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  1. washguy

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Our WW2 veterans are dying off daily...pretty soon none of these great heroes left....so sad........... A Big Thank You to all that served this Great USA Wash
  2. washguy

    Xanthos build \m/

    "Yeah, I know it's a lil bit redneck. If y'all can keep a secret, nobody will ever know. " Thanks Boot ! I aint tellin nobody ! how much does that tape weigh? Wash
  3. washguy

    Xanthos build \m/

    Kewl can you show a pic? wash
  4. washguy

    Xanthos build \m/

    Boot...so what happened with the fitment? of the xanthos? Wash
  5. washguy

    You will not be missed

    You said vibes?....lol shorthand right? Wash
  6. washguy

    You will not be missed

    JF You cant have it both ways....here you are talkin bout vibrators...and wanting less sodomy ...fukkin A Bubba....wait till the purple dong comes out Wash
  7. But what about my box clues ? It was Blue box and Red wrapping on inside...patriotic...well sure ,but who isn't in here? So is it you Robo? ...another sleepless nite Wash
  8. It is Tom ....right? daamn just three tries is all I get? Wash
  9. Well crap! One swing left? I better do some indepth research then.....daaaamn Wash
  10. hmmmm so....could it be Doc Ron?......Doc thank you for the ammo Wash
  11. Me too im a prime member also .......bummer Wash
  12. Matt Cross are you a dealer for Target Sports USA ???? lol Wash cause waaaay back you told someone you were a dealer and would get them ammo at cost ....yes?
  13. Geeez Everyone here is a straightshooter......Am I not getting it? don't answer that.....I don't think ive read where anyone here is a Targetsports guy?.......ill dig deep ,but this will keep me up....wait a sec....I mean this will make me stay awake....lol Wash
  14. Im glad you are with me so open the package? or not? Wash
  15. Lol. Okay who is my secret Santa?. Wash