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  1. Right on Sisco ! What more can I say ? A heart felt Thank You to those that served ! .....Wash
  2. WTF happened to Angel? Did the canned chicken get him? Wash
  3. Ive hoarded Lake city since 1992.....every once in a while ill open up some of the ammo cans...and have a nose feast of nitro coming off the 1k rounds....they are still shiny too! Wash
  4. washguy

    Season opener

    Way to Go Shepp ! Ahh those downriggers and trolling bring back memories Wash
  5. Doc Ron.....so when you're in the "doghouse" this is where you will be? Wash
  6. washguy


    EXACTLY ! Wash
  7. washguy


    If your pork butt tastes like shellac....well you know Wash
  8. Nick Yes it could be undergassed.....always function check a new piece....one round in mag....charge it.....fire....look to see if the bolt catch holds back the bcg....that's where you start. It has to hold back with bolt catch ! Not ejecting with force is undergassed....needs to be a bit more forceful on ejecting with a new rifle....and lube up your rifle....they like to be run wet when brand new....... also get you some numbered drill bits to see what size your gas port is , in the range of 43 44 45 46 if it comes to that........you could have buffer/buffer tube /spring problems ...but tackle the hold back bolt catch problem first .... Wash
  9. washguy


    Shepp Yep ive used lumberjack ,and you too im thinkin ....they suk......what I used before RecTec was smokinpellets.com power to the pellet.....its number 2 after RecTec being number 1.......Shepp you see that the farm store lumberjack pellets are made in the same place as heating pellets? No bueno on that cause heating pellets will maybe poison you.... cause it could be ground up furniture or ground up whatever ......just got in RecTec new head trip.... white oak ...red oak...hickory...will try it out maybe today Wash
  10. washguy

    End of an era

    Uncle Sam is paying me 10 cents on the dollar in my retirement ...the rest is in a lockbox ....God Bless America Wash
  11. washguy

    End of an era

    Sisco they are in Minn but the plant was in Osceola WI the move crushed that town.....I would never buy or sit upon an effin Polaris Wash https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/2140575-polaris-exec-defends-plan-shift-manufacturing-mexico
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