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  1. Sure Sketch......if you say so lol ......Wash
  2. So ive got a question.....how did you get your cock ring on your finger ? and wouldn't it be much easier to cut the green cock ring off with a dremel instead of slicing up your finger to get it off? Wash
  3. washguy


    Lookin good Shepp...spatch that cock Wash
  4. Happy Thanksgiving Y'all the bird is the word..... Wash
  5. washguy


    Happy Thanksgiving Remember butter is your friend...under the skin for sure.... using rectec hickory....and oakridge rubs....330 grill temp to 165 in the breast....get er done brothers.....Wash
  6. washguy

    Finally got one

    Good Shootin Belt ! wash
  7. washguy

    Finally got one

    Nice buck Belt.....looks like he died of over heating Wash
  8. Well daaamn.....is this the Grab a gun out of Coppell Tx ? I bought my HK 9 from them a few years back and they were great to deal with ...BUT they got bigger and crappier I guess? Wash
  9. God Bless all that served ! Wash
  10. Im just sick over this.....Cartels need to be gone from this earth ! Wash
  11. AJ Welcome from Texas ! why don't you go to the intros and tell us bout yourself......and while your at it give us the scope of this barrels use.......WHY 24" that's waaay tooo much and waaaay too heavy ......what are you gonna use it for? And what made you decide on 24" ? Wash
  12. Thanks brother.....I spiffed it up a bit....Wash
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