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  1. Red sorry for the garbled wording.....market drop caused a 50 k loss not 50% of portfolio and ivr got 25k back by day/ swing trading....I spend a serious amount of time researching my plays....its a butt pucker every day,but if i want to stay in achome and not be a bridge troll i must do this...hell im Werkin again...lol...keeps me sharp im thikin....ya got to be cateful with analysts and trolls on the internet for sure. On the airlines...thats a long long term investment...if the oracle of omaha sells all of his billions of airline stocks and sez it was bad mistake to own em...thats good enough for me... stay away from financials oil/gas and cruis lines too...well if ur young and maje it a long term deal...then maybe My strong suit is tech and chip stocks..AMD is one of my core stocks...when it pulls back to the high 40,s ... if it does..thats when u buy...MU low 40s...been trsding this since it was 27...2 yrs ago.....zm ...gotta wait for dip...its a boy dog...always AAPL...but all of these too pricey this day...heres one DBX drop box good earnings report last friday and just now on the move...BMY crushed earnings and now just moving...so there are some plays..... wash
  2. Ive got 3 side chargers from bearcreek….although in ar15.....the side charging handle itself is miss engineered...but can be fixed.....they fit spikes lowers nice n tight I think the 308 would be nice too Wash
  3. brothers. Any interest in an investing subforum? Since the market crash my mobey guy lost me about enough of my life savings to choje a horse....i took over my oen retirement fund 60 days ago and have got over 50 % back.....thats why i havnt been here very much...been trying to get my life savings back....looking at 3 monitirs from 7 am to 4 pm has kilked my eyes...so if anyone is invthe same boat or naybe hashing out ideas?naybe an investing subforum would work? Two eye shots today siory for typos.....😎🤡🔫 Wash
  4. washguy


    Put it in the crock pot and add liquid smoke Wash
  5. washguy


    Hell yes Renee ! that's a daamn good lookin brisket ! We bought brisket bbq from down the street and it didn't look as good as yours.... Wash
  6. Welcome aboard J-red If you can chew gum and walk at the same time ,you can build an AR..... Wash
  7. washguy


    WOW You have outdone yourself ! That is what fried to a golden crispness is ! What kinda fish? Wash
  8. washguy


    noticed a lotta oil in the gas tank too
  9. washguy


    Hey Doc Ron i need your expert advice......when I get injections my eyes are always dilated and i mean dilated to the point of rocky racoon ...and after the injection and I make it home and go sleep it off the pain is nill by 9pm.....BUT I said no way that im gonna let them get close enough to dilate....just gimme the shot or shots as was the case.....so i got the shots sans dilation...well lemme tell ya the pain in my eyes was nasty for 24 hours...so question is...does dilation make a difference in the pain level? crazy crazy thanks for all YOU DO ! Wash
  10. washguy


    you do know it needs spark plugs real bad ..... Wash
  11. I got my face mask and rubber gloves on....im ready to rock! 🤪 Wash
  12. Ill bet if you put the bcg in your rifle it will go bang bang bang.....dont need no stinkin geometry leson Wash 😷
  13. https://www.kakindustry.com/ar-15-parts/lower-parts/buffer-tubes-and-parts/individual-buffer-tube-parts/individual-buffer-parts KAK has got em all Wash
  14. washguy


    Ha... you Fukker Wash
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