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  1. Hello brother How Ya been ? long time no see Wash
  2. I knew my breast implants would give me trouble one day ! Wash
  3. Lol daamn Sketch you always got the wheels turning...good for you brother....no crap we fed him tonite built him a rifle and he found a cyst in my tit....WTF ???...Wash
  4. Im strapped in....dont leave me ....Wash
  5. Thanks Doc Ron ! he's coming over to pick it up tonite...... Wash
  6. washguy


    Gonna pull it off 195 plus then rest it for a bit
  7. Docs 300 came out nice exact clone of one of mine
  8. washguy


    Boot no Sir not on the butts....should look like a meteor when done for some tasty bark mixed in...Wash
  9. washguy


    Sweet lookin butts ! Wash we oiled up the butt with cbd oil.....ha!
  10. washguy


    Mines gettin there wash
  11. washguy


    Hey Boot that aint fair...im still smokin and hungry too....yumalisious Wash
  12. 10 pounds 14 pounds ...nope not lightweights ? Wash
  13. washguy


    Go for it thats a good price.....Wash
  14. washguy


    EXACTLY got a pork butt in the GM...slow smoking today Wash
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