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  1. Nice, difficult to get them much lighter as an Elk/big game rifle with optics. I managed to get mine to 10 pounds without the loaded mag. Mine is dedicated for Elk hunting out West, where every ounce is like a pound when you are climbing around at 12,000'!......
  2. Sweet! Have you had a chance to put it on the scales?......
  3. I was shooting in a High Power Match in the late 1980's and a group of hot-shot Cadets from the academy showed up. They had put together rifle team and low and behold they were using the M-16 platform in 5.56. First time I ever saw that platform used for matches. I looked at them and their "fancy" black rifles and thought WTF? Surprisingly they did really good at the shorter ranges, but there was a pretty decent cross-wind that day and they had troubles finding the backer at the longer ranges let alone the 10 ring......FWIW.......
  4. Companies selling Red Dot sights advertise the minute of angle they cover and some are considerably larger than others from what I've seen, so not the best choice if you are trying to shoot a really tight group at 100 yards, for example. They are more designed for quick acquisition (and typically closer range) than target shooting and some shooters like them better than holographic sights for that sort of work. Even with all that said don't underestimate how well some folks can shoot with a Red Dot type sight at long distances. My brother has one on the AR-15 "pistol" in the pic below. and seldom misses a ground hog under 150 yards with it. I can't remember which one he has at the moment or what MOA it covers at 100 yards. I'm thinking its a Sig Sauer Romeo 2 MOA unit but not sure as I have BAD cases of CRS these days and even worse cases of DGS.......LOL
  5. "As for the range screw up, most of my range time has been with handguns and iron sights. Never realized a new red dot sight could be that far off. A learning experience, indeed." Getting in a little late to help as you've already adjusted your optic, but this may help others. Once you have your weapon finished and optic or sights in place remove the upper from the lower. Remove the bolt, carrier and charging handle. Go outside and find something you can focus on apprx 25 yards away. If you have to take a piece of cardboard and put a small circle the size of a fifty cent piece on it with a magic marker. Find a suitable rest for the upper. Here I use the gas grill on my back porch and put a towel on it to support the upper. I put my piece of cardboard with a black spot on it against the burn barrel which is apprx 21 steps away. Hold the upper steady as you can and look thru the barrel and center the spot you've picked out on the cardboard exactly in the center of the barrel. Like a peep sight your eye will naturally center things up. Holding the upper as still as you can raise your head up and check your optic to see where it's at compared to where the barrel is aiming. Adjust if/was needed until your point of impact is about 3-4 inches below the line of sight/point of aim. You want the point of impact to be lower than the line of sight because of the high distance optics are above the barrel on AR platforms. It's a crude way to bore sight but can save you from missing a backstop, shooting up target backers at someone else's range, and many rounds wasted being clear off the paper and not knowing which way to move the optic. I build all the AR's that our group takes out West Elk hunting and bore sight them in this manner before we head to the range. Saves quite a bit of ammo as we only need one or two good hits a little below center at 25 yards before we move out to 100 yards to zero them and check accuracy. We use a spotting scope at 100 yards to save trips down range and very quickly with a minimum number of rounds fired get our weapons zeroed and ready for hunting.........
  6. The advantages of chrome lining were mostly long term exposure to the elements and long periods of time in harsh environments without maintenance allowing rust/corrosion making the weapon inoperable. Chrome linings also offer wear resistance and function improvements (less friction) than bare non-coated steel. The Mil-spec for the M-16 specifies a chrome lined BCG and chrome lined barrel, nearly as I can remember. The BCG may have also required a black coating on the exterior but once again going from memory here. I retired in 2003, after 20 years as an SAI, and ran the armory/did all the small arms training for assigned personal at my units for most of my career. I've been out of the game for a while, but still use and prefer Mil-spec components for my own AR weapons, especially chrome lined barrels. Chrome lined barrels used to be more common, but to be competitive you'll see more companies offering nitride and phosphate coatings instead (or no coating at all). I've seen some folks dub the chrome lined barrels typically not as accurate on some Forums which muddies the water a bit and may be attempts to justify them buying and owning the cheaper barrels, but that's just a guess on my part. For myself, and the way I use most of my AR-15's we're burning them up at the range at CTG's 3-4 times a year. Seldom if ever sand bagging them for accuracy testing at longer distances. I don't cut em any slack and often they get so hot you need welding gloves to hang on to them!....And why I typically take no less than 3 or 4 to any outing so you can grab a cool one and keep burning up ammo. After range day they go straight into the gun safe and most of the time I don't do much more than wipe them off. I know because they use Mil-spec components that's it one less thing for me to worry about if it's a while before I get around to cleaning them, and if I need to pull them out for use before that happens that they are going to "run".........
  7. +2, 3 and 4! We camp at 9600' and hunt clear up past 12,000'. It's public hunting ground so you have to hike in at least a mile from a main road if you want to have the slightest chance of seeing a Bull Elk. I moved to the 308-AR platform for exactly the reasons above. They will take a beating, get pounded with rain and snow all day long, and laugh at it, especially if you opt for the chrome lined barrel option. I don't do much to mine all week long other than wiping it off after I trip and fall on it and drive it into some hard packed snow. As for weight, mine tops the scales at 10 pounds (less mag) with a 14.7" light weight profile barrel......
  8. I would NOT for any reason ship a firearm or anything that could be damaged or you really care about thru USPS, they will break it or loose it! Seriously, they are fine for letters, envelopes, magazines/books, and small light weight (less that 2 pound) items that are not easily damaged but for sure don't use them for larger items, and if you do make sure it's packed up well enough to survive a fall from a three story building!.......FWIW.....
  9. There is a balance between saving for when you are older and don't want to work anymore and spending money and doing all sorts of fun chit while you can still enjoy it. I decided to take a lump sum from PERS as they are counting my retirement incomes against me. My financial guy is going to invest the money so I can start drawing checks off it when I decide the time is right. " I've been collecting my police retirement since I was 48 (I've almost collected as many retirement checks as I did work checks) and I knew that my Social security was going to be crap" Cool! I started drawing Military retirement back in 2003 when I was 43 years old. I also get a check from the VA every month. I also get some royalty checks from the books I wrote, so should be good to go without having to get a job at Lowe's mixing paint and making keys!.......LOL
  10. Tricare for Life made my decision much easier although I would have went at 62 anyhow. Deb is going to work two more years till she hits 62 and our house and properties will all be paid off the year she retires, so it's coming together pretty well. I'm still working every day and keeping the website up and selling parts. Finishing up the last of the actual work from that business and have already shut down the restoration and rebuilding side of it. Parts sales takes up about 4-6 hours a day and pretty easy so I'm going to keep doing that for a while. Plus I have tens of thousands of parts left in the inventory I need to liquidate. Just took a break from the dropped ceiling install, and watching it rain. If all this rain would have been snow we'd be buried in 5-6' of it. I guess it's supposed to get colder and start snowing at some point, looking forward to a little snow on the ground, beats mud that's for sure!........
  11. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. For those of you at or near retirement you can go onto the Social Security website and create an account, but you can't apply till right before your 62nd birthday. It will allow you to go in and take a look at your payment history and compute your retirement amounts at different years starting at 62. I decided to start drawing at 62 even though you take a monthly hit vs waiting till 65-67 or longer, and your W-2 wages from then on are limited to something like $18,000 per year. The "crossover" point was around age 73 to where I'd have started making more money waiting till age 67 before drawing. I could really give a chit about all that, figured I'd take my money now when I can still enjoy it more, and they (the Govt) count on you not making to or much past age 73 anyhow. None of us know what the future holds, and past age 60 you're on borrowed time anyhow. I've had three very good friends pass recently one at 59, another at 62, the other at 64, which made me take a harder look at when to retire and start enjoying what time I have left. I also learned recently that two very close friends I served with on Active Duty (one was an instructor same time I was there) back in the late 1980's passed last year, they were 60 and 62. Anyhow, headed to the basement to start putting in the dropped ceiling and put that project in the rear view mirror. Being shooting related I'd rather be pistol whipped than do carpentry work!......LOL.....
  12. "Looking like a good project. If you’re following @unforgiven’s path you better stock up on ibuprofen and Bengay right now." No chit. I'd absolutely starve to death doing that sort of work. End result is good, but not my sort of thing for sure and at the end of a day of going up/down ladders and up off the floor I'm DONE! It's actually the 3rd time I've retired. Military in 2003, went on SS last April at 62, now the County job yesterday. I've really enjoyed slowing down and not working nearly as much and have just been diverting the time to other projects. I recommend for everyone reading this to try it. For sure it's a leap of faith as no matter how far you come in life there just never seems to be an ideal time to just call it quits and live on what you've put away over the years. It's also crazy times we are living in right now and the future of this country and our lifestyle is uncertain. I'm just going to stay out here and hunker down and roll with the punches. Hopefully we'll get past this COVID chit and the HUGE lack of people wanting to get off their asses and be responsible. We had half a dozen couples over here for a party last night and the main topic of discussion for the guys out back around the fire pit was HUGE deficits in the work force and they can't get or keep help no matter how much they pay...........very sad for sure. One of my good friends works for a company who offer a $2500 sign up bonus for truck drivers and no takers. They also offer $1000 bonus for warehouse personnel and not takers there either. They are also offering PREMIUM wages and down 5 drivers and 9 warehouse personnel and are WAY behind in fulfilling orders and commitments. Just sitting here having my morning coffee and listening to the rain pouring down again.........may have to divert efforts from the basement project to building an Ark and rounding up some animals for the flood that's coming!......LOL....
  13. Many thanks. Already started on some bucket-list stuff, building another bedroom downstairs. Just about finished hanging the dropped ceiling this weekend.......
  14. Just sitting here checking out some new threads and realized that today is my last day with the County. I've been doing CSI work (death investigations) for them since 2005 and it's my last day to be on call. Hopefully nobody does anything stupid this evening and I get called out. Tomorrow I am officially done. That will leave more time for shooting, playing with the grand kids, and throwing sticks for my dogs!........
  15. "They're tired of it, in those two places, and the shiit is about to hit the fan there." We may see the chit hit the fan here and sooner than you think...... There are a LOT of people sick and tired of the poor decision making going on right now by the the chit-turds we've hired......FWIW......
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