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  1. Mega's stuff is pristine when it comes to me.. ive got some 1992 rifles that have better looking dust cover doors..riflegear is the culprit...call em Wash
  2. EXACTLY and a video game poker high roller? Oh really? sitting for hours at a video machine....that will make you crazy in and of itself.......im still thinking men on the grassy knoll...and the pristine extra bullet found on the stretcher at parkland hospital....same ol same ol...$hit don't add up now, or waaay back in Dallas....just looking at his mug tells me he's no "shooter"...a guy that plans $hit out to the max and protects himself in his room and one lil encounter and he gives up by capping himself so quickly? no way Wash
  3. Doc I got all those things going on and don't even take valium WTF? its the black tarry stools that piss me off....Oh wait I cant piss either Wash
  4. http://www.commonsenseevaluation.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Picutre-Of-Las-Vegas-Shooter-Dead-In-Hotel-Room.jpg That's a bogus picture cause my eye looks worse than this when I get my eye injections...... Wash
  5. I remember back in 93 there was this hellfire something trigger mod spring thingy....they sold at gunshows and were legal...till they wernt...same thing is gonna happen here... Wash pretty good memory for an old fart...lol the hellfire looks to be better than a slidefire too. nah on second thought it suks...but looks to me like its bump firing ..no shoulder rest
  6. I know this Vet who lost both legs fighting the VC....he told me this story a long time ago...so take it for what its worth...he was a newbie...he loaded up a couple of mags with a whole lot of tracers...then one night his unit got into a big firefight ...serious combat...so hes banging away and then he puts an all tracer mag in his rifle ...all of a sudden he is taking a lot more hits around him....his buddy sez wtf are you doing? He tells me it was his stupid idea of a lot of tracers brought the enemy fire right to him...I dunno ,but hes a vet, and he was there.... hes home his legs are not...so ill take his word that tracers can be seen from a lot of different angles Wash
  7. Hell Yes ! Wash
  8. I aint got enough inches to start with None given here ! Wash
  9. In the shape we are both in we can have the lake patrol ambulance boat follow us around....one of my best day's striper of fishing was during a snow storm ! Wash
  10. The more I think about this stinkin fish...the more i see the men on the grassy knoll. 98Z is right.....oh wait remember ArcAngel....said he was gonna test out stuff on a trip he was planning?....Shepp its your duty as Mod to call the FBI ATF YMCA and tell em bout that nut job Wash
  11. Bring it to me....we got tons if stripers lake texoma....1hr fom the casa...I know that big ol lake like the back of my hand..winter time is the best time Wash
  12. Forgive me if I repeat anything cause I went thru the posts really fast. number one...where did this jerk practice his firing and sighting in? all new weapons that would prolly jam up? anyone with this idea would want to practice with his weapons...where did he do this? his girlfriend knows nothing...bullcrap.... I never did like the slidefire coming to market or anyone having one...my old posts reflect that...my gut told me this slidefire was gonna be a bad deal... Now heres the dirty lil secret that's no secret at all...im so glad that the press is so lame and stupid ...why? cause if they go to you tube they can see any semi Ar can be bump fired without the slidefire...ak's too....takes a lil practice but works...so even the slidefire takes some practice...which leads back to where did this azzhat shoot his rifles to practice? Im going on record this douche had help somewhere ,somehow....not one other soul knew or helped him...bullcrap .....im thinkin this douche is a lefty pinko commie bastard trying to stir $hit up........prayers for all the folks at the concert...its a sad day Wash
  13. Please tell me you didn't eat the Whole thing? Wash
  14. Freakin true! Wash
  15. Sisco Oh man does that pic bring back memories Down rigging...my favorite way to catch that bog ol striper down deep...Hell Yes...and that dinner pic...you got it going on brother! Wash