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  1. Weight on ar10

    Lilmid Thanks for the compliment....the weight savings aside from the machined lightened upper is the machined light weight bcg and it also uses an ar15 barrel extension....so it uses ar15 free float rails too...I guess the DPMS gen 2 comes close to this? No your charging handle should not be a bitch to pull back.....somethings going on there....remove upper from lower and check the bcg..is it sliding back easy or when you drop it in the upper with the muzzle pointed down does it drag in the upper or does the charging handle and bcg go into battery easily.....take a dowel or something and push in the buffer is it binding in the buffer tube?....take out the buffer and its spring and spray some cleaner in the buffer tube and then wipe down the spring and lube it and the buffer up ..replace and lube.... put your rifle on a scale to see where you're at on the weight....is your rifle working as it should? Wash
  2. Well after checking out kidney stones...sources say they are nothing more than rock salt and even could be ground up for salting a salad or whatever...so the kidney stones would be a gimme for Mr. Badazz Deville...gotta think on this then Tom has got to put in his 3 cents...the duck eggs are a gimme to Mr. Badazz Deville.....im workin on something that's a challenge although topping the can chicken is going to be difficult Wash
  3. I have no friends

    Welcome to the forum Lilmid....your fiancée gets tired of you talking guns...my fiancée has a conceal carry permit and will talk guns till you buy her the damn gun...sooo you may have a good thing going Wash
  4. Weight on ar10

    Hi LIL sure the free float will help...you can get some really light weight rails now days....but to really get the weight down you gotta do some extra stuff here's a "Dikstroker Special " its not an Armalite Wash without optics
  5. Grilling

    Baby pork butt 5 pounder 5 hrs at 250 rubbed with a lil oakridge pork... Larue armadillo rub till 200 internal... Smoked even in the rain under the patio... Rested for 30 minutes Wash
  6. 300 blackout kaboom!

    Sketch thanks for the well wishes....man...that deal could have been really bad....im so glad that the range has netting between shooters...mainly for ejecting cases over to the next guy....but the netting came in handy for shrapnel too ! If you think theres action around me now....holy crap you should have run with me back in the day Wash
  7. For Greg - New Fur Missile

    Dadgum everyone has a winner...nice looking friends there...me I lost my GS years ago...he was smarter than me...Im on the wants for another GS...but crap ..... Wash
  8. Ok brother I think I may have a challenge for you or any other contestant... Char was at the back doctor today and passed her second kidney stone.... So we have both kidney stones.... Im thinkin the contest would involve chewing the kidney stones one at a time and washing them down with a mountain dew.... Or the kidney stones caused a massive urinary tract infection and this would involve logistics for your dining pleasure.? Ill check with her.... what say ya'll? Wash
  9. Grilling

    Well done brother I'm talkin prime time.! That is one fine piece of beef Wash
  10. You think we are all suckers on here? you gave it away weeks ago that you ate duck eggs with milk for breakfast in the morning....soooo im thinkin pigs brains in gravy or that can of Dick bread if theres any left after DNP has been munching on it? Geeez Don't you wanna be challenged? Ha something on this level....right Wash
  11. 300 blackout kaboom!

    But 98 I just washed my padded bra and used a softner towel smells so good Wash
  12. 300 blackout kaboom!

    Hopfully...my name is in the hat for the draw the guys on the lease have an awesome deal...150 an hour..2 shooters.... Wash
  13. 300 blackout kaboom!

    Prolly so... No pics what a bitch.. But there was too much commotion going on wash
  14. 300 blackout kaboom!

    the weather here has been cold and wet,but not today....so me and my bff go out to the range to sight in more 300 blackouts....geez I didn't even take nothing but 300 blackouts so we could test the Barnes urban legend against the UMC...been wanting to test but the weather hasn't been nice.... first of all Thank you Garland shooting range for having mesh netting separating the lanes...Oh my gosh....there was a guy to the left of my bestest friend John...then me on the right side of John....so this guy was Mr. handload king 300 aac shooting his handloads.....im wearing ear plugs and electronic ear muffs....I had taken off the muffs for some adjusting....and BOOM ...and crap was bouncing down the concrete like pieces of a mag and its spring and assorted other parts...I didn't actually see the explosion but caught the reaction of it...Holy Crap....the guys 300 exploded the lower and the upper....man did it ever leave a mark too....he had these two long scratch/cuts that ran from his chin all the way up past his eye....the RO got him a towel for the blood and picked up his stuff and took him inside the office...Damn....an AR looks like a cheap piece of crap after it blows up ,in case if anyone wants to know. always wear the eye protection brothers So.. back to the Barnes UMC.....its the real deal....as good as the regular UMC is this Barnes is just a tad better....I say tad cause the other stuff is badazz in the first place..... we both shot the Barnes UMC out of four different rifles at the 50yd and the 100yard...im talking sub moa.....we scoped in first at the 50 cause there's something coming up in March that I might be able to participate in....and 50 is where the rifles need to be....but we shot the rifles at 100 and there wasn't even a need to touch the turrets or holdover.....so we are good at 50 to 100 and all I need is a few hundred bills and some Dramamine ....this could be big time fun coming up if things work out Wash