand loading for them dating clear back to the early 1980's. My favorite load is a 300 grain Remington hollow point backed by a full charge of Reloader 7. I've taken scores of Whitetail Deer with it and Elk out West. Haven't had a deer take another step on a good hit and no Elk has made it over 30 yards hit in the good stuff. Most just drop right where they were standing. I've tried heavier bullets a few times and still have some LOOSE teeth from that deal....NO THANKS! A good friend handed me his Ruger #1 once in 45/70 with a custom 500 grain hand-load. I touched off one round, picked my glasses and hat up off the ground and gave it back to him.........and it still hurts 30 years later!!! Sadly I retired both of my 45/70's a few years back and moved to a 450 Bushmaster. It doesn't have quite the whack of the 45/70 but I like the platform a LOT better. Completely 100 percent weatherproof, lighter and semi-auto for much quicker back up shots. Hornady also got their chit together when they got in on that deal with Bushmaster. I've never seen any commercial cartridge in a semi-auto platform be that accurate. 100 yard groups will pretty much all be in the same hole if you do your part!.........Cliff
  14. Nice setup brother Cliff πŸ‘ Tks, been keeping it pretty close by since the Pandemic started. Would hate to end up someplace and have everybody pointing guns but me!.....
  15. "Carburator I thought everything was fuel injection." You'd be surprised. I probably turn down at least half a dozen carburetor builds a day. The phone just never quits ringing......
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