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Rifle not cycling


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I recently completed my 2nd AR build chambered in .308 using an Aero Precision M5 carbine lower build kit with adjustable stock, toolcraft ar10 bcg, 20” Davidson Defense upper with Aero Precision M5 upper receiver. I’ve tried firing multiple types of ammo and I get the same problem. Brass is ejecting at 3 o’clock approx 1ft away but it will not pick up the next round or the next round will jamb. It has cycled 3 rounds at most and then will continue without picking up the next round or will jamb. Im assuming rifle is under gassed or maybe a different bcg is needed. Not sure what my next step should be to correct the problem. 

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Nick     Yes it could be undergassed.....always function check a new piece....one round in mag....charge it.....fire....look to see if the bolt catch holds back the bcg....that's where you start. It has to hold back with bolt catch !  Not ejecting with force is undergassed....needs to be a bit more forceful on ejecting with a new rifle....and lube up your rifle....they like to be run wet when brand new.......  also get you some numbered drill bits to see what size your gas port is , in the range of 43 44 45 46 if it comes to that........you could have buffer/buffer tube /spring problems ...but tackle the hold back bolt  catch  problem first      ....             Wash

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4 hours ago, NickMo478 said:

 20” Davidson Defense upper with Aero Precision M5 upper receiver.

The problemwon't be your ToolCraft BCG.  These guys you bought the upper from ONLY deal in blem parts, ONLY.  That's all they do, and they get them cheap, mark them up a little, and make money that way - that's why you got it so cheap.

Question is - what's the "blem."  Is it a cosmetic blem, or a functional blem?...  You never, ever know, with them, until it's in your hands and you inspect it... 

I've warned people here about that company before.  A little bit of research will show it.  Always dig into any company that looks like it has prices "that are too good to be true."  There's a reason.

Click this link:

https://forum.308ar.com/search/?q="Davidson Defense"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy

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