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  1. washguy

    Feed ramp Question

    Blue raised the posts from the depths of the grave ....Necro brother Blue Wash
  2. Got my new 6.5 Creedmoor in today .....lil over 99 bills yippeee Wash
  3. washguy

    Barrel recommendations

    Well you just proved my point Wash
  4. washguy

    Barrel recommendations

    EW BA is good Faxon is good... Criterion is great....and I will tell ya one thing I learned just recently...and I saw it with my own eyes....Me and my Friend built up 3or 4 300 blackouts not long ago....My barrels just whatever I could get a deal on....his barrels were all match grade...all rifles had nice triggers...so we went to the range to break em in...I had like 4 different types of ammo...well side by side his match barrels that were new just like mine would shoot under moa at 100...and mine would be acceptable...but when we found the ammo that his barrels liked he would put one hole thru the other...I am now sold on match grade barrels...im not talking heavy profile bull barrels...just a nice profile that's a match grade....you will be happy... Check out the Faxon gunner series they might be match grade? Wash My buddy has got one of these...it shoots lights out https://www.rainierarms.com/rainier-arms-match-308-intermediate-dpms-barrel-gen-2-16/ you can be metrosexual with a satin barrel if you put one hole thru the other ! Oh most 16" barrels run a lil over 2 lbs or a lil under
  5. washguy

    Lets see your AR-15

    Bigfoot Nice starter set brother... Wash
  6. washguy

    308 matched upper/lower

    JT so is there matrix available at the sale price? ....Wash
  7. washguy

    Barrel recommendations

    Hi EW I don't know what your use is going to be, but all of my 308's are 16 inch except one that is 18 inches.....the 16 '' will shoot just fine out to 500...that was the limit of our range...if you are gonna hunt or use it for home defense theres no reason to use a 20 inch barrel, and by the time you stick a brake on it you got a lotta weight to deal with....these large frame ar's get heavy real fast if you don't watch what your doing.....you are not going to lose an fps that amounts to anything ....a shorter barrel is a stiffer barrel, and will be lighter too...so if you hunt its not a boat anchor to hump.....so rethink that 20....I guess if you bench shoot it and punch paper off of sandbags you might could justify the 20.....NOT check out a QPQ finished barrel cause black is beautiful....and mostly only the metrosexuals go with stainless finished barrels Wash
  8. washguy

    308 matched upper/lower

    Yer killen me brother ill have to ask her for the funds to build too...you forgot that Wash
  9. washguy

    308 matched upper/lower

    Thanks for the insight Brother....well hell I got me one of those 100 dollar bcg's ,and a Larue trigger...so the next logical progression is a Creedmore build I would think? Wash
  10. washguy

    308 matched upper/lower

    JT was it all good? has he built it up yet? ive got some kind of Creedmore 6.5 virus im trying to kick Wash
  11. washguy

    308 matched upper/lower

    OH CRAP Wash
  12. washguy

    308 matched upper/lower

    Yall please clue me in on these upper/lower matched sets for 199 bills https://www.livefreearmory.com/product-category/lf308-upperlower-combo-set/ have I seen a posting here for these? Wash
  13. washguy

    LaRue MBT2S Sale, Christmas 2018

    Hey brother don't worry bout Cali banning triggers in 2020...you gonna be banned from Cali long before that date Wash
  14. washguy

    Sweet trigger deal from LaRue

    Yes I know im a dumbazz and im late on this posting cause its already been posted ...well crap Wash
  15. washguy

    LaRue MBT2S Sale, Christmas 2018

    Well geez I just posted this trigger...im so late Ha Wash