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  1. At some point in the mix of all that somebody besides us realized that TZZ ammo in 64 round boxes was made for sub machine guns and loaded pretty hot. For sure that wasn't helping the life of the slides. After they fixed all that I spent another 16 years or so as an SAI and never had a single problem with an M-9 pistol as far as breaking it. It was also pretty rare to have a problem with one on the firing line either, failures to feed, eject, stove-pipes etc were literally non-existent. Ugly and bulky as they are they are a very reliable pistol. With the 45 pistols they replaced it was IMPOSSIBLE to run a line of four or more shooters and get thru an entire BPMC or PPC course without multiple "alibies". Even with that said most of our 45's at that point were NOT is very good shape and had been "patched" back up scores of times, then put back in service instead of melted down to make car bumpers out of!.....
  2. I'd be surprised if he was using factory ammo and switched them by accident. Handloads seldom get crimped nearly as hard as factory ammo does. Most of the blown up gun issues I've seen over the years were from too much powder, or the wrong powder being used and almost always "hand loads". When the Beretta 9mm pistols first came out I was an SAI and put them to the test on the range. We fired thousands of rounds thru the 10 pistols we were allocated. They sent Israeli TZZ 9mm ammo. That chit was HOT and put out a huge fireball when night shooting. It came is 64 round boxes. Hum? We continued to use it until another unit had a slide come off and hit a shooter in the face. I'm thinking it was a Marine Corps unit but with my BAD cases of CRS these days that may not be the case. Anyhow, they went after Beretta for some "upgrades" and some changes were made to the pistols. At my unit I took a closer look at the ammo and noted that it was loaded really "hot", something like 11 grains of some sort of powder, don't remember exactly what at the moment. I talked it over with my Weapons Officer and we decided to stop using it and switched to Winchester 9mm ball ammo instead. Somewhere in the mix of all of this the powers that be decided to switch to the lighter Winchester loads and we chit canned all the TZZ 9mm ammo. I beleive to this day that if we would have conintued to fire the "UZI" ammo we'd have blown up some guns as it was really giving them a pounding..........
  3. I was an SAI for 20 years. Every once in a while we'd get a servicewide message to expend certain lots of 5.56 ammo. PERFECT opportunity to load up a BIG pile of magazines and head to the range. We'd get those M-16's so hot you'd have to wear a welding glove on your left hand to continue to fire them. Can't think of too many things that would bring a BIG smile to your face that tearing up the range with full auto bursts from an M-16. Even with that said hitting what you are aiming at at much of a distance isn't going to happen. You could put up 6 targets about 5 yards apart at the 50 yard line and "spray" them with a 30 round mag and dispite your best efforts you'd get a couple of center hits on the one you started on and maybe a couple of stray rounds would fine one or two other targets, but for the most part you'd be lucky to hit 4 out of 6 of them and seldom were any rounds in the kill zone. Flip the selector to semi-auto and it less than 5 seconds I'll put one round dead center in ALL 6 targets........FWIW.......
  4. For sure there are a lot of folks up in this part of the County that feel that way. Can't say as I'll miss them much and for sure it will be nice to not have 2 or three plugs in every tire on all of my vehicles. Yes, at least twice a year they would litter the roads out here with sheet rock screws and EVERYONE had to get their tire plug kits out.........
  5. Thanks, glad to be back. Retired again in January and have been knocking some items off of my "bucket list" (if the tall blond that delivers mail here on Saturday reads this you are on it!) which has been keeping me pretty busy and little time for Forum's. It's amazing how it's pretty easy to work harder once you retired that you ever were before. We also bought a pontoon boat and I've been getting it cleaned up making some changes, upgrades, etc. Got that all done and going to try to enjoy some time off over the long weekend. I can lighten my gear up as well now that it's safe to go out and wonder about again......
  6. For sure any properties bordering the "compound" will be worth more, and folks owning them will sleep better at night. One of those folks actually sold and moved shortly after he had an arguement with one of the brothers over driving equipment onto his property and doing damage when they built a portion of the big tall fence. A night or two later someone put a .270 round thru his house and it lodged in a wall! That was enough fo him and he sold and moved. I've got a slight buffer between us, but I could see the compound from my property on the other road if the trees weren't in the way.......
  7. They finally got into trouble they couldn't "lawyer" their way out of. Over the past couple of decades they have commited a LOT of evil acts in my area and charged a few times but not convicted of anything significant. This time they made death threats to the Judge presiding over the case, the Prosecutor and a Lawyer. That brought additional charges and bail revoked. For some reason no one here can figure out they let him out on $100,000 bond. He cut off the ankle bracelet and tossed it in my neighbors flowerbed, then went missing. He made the decision to go out feet first instead of being tried by a jury of his peers......which......IMHO was a good one. Neither of those two will be missed, and this end of the County is a better place to live without them in it........FWIW........
  8. It is amazing no one else was hurt or killed. They fired rounds at the OSP helicopter during the stand-off, and for over 9 hours shot at Law Enforcment that surrounded the compound. For some reason I'll never understand they left the safety of one of the houses/bunkers and took off across the property in a side-by-side. For sure that wasn't going to end well as it offered little if any protection from incoming rounds. They still made it past the first group of LE and tried to make an escape to the East. That didn't go so well so they came back to where they started drove at the armored vehicle and that's where it ended. Not sure what's going to happen to all that land, guns and other property at this point, they had no children so it all ended then and there.......
  9. +2 In these hard times I would be really stupid to destroy the weapons, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. The Judge presiding over the case already chose to keep the bail bondsman $100,000. No one knows why? He was well within his rights to try to apprehend him and he only had 6 days left before the deadline. Technically he wasn't brought before the Judge for his hearing, which would be pretty hard to do at this point unless you want to dig him up. I'm certain he will appeal and get his money back.......
  10. Here's a brief version of my first encounter with them. If you even came close to one of their properties (they had cameras everywhere) it wouldn't be minutes before they would show up. Some of those encounters led to guns being drawn and shots fired. They heavily posted and/or fenced in everything they owned.My encounter happend about 20 years ago, just a few months after I moved here. I was given permission to deer hunt a piece of property not too far from here. I did NOT realize that it bordered the back end of one of their properties coming off another road, I used a climber and went up about 50 yards from the property line, BAD mistake on my part. About 10am the morning I first hunted it a guy with a rifle cam tromping thru the woods down the fence line that separated the properties. He hopped the fence and walked right toward me like he knew exactly where I was. He stopped about 25 yards away, I waved at him to make damn sure he actually saw me. He stopped, made no gestures at all, turned around went back up the hill, hopped back over the fence and disappeared from my view. About 2 minutes later I heard a couple of people talking, then all hell broke loose. They started firing rifles. I didn't have any bullets whiz by me but the shooting continued for at least 10 minutes and dozens and dozens of rounds were fired. They were so close it sounded like they were standing beside me with each round. Of course I didn't stick around any longer than it took me to get the climber to the ground and run down the hill in the opposite direction to my vehicle.No harm done, and it's not illegal to fire guns on your property, but for sure I NEVER hunted that piece of property again.A few days later I was telling my next door neighbor the story and he laughed at me for being so STUPID! Then he commensed to fill me in on all the things those two did to anyone that even dared to hunt any property close to theirs. Seems like I got off lucky after hearing all the stories.........
  11. I'll bet the actual number of firearms ended up double to triple that number. There were four homes on the compound and it was rumored that each one had a built in armory. They also had properties in two other locations that were also supposed to have quite an arsenal in them. I don't know how the search warrant was written as to far what structures they were going to extend it to, or other properties not on the "compound" etc. Sadly in many of these cases they Courts order the weapons destroyed. I was told that most of the 1000 they found were high end sporting shotguns and rifles. It would be a shame not to see them go at auction and something good done for the community with the money. I could put up dozens of stories abount dangerous encounters folks have had with them. My encounter was relatively "mild" in comparison to most. A lot of the stories also fall into the "you just can't make that chit up" catagory, and as crazy as some of them would sound I know a few of them to actually be true......
  12. The two perps were well armed and did a LOT of shooting. The older brother who was wanted on a Nationwide Federal Warrant boasted weeks before the shooting that he was an excellent shot and wouldn't hesitate to take out anyone who tried to apprehend him. So a deadly stand off was inevitable. https://www.dispatch.com/story/news/crime/2022/08/22/over-1000-guns-ammo-seized-from-scene-of-fatal-knox-county-standoff/65414695007/ These guys had been getting more violent and incidents were more frequent in recent years. I had a run-in with them back in 2003 when I first moved here and did NOT know their history. Everyone with land bordering theirs has had problems with them, some as bad as getting rifle rounds fired into the their homes in the middle of the night. One bowhunter had rifle rounds fired into the top of the tree he had his climber in....while he was in it! At the intersection just South of the shooting a small group of us gathered after it was over. There were a LOT of fist-bumps and high-fives, if that tells you how much they will be missed.......
  13. All good here...tks. I had a front row seat to the shooting. Woke up at 4am to let the dogs out and take a leak and heard multiple low flying aircraft and at least one helo circling overhead. Took me a minute to come out of the sleepy grog and have a reality check....hum....I'll bet it's game-on over at the "compound". The older brother had jumped bail and went missing couple of months ago. They found his ancle bracelet in my neighbors flower bed. I've been armed to the teeth since he's been on the loose. The stand-off started the previous evening around 9:30pm when the bail bondsman went to the gate at the compound to effect an arrest and took six rifle rounds thru his truck instead. This forced the Sheriff's Office to execute their warrant and end the situation. They called in some help, I think just about EVERYONE was here aside from the National Guard. The State Police helo got shot at a few times but thankfully they missed. About 7am the next morning an alert came over the phone telling everyone in my areas to stay indoors and don't come out as there was a LE "situation" going on. I gathered up my gear and took the side-by-side thru the woods and came out on the other road. Found a high spot where I could watch the armored vehicle crash thr the gate and all hell broke loose. It came back out very quickly and toward me then turned to the East. About 2 minutes later came back down and turned into the compound again. Another gun battle broke out and it came over the radio that they were "slumped over" and not moving. We have had NOTHING but issues with those two dating back at least 20 years. The only regret that I have is that I retired 8 months too soon and didn't get work the crime scene with BCI and bag them up.......
  14. This happended last Saturday on a property behind my place. All of us living out this way knew it wouldn't have a good ending. I'll bet the two SWAT officers from the Sheriff's Office needed a change of underwear after the incident!....... https://www.nbc4i.com/news/local-news/mount-vernon/photos-bullets-impact-to-armored-car-from-deadly-brothers-standoff/
  15. Nice, difficult to get them much lighter as an Elk/big game rifle with optics. I managed to get mine to 10 pounds without the loaded mag. Mine is dedicated for Elk hunting out West, where every ounce is like a pound when you are climbing around at 12,000'!......
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