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  1. I was looking for compact and weight reduction. You'd be surprised how much lighter the 14.7" barrel rifle feels in comparison to the 18" versions......Cliff
  2. "A 16" will still get you out to 500 yds with little trouble" +2 One of my 308-AR's has a 14.7" barrel and shoots equally as well as the other two I have with 18" barrels. I'm not seeing any measurable difference it accuracy or bullet drop out to 400 yards. I suppose at really long ranges the slight loss in velocity would start showing up and require a little more hold-over, but at least within reasonable shooting distances for game (I use these weapons for hunting) I don't even give the barrel length a second thought........Cliff
  3. I've assembled 3 Palmetto PA-10's and helped a few folks out with them. That was before I was a member here. I converted all of mine to the A-2 stock and purchased rifle buffers/springs for them. Pretty sure I used DPMS rifle buffer/springs. They are all flawless to date. My PA-10 is a 14.7" barrel they released briefly a few years ago. Haven't seen any on their website since. I've built quite a few AR-15's using Palmetto uppers and not overly fond of their stainless steel barrels, at least in the accuracy department. The do make higher end hammer forged chrome lined barrels but you don't see them advertised nearly as often these days. Most are the lower end standard barrels or stainless. For sure it's difficult to beat their price on PA-10 stuff. I dabbled around in the dark with the first couple of 308-AR's I built and very quickly found out that there are some parts interchange/compatibility issues between the different platforms. I've got a nice bag of left over parts to remind me of it. You've got to really pay attention with Palmetto, I've had a few issues, but if you bring it to their attention they will have parts out to you so fast they'll be there shortly after you hang up the phone with them!.....Cliff
  4. Decades ago when Red Dot type optics first became available I installed one on my 870 slug gun for deer hunting. I actually think it's from Tasco but haven't looked at it in decades, it just flat works and has only needed a couple of battery replacements in all these years. It is absolutely the BEST set-up you could want allowing super quick acquisition and easy to keep on them for running shots compared to iron sights or even a low powered or 1X scope. I've piled up more deer on drives that blazed past me than I can count. Matter of fact it's rare if I miss one under about 50 yards, even when they are moving quickly. Trying to do the same thing with iron sights, especially in heavy cover is difficult if not next to impossible.........Cliff
  5. "I seen your post on Arboristsite, seems like you joined the same year as me." Yep, I only have a couple of websites that I belong to. Cut a LOT of wood here, and just cleared a new piece of property I just bought so have another 70 tops to take care of this Fall. Dutchess was always with me cutting wood or on the range shooting. Damned good squirrel dog too. She never grumbled much, and if she could have I'm sure she would have loaded all that wood in the trailer for me.......Cliff
  6. When I was on active duty the Basic Rifle Marksmanship Course was always fired with iron sights. In the early 1980's we still had some Viet Nam era M-16 A-1's around with the slower twist barrels and harder to adjust sights and they did fine for beginners. Can't remember anyone I couldn't get qualified. We also had 1000" targets when longer ranges weren't available.......Cliff
  7. Thanks guys. I've had some good dogs over the years but Dutchess was the best, and she will surely be missed around here. Doesn't help that I like my dog more than most people. If you ever think your wife loves you more than your dog.......lock them both up in a trunk for half an hour and see which one is glad to see you when you get back!....LOL........Cliff
  8. Don't think she's missed an outing in the last 15 years, and loved to chase groundhogs, deer, or any other critters off the range we have set up on my brothers farm. Last two pics are from our last walk in the woods yesterday. She will truly be missed.......Cliff
  9. In the late 1980's I shot a 19-10/4X on the slow fire course at a Military only match. I was around 30 years old at that time. As good as my score was I ended up 6th overall. I was using an US Navy Armory built M-14 custom Match Rifle converted to semi-auto. That weapon would literally put every single round in the SAME hole with just about any batch of Lake City Match 308 I put thru it. It was one of the few weapons I've owned over the years that truly shot better than the jerk-behind-the-trigger!.......LOL.......Cliff
  10. + 2 or 3 on that deal. I can't hear chit, can't see chit, and don't much give a chit these days, and I'm only 60!.....LOL......Cliff
  11. I'm retired Military and was a small arms instructor for my 19 of my 20 years of service. Difficult to beat the peep sight set-up on modern military platforms. They work because your eye will automatically center the post in the center of the aperture almost like it's instinctive. The size of the hole and how fine the post is will have some effect on accuracy, especially at longer distances. Something few folks factor into the deal is the position of the sun when sighting in (or other light sources in position to the weapon). Unless it's directly overhead the sun can light up one side of the post a tad more than the other and make rounds go slightly left or right depending on how your eye picks up on that deal. So it is always best to sight in on a day when it's cloudy or directly overhead putting equal amounts of light on both sides of the post. The downside of peep and other types of Military sights is that you are having to line up two things, so they are not as quick for acquisition like Red Dots and holographic sights. They are also not as good in low light conditions. Even with all that said if you ever doubt the capabilities of the peep sight attend a 1000 yard match one day and watch shooters punch the ten ring with deadly consistency with those "primitive" sight set-ups........Cliff
  12. + 2 or three on sight dope. When the problems are at their worst have you tried dropping back to 100 yards to see if you are still holding 1MOA? That's a pretty big deal too and not much has been mentioned about wind drift and shooter error. The smallest things done to the weapon before the bullet exits the barrel are greatly multiplied at long distances. Shooter error is multiplied by frustration, especially on hot days. We tend to push harder to get the rounds off sooner without repeating everything required for best accuracy. Have seen that deal play out many times locked into a sling on the 1000 yard line getting baked in the sun and the damned wind is shifting around a bit........Cliff
  13. How tight are the groups with these weapons at 100 yards? Of course things start to move around some as things heat up, but if you aren't just about one holing the rounds at 100 yards right out of the box then things aren't going to be all that great at 600 yards before you add heat to the scenario. I'm not or ever have been a fan of Wolfe steel case ammo. Tried some WAY back when I built my first AR-15 and it didn't show me much in the accuracy department. Can't image it being much better in 308........Cliff
  14. Even though I shot High Power matches for several years back in the 1980's to this day it simply AMAZES me how much effect a little wind can have on the path of a bullet, even bullets at high velocity having excellent ballistics. Around these parts if you are on to 300 yards or so you're in for ground hog hunting. There are so many houses these days scattered about on 1-5 acre plots you're lucky to find anyplace you can shoot anyhow. I'm sure you'll find a much calmer day and have a better report for us on the longer distance targets........Cliff
  15. You never, ever need "a bigger safe." You just need "another safe." +2 I bought a second safe and use it for shotguns and ammo. I thought 16 years ago when I retired from active duty/settled in here and bought the big 1000 pound fire safe that it would be plenty....then I got into black rifles and quickly found out that it was not!.........Cliff
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