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  1. Old Ranger So I went back again to your post.......So you are telling us that you got yourself an 80% lower and you machined this lower and matched it up with the Aero upper? Aint saying your machining aint the cause ,but it damn well could be..... here's your sign .....lol Wash Going out on a tiny lil limb here It aint your upper...take that out of the equation....it fires and ejects when you place bullet in a single shot mode...... borrow someones working lower and bolt it up to your upper. See if it works or not.....what you have is a clusterfuk right now
  2. Welcome Sarge and Forty from Big D Wash
  3. Old Ranger Just for you lemme read the first post of yours ill be back spring in front ar15 car spring and the back one ar308 car spring So I take it you are using a car buttstock correct? Rifle stocks totally different. Theres a lot of junk parts floating around that arnt even close to what you need...there is no spec in ar308 and then theres no spec from mfg to mfg so you can get fubarred ...see my point?.....the bcg MUST lock back on one round in mag...you aint even there yet....so...lube up the bcg shotgun or better yet take off the upper point it muzzle down and drop in bcg...does it almost go into battery by gravity? look for the gas tube being out of alignment... rubbing of bcg or try it with charge handle too.....lube it too....you have got to start to eliminate problems one at a time.....12 gauge bore mop with flitz and a drill will certainly help with a rough bore....have you taken the bcg aprt and checked the rings..they can get pinched and that will cause problemos of it going into battery....get the proper buffer system parts and check for dragging somewhere and gas tube alignment... Oh...what mags you using? do they rock and are they sloppy in the magwell...or tight? Wash
  4. You two are mighty quick learners ....and that's why we like ya ! Wash
  5. Way to go Boot! No public land huntin in Texas ...You either own it or buy into a private lease.... I do recall getting a Texas public land map for dove hunting.so me and my buddy go hunt dove on this farmland...not a dove in 50 miles....get ready to leave and my jeep wouldn't start wouldn't turn over dead in the water...im saying like theres no doves people or a PEP Boys...my buddy sez gimme the biggest screwdriver you got...here ya go...I got the key on standing outside hes under there and with a shower of sparks it turns over and runs...starter solenoid kinda thing... that was my one and only public land hunt Wash
  6. Those prawns are where its at....little work big reward ! Yum Wash
  7. You lucky guy...we don't have any coons around us....that sounds like fun...we got some possums...but the POPO house is too close...Im thinkin with me and them its not a three strike deal you're out... its a one and done deal they way he explained things in the alley Wash
  8. Those were loaded in 95...shoulder bruises just about gone....good thing I switched to an autoloader...ive been searching for the boxes of em in the garage,but its too hot....it was a winchester powder slow burner and if memory serves it was 1 1/8 oz doing 1440 fps it was the shell that killed on both ends Wash Ahhh the recipe from the 90's the year 1995 Winchester Powder WSF Primer Win. 209 Wad Fed. 12S3 Maximum Load Grains 29.5 Pressure 10,800 PSI Velocity (ft/s) 1,400 okay so I missed velocity by 40fps..........they smell like freakin nitro about to blow.....I think ill go pop one off in the alley
  9. HaHa why it sure is come to think of it...ive got so many of em Ive come to think of em as a standard caliber....but H has got some off the wall stuff that you have to load yourself...cant do it anymore...that reloading is addictive...well for shotgun shells it was...daaamn with every pull of the handle a shell falls into a six gallon bucket...ive still got some of my famous dove loads...I would have to go look at the recipe...but those shells had a sound all their own,and would bring a dove down already gutted and defeathered me and my buddy found the recipe in the Winchester book.....had to keep the shells on ice on a hot morning.... Wash
  10. What he said for sure!
  11. Thanks Boot ! So that makes one on here that likes my style...crap I "see" a trend starting As for H...he has cost me a wad of bills,but Ive got a wad of 6.8"s ,a lite hunter 308 barrel buildup,and the two Nex gens....its a good thing im not a wildcat reloader cause I would be in real trouble Wash
  12. Yeppers Boot it is Wash
  13. This is the product of an ar15 barrel nut/ extension, ar15 hyb bcg....and tbe ar15 rail on a Dpms lower Wash
  14. Yes it is.... I feel your pain Wash
  15. Hey Boot Crow is mighty tasty....I just had a heaping plate of it....On Foo's post im giving him springs and buffer data for a car stock....he is using a rifle stock.....pass the salt please...this crow needs some Wash Oh....the gap on the upper lower fitment wont affect how it shoots... I guess im just pissed at a company that knows that they are gonna have a gap and don't fix the problem before production leaving the consumer holding the bag....