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  1. Thanks brother.....I spiffed it up a bit....Wash
  2. Mag too funny ! I think i remember this? Wash
  3. Cliff sorry for your loss...but your new pup looks great! Wash
  4. washguy


    Sisco that looks yummy ! 😎 Wash
  5. washguy

    Fall fishing.

    Way to go Sisco! Be safe ! Wash
  6. 98 Adams rifle is running fine with his adjustable gas block turned more than 50% closed......so he doesn't need an orange spring....the orange springs are for heavy gassed rifles.....why would you want him to drill out his gas port with it running fine....isn't it You that states not to complicate your shiit? ill bet over 50 % of the rifles on this board wouldn't cycle with that orange spring........ Wash
  7. Also I saw a sbr upper he had.....im sure he has a tax stamp Wash
  8. Adam you posted that your rifle is working ..why do you want to drill out the gas port ? Leave it alone if its running....Wash
  9. Daaamn Shepp! You are the canning King ! Wash
  10. Adam its that red stuff on the side of your weapon thats causing the flyer...oh and a brand new barrel Wash
  11. All we need is the purple.....you know what 🤠 Wash
  12. One of our longtime members who has over 5 million hits on his you tube gun building channel is kind enough to come here and give us some love Wash be sure to stay to the end !
  13. I hope I can convey what happened in the gun store today....it was a crazy azz with me coming close to getting thrown out of the gun store while winning an arms tugging event with a big punk azzed employee of a fancy shmancy gunshop Its a long story ,so here goes I bought another 8.5 inch 300 blkout barrel from BearCreek and happened to see where they had an upper, charge handle, and bcg for 99 bills....daaamn better get this. So, then I ordered everything I needed but a lower which ill get here....order comes in from Bearcreek and the upper was a sidecharge cnc upper,and a sidecha.rger bcg....hmmmm do I keep it and go ahead and build a sidechargeer ? Hell yes ! Im ready to build today,but I need a lower....lets go to the fancy gun shop cause they will have a big selection ,and ill be able to fit my upper to a lower.....cause this upper is CNC and fat at the rear. Me and Char are at the back counter where the lowers are lined up...so much for selections all Spikes and one Anderson....Young crew cut butt lick walks up, and I ask if he has any other lowers ? Nope all he has is pretty much Spikes...so I have the upper on the counter....putz takes a Spikes out and hands it to me And im asking if I can test fit... he sez no way cause it will mark the lower, and at that time he grabs the lower while ive got it....and I have the better grip as he"s trying to pull the lower away im telling him im not going to even get them close... I just wanna look at them together....and he's really muscling up but Ive got the better grip and ive already locked down on it... and ive now got the lower close to the counter where the upper is...as hes' really pulling Fukkin A So now he 's telling me that I might have to exit the store if I keep this up...no crap.... Fuk that young punk.....hes got me pissed and Chars telling me to quiet down ......now he's really pulling away from me ...but he cant budge....this is getting crazy Haha....now he's saying to me that I need to exit.....Nah...aint gonna happen.....so I let go....too funny...I mean funny I said I think we will take one of these .....He sez it wont fit.....Look here fool I bet it will.....I then tell him you know what? I aint buying this lower,but my wife might..yep Char you need this for your build......He marches us over to the paperwork desk and gives Char the form as she whips out her carry license...that shuts the fukker up....Char pays...and I stick my hand out and shook his hand....bye weak azzed store boy Wash
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