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  1. I acquired a DPMS in a trade and set it up for hunting. Very nice unit right out of the box, didn't even have to "work" the trigger or do much beyond mounting a scope and outfitting it with an A2 stock. Below are groups from it and my PSA 14.7"........Cliff
  2. I built my first 308 AR for hunting and didn't even consider barrel length, barrel profile or hand guard length/weight. Ended up buying an 18" barreled upper and full length relatively heavy handguard. After the weapon was finished and scope mounted on it I noticed that it was pretty heavy, and didn't feel all that well balanced. By chance Palmetto Armory ran a quick special on some 14.7" barreled uppers with a shorter handguard & welded flash hider so I grabbed one up an built another one. The difference in performance at the range is equal to both weapons and I use and much prefer the shorter barrel for hunting. At 10,000-12,000' every ounce feels like a pound when you are hiking in pretty deep on Public land to find out why the Elk stay away from the hunting pressure near access roads and such.......Cliff
  3. Mine comes in at 10lbs w/o the mag and has a cleaning kit and a survival gear in the stock storage compartment.....
  4. Some good info here. Been a LONG time since I traveled with weapons and gear, late 1980's during the Ronald Regan years. We used Pelican cases, locked of course. Made a total of 37 trips to various places, most out of Connus. Only had one incident and that was during a plane switch at Miami International. We actually saw one of our cases coming up a conveyer belt and a worker trying futilely to get into it. He was successful but thankfully he only got into one that had our gun belts and some gear and not weapons. Several of us who saw him from the plane identified him during an investigation but nothing really came out of it because we only saw him trying to get into the case, it disappeared from our view before he actually got it open. Back then it was pretty easy, we traveled with Official Passports and checked into each Country with the help of Embassy Officials and a representative from the leading Law Enforcement agency from the Country we were entering, bypassing Customs, then bypassing it again on the return trip. Once in a while we would go to a school/training in Connus and travel with weapons. I don't remember all the details being 30 years ago but it was pretty easy back then. We showed up with travel orders and a copy of our itinerary on an official letterhead, declaring the weapons(s) during check-in, showing our paperwork/credentials and breezing right on thru. I would imagine things are considerably more restrictive/difficult these days since 9-11 and/or if you are a civilian/non LE traveling with weapons and ammunition........Cliff
  5. Thanks. Always wanted one but hate throwing that kind of change at something I might not like. Did some night shooting with it behind the shop (works flawlessly with the hand grip spot-light on my AR-15), and some more close range, rapid fire, etc. Really liking it at this point. Headed for the range this weekend to see how it does at longer distances.......Cliff
  6. Well, one followed me home. Ended up with the Model 552. Cost me $3 out of pocket after I redeemed my points. Took about 5 minutes and 20 rounds to zero at 7yds. Using the hash mark on the bottom of the circle putting all the rounds pretty much in the same hole at 7 yards. Good enough for what I bought it for and I'll check it at longer distances next time we go to the range.......Cliff
  7. Finally getting some much needed rain. Going to head to Cabellas today and check the some of these sights out. Might have to bring one home with me.......Cliff
  8. The bullet drop on the M193 is significant and long distance. Just for fun I shot 3 rounds at a dead tree apprx 700 yards from where I was set up ground hog hunting. Did even think I'd be on the tree at all but surprisingly all three rounds were pretty close to each other, but WAY below the point of aim. The tree was slightly down hill from my position. Didn't have my range finder with me but would estimate 650-700 yards as it's 250 to the fence then about 400 yards or a tad further into the next field to the tree. I'd guess the bullet impact point below the point of aim at close 8 feet! Next outing I'll try my 308 AR and see how much it drops doing the same thing......Cliff
  9. Good info. I'm assuming that it would be close for either 193 or 855 ammo for when they cross the line of sight at 50 and 200 yards. For the most part that's all I shoot in my AR's even the ones I have set up for Varmint hunting. Each one favors a certain ammo, may shoot well with many, and poorly with others, at least from what I've seen here as I buy a lot of it in bulk. Most of the cheaper bulk ammo isn't that great, even though one would think it would at least make the Mil-Spec since they often advertise it with Military designations. Sort of related by I have a really old Red Dot type sight on my 870 dedicated slug gun. I don't even know who made it (Tasco maybe?), but I've had it so long couldn't even tell you when I bought it, probably in the 1980's. The hard kicking 870 hasn't shook it loose yet, nor has it required any adjustments for point of aim. I've busted more deer with it than I can count, and can't remember the last time it needed a battery, and I think I messed up and left it on after hunting season which killed it. I love no magnification and only one thing to look at for close range and moving game. Many of the deer I've busted with that set-up have been on drives and they were moving pretty good. Pretty cool concept, shoot both eyes open, put the Red Dot on the target, swing with them if moving/lead based on distance and speed, down they go. For the job at hand I'm still leaning toward an Eotech as I like the look of them and "open" field of view vs looking into a tube......Cliff
  10. Yep, Sam is the little one guarding her fresh kill. She was also lightning quick and caught her fair share of ground squirrels and rabbits in her younger years. She's 12 years old in that pic but you'd never know she was much over 4 or 5. Groundhogs are tough for sure. I whacked a couple last week on a fresh cut hay field with my RR AR-15 set up for varmint hunting. Not uncommon to plow them pretty good with M193 or 855 full metal jacket and a minute or two later see them dragging themselves back to their holes. I have a bald Eagle that watches my hunts so I make sure they don't complete that journey. He moves in quickly, and it's cool as chit to watch any buzzards that wonder in sit back and wait for him to finish before they eat.....it's called "respect".........Cliff
  11. I was looking at the 512, and like the cheaper AA battery deal but also eyeballing the shorter and more compact models like the XPS2. Basically I have some Cabellas bucks to spend and don't really need anything else. If I let Deb cut loose with my card she'll just buy a bunch of nick-knack chit and some apparel, so figured I'd go on line and place an order before our next store visit. The sight will end up on my "home-defense" AR-15 so not overly concerned with long range pin point accuracy or even shifting point of aim slightly for one reason or the other. I doubt if it will ever be used past 15 yards or so unless the chit-hooks that wondered onto my property with bad intentions are trying to escape up thru the woods behind the house, and at that point I'll probably just fire over their heads anyhow.....LOL. Thanks for the info guys........Cliff
  12. Thanks. Now I've got to spend the next year or so turning her into a killing machine like Sam was. That little dog was absolutely fearless and never lost a fight with anything around here. Every spring she'd start finding dens of young groundhogs and start piling them up in the yard, usually 1 or 2 a day till she got all of them, then on to another batch.......Cliff
  13. Yep, those just take a glance at them to break, no good stare required! I think those are the ones that are taper ground too using one shank size to make several sizes from. Haven't seen a single set yet where every bit in it's location was correct for size as they often double or triple them up in the same size.....LOL......
  14. I haven't heard or did any research on the good, bad or ugly. I just noticed quite a few different models available and wondering what's the best bang for the buck. Not locked into getting an Eotech, if there is something out there better for the money spent I'd like to know about it...tks....
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