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Cliff R

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  1. For sure there is some pretty cool chit on the market far as scopes are concerned. I have a couple here with the quick adjust turrets and have played around some with that deal but our range is limited to about 500 yards so knowing my sight dope is equally as effective as having BDC capabilities, I just hold over when needed and crank the rounds right where they need to be. For my hunting rifles, especially those I take out West for big game, size and weight are a primary concern. When you are running around like a Gazelle chasing Elk all over the Mountain at 12,000' the last thing I want is a huge scope on my rifle and the extra weight/bulk that goes with it. In the twenty something years I've been going out there can't remember a single trip where I didn't have at least one hard fall. I have always managed to protect the scope but we had one friend nearly amputate his scope off the rifle when he was thrown from his horse into some rocks. Pretty much ruined his trip as his rifle was without back-up sights and we were half a days ride in from the nearest road. I carried a Marlin model 1895 until two years ago when I switched over to the AR-308 platform. My 45/70 was topped with a Leupold 1-4 VX-3, the 308 is topped with a Leupold 2-7. Small, simple and rugged. We shoot from 25 out to 400 yards before we leave. On the AR platform the 308 round is all over an Elk with zero holdover out to 300 yards. The high distance from centerline from the barrel to the scope helps that deal some. You just have to be aware that a high holdover at 100 yards can put the bullet pretty far over the line of sight in the mid-range until it falls back to Earth a bit. In all the years I've been going out there we've been pretty successful, but I can only remember one scenario where I had legal bulls just walking out in the open and staying there long enough for me to work some turrets and zero in on them before they moved back into the thick timber. Matter of fact all the encounters I've had with legal bulls have been quick, moving fast, and so thick you could barely crawl thru the undergrowth, and never over about 80 yards. I still love to watch the hunting channel where they are zeroing in on bulls at 800 yards or so and they hang around long enough to make a half hour show out of it. That NEVER happens on the Public land I've had access to in the last two decades, so thoughts of laser guided scopes with BDC's have never even been a topic of discussion in camp. I switched over to the AR platform predominantly to have a 100 percent weatherproof platform and super-quick follow up shots, just wished these rifles were about 5 pounds lighter!........Cliff
  2. "Look for reviews online (everywhere, EVERYWHERE, these days)." True, but you still have to weed thru the BS and nonsense when it comes to on-line reviews for many products. I see products all the time that should be rated at 5+ stars getting 2's and 3's from folks. However, when you start reading those "low" reviews it doesn't take one or two lines before you realize that those folks need to keep their day jobs and stay the hell out of whatever hobby they were messing with and giving excellent parts low ratings......FWIW.
  3. Cliff R

    Favorite Recipes

    She whipped up some kielbasa and chicken breast to mix with the seasoned rice. Saving the shrimp she bought for the next batch!.........Cliff
  4. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    "I just picked up one of those $299 uppers. I got the chrome lined nitrited barrel" The "nitride" barrels are typically not chrome lined. They do offer chrome lined barrels but those uppers and quite a bit more expensive. Just check it to make sure because if it's just plain 4150 chrome moly steel it will rust like a bastard and may be all green if you pull it out for the next outing after putting it away "wet"..........Cliff
  5. Cliff R

    Took the M&P10 plunge.

    Welcome from Ohio. Congrats on the new M & P, first one I've seen..........
  6. Cliff R

    308 ammo advice

    Yes, and one has to remember that not all Reservists have LE type jobs, although many of ours did. Some were State Police, Detectives and Patrolman, and as mentioned the Chief of Police for Pittsburgh. Sine they are LE types they already have weapons quals with their service stuff, so they come up to speed quickly with Military weapons. The rest of the Reservists had jobs varying from bus drivers to factory workers to school teachers, and everything in between. Even so the vast majority were highly dedicated and devoted to duty and I was proud to serve with them. I retired in 2003 despite some "stop-loss" for personnel with certain Qual Codes, HH and HL were among them. I needed to go, 20 years and responsible for hundreds of thousands of rounds down range had taken a toll on my hearing. The constant ringing haunts me to this day.........Cliff
  7. Cliff R

    Favorite Recipes

    Was grocery shopping today and thought about this recipe. Deb whipped it up for dinner........AWESOME......and highly recommended!.....Cliff
  8. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    "Nice set ups! 100 yard target?" Yes, 5 rounds thru each weapon at 100 yards. The PSA shoots very well, likes the big Barnes bullets. I could probably tighten up the groups a little with a little bigger scope with more magnification, but I topped it with a 2-7 Leupold to save weight. The first two rounds are pretty much in the same hole bottom center, the next two went up and to the right again almost in the same hole, then the fifth round went up to 12 o'clock. Probably shooter error as my eyes aren't nearly as good as they used to be and I have trouble with focusing using glasses and scopes. I also shot the PSA at 200 and 300 yards and did a rapid fire target at 300 yards right at dusk the same day but didn't take any pics of them......Cliff
  9. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    PSA ran complete AR-15 rifle kits over the holidays for $259 with free shipping. They had black, olive drab green and flat dark earth. Not the better chrome lined hammer forged barrels, just standard 4150 Chrome-Moly Vanadium nitrided stuff. Still not a bad deal, just needs teamed up with a decent lower and sights.........Cliff
  10. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    You are most welcome. Had a blast as I was a SAI for most of that 20 years. Here's a pic of my PA-10 after a few mods on the scales w/o a mag. It actually weighs less as I forgot to remove the M-1 Garand cleaning kit from the stock. Before I went to Colorado I removed the cleaning kit and put some survival stuff in there that was much lighter so it will come in about 9.5 lbs w/o the mag. Pic of my DPMS as well but didn't get a weight on it. Also a group from them before we left for the trip..........Cliff
  11. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    "SW Pennsylvania, This area is about an hour south east of Pittsburgh" I spent my last tour in Pittsburgh Pa, retired from there in 2003. Even had to build an Armory there shortly after 9-11 to store weapons/ammunition to train all the Active Duty folks and 80 something Reservists. The Chief of Police at that time actually came on Active Duty and worked with us. Using his connections we also used the Police range out near the zoo. We also used a range once in a while about an hour South of Pittsburgh, pretty sure it was off Route 51, not to far South of Interstate 70. Pretty country down that way for sure, rolling hills, etc......small World.......Cliff
  12. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    Very good advice! I built my first 308 AR specifically for hunting Elk out West. I wanted to upgrade to a modern weapon with quick back-up shots and pretty much weatherproof. I'd been using a Marlin model 1895 in 45/70. Very effective on Elk but it is heavy and was taking a beating so I wanted a more durable platform and something that didn't require much attention getting rain and snow covered with extreme temp changes, etc. When I finally got my first 308 AR finished it was much heavier than I had hoped for. Shot well but with a loaded magazine it's a "pig" far a weight is concerned. PSA briefly ran some of their PA-10 uppers on the website with 14.7" (welded flash hider) barrels so I grabbed one and built another rifle. You wouldn't think that taking a few inches off the barrel would be a big deal, but it's significant. It changes the entire weapon making it easier to carry, improved balance, and lighter. To me it's a pretty big deal because we hunt in very thick cover, rugged terrain, and never under 10,000'. Every ounce in that environment is like a pound back East at 1200' above sea level!........Cliff
  13. Cliff R

    Palmetto, good deal or waste of$$$?

    "If you are going to carry it, a 20+" barrel gets heavy fast." Really fast if you are getting ready to turn 60 in a few weeks! For me, barrel length and the resulting muzzle velocity really isn't a big player at long range. Sure a couple of hundred extra FPS can work for you at great distances, but it is more important is to work up a load that shoots very tight groups, preferably well under 1" at 100 yards. I'll trade some velocity for accuracy any day of the week. For example, if my go-to load is punching one jagged hole at 100 yards but down around 2500fps compared to a load with the same bullet at 2675fps that's out to 1 1/2" at 100 yards, I'll take the slower load every time. Once you nail down a load that your rifle really likes, do some shooting and nail down the best hold over at 100 yards to keep hits on target from zero out to about 300 yards or so. If you are using optics the distance the scope is from the center of the barrel can be a pretty big player. Once you get the rifle on the money, shooting tight groups and know the "dope" from 100 to 300 yards, then start shooting longer distances, see where it's at and take good notes. I wouldn't let barrel length set any limitations for me for one of these rifles, and very, and I mean very few shots are made beyond 300 yards or so in hunting scenarios for big game. Of course if you are paper punching only with a lot of shooting in that 800 to 1000 yard arena, and weight, bulk and length of the rifle are NOT a factor, then buy the longest and heaviest profile barrel you can manage........Cliff
  14. Cliff R

    308 ammo advice

    "Trigger jerk, recoil anticipation and heeling were three things I always trained people for prior to pistol qual. By watching where their own impacts land, they could identify what they were doing wrong, recognize that, and make corrections for it." I covered those things during the Pre-Fire, then again individually during the "sighting in" and practice rounds. A few minutes spent with troubled shooters saved countless hours of additional range time and ammunition. Shortly after 9-11 we (SAI) were tasked with training tens of thousands of Reservists when the came on Active Duty. Sometimes we would bring them to where I was, other times they would fly me to their location. I typically had groups of 20-35 or so and had to train them on three weapons, M-16, M9 and Shotgun. I had a few that would shoot poorly on purpose, thinking they would be getting a cushy job Stateside instead of sent over to the sand lot. I told them that IF they didn't qualify they would most likely get jobs unloading supplies in the heat, instead of standing guard duty and such, and without weapons quals they would have to use their knife to defend themselves if things went to chit. You'd be surprised how quickly their scores would improve!..........Cliff
  15. Cliff R

    Range time...

    "17 pounds? My preban Match HBAR isn’t 9 unloaded! " Curiosity got the best of me, weighed mine today, it's a Rock River Match upper, Wylde chamber, no sling or magazine, just under 9 lbs.......Cliff