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  1. I wonder how this ended? Thats serious MO mentum there WOW ! ....Wash
  2. My thinkin is if ya cant stand the lil thump then put more padding in your bra Wash
  3. Hi Rog Yep the 6.8 is an awesome round....ive got a few of them....what cartridge does your 6.8 like the best? Wash
  4. Ravenworks Why would you post this about slam firings in this post on a guy that is having probs with cycling? That post isnt helpful at all for this mans problemo... why dont you remove it as it is about as off the charts as you can get for his problem.....Wash
  5. Franklin......so you took all the stuff to a gunsmith and he couldnt find the problem...right?....and now you make a post "The magazine will hold the bolt open but will fail to load a round " this will hardly help us out here....we need pics and or a vid and more info than what you posted.....looks to me like you need to keep the barrel and the bcg...and throw the rest of the crap away Wash Why would you pay so much money for that non working crap?
  6. Here ya go Mag https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bcg-receiver-combos they jacked up the prices I see....lol.....and the 223/300 is out....I went to Durkin Tac and picked one up last week here ya go... https://www.durkintactical.com/product/bca-ar-15-side-charging-upper-receiver-bcg-combo-223-5-56-nato/ The side charger fits right in with your hunting Mag....cold weather gloves not a problem....charging it in cold weather not a problem its a billet piece too im thinkin.. ...and they have some large caliber upper/bcg combos too Wash looky here...this is a new offering https://www.bearcreekarsenal.com/bca-ar-10-ambidextrous-charging-billet-upper-receiver-bcg-combo-308-243-6-5-creedmoor so heres what I did....as you look around the combo might be out of stock but if you search ala carte the bcg is available and what i did was call and bitch em out and tell em to go put the bcg into an upper that you have and sell me the combo.....worked one time....last week it didnt...lol
  7. It will br fine Sketch...go shoot that thing...they are fun💥
  8. sure you can....unscrew that end plug on the back of upper....stick the right size allen wrench in the handle and remove it and then the bcg just slides out....handle should rotate...the lil bolt is inside handle just unscrew with wrench ......Wash
  9. Dont locktite your bolt to the carrier either.....so remember that you have to do your cleaning and oiling of bcg....then locktite.....but hell im going to get the right length screw and be done with it...hell i shot a 100 rounds with them and all is well.....or since a washer is too thick....wrap some thin copper wire around head of allen then put it into the handle...that will shorten the length... yeah thats the ticket....lol
  10. the bolt wont rotate... the lil handle must spin...then you know its set up right and you will know.......or go to hardware and get a handful of grade 8 allen heads and start cutting the end until you can tighten without hitting the bolt .....Wash
  11. So when I got my first one I was pulling on the bolt seeing how harsh it was gonna be in break in...well hell it didnt budge....the lil handle has a allen head bolt that is threaded into the carrier...but they didnt engineer it real good cause if the handle doesnt spin and its fully tightened the bolt end will lock the bolt down to carrier....so just only tighten to hand tight and roller handle must spin...used some bad azz thread crap on it or dremel the end of bolt so it cant hit the bolt ....Wash
  12. What lowers do you have married too? 🙃 Wash
  13. Doc Ron did you build any 300 pistols yet? They are damn fun to shoot....and easy on the wallet if you shop hard 😛 Wash
  14. The BCA side chargers? where can you get a bad azz sidecharger upper and bcg for a 100 bills on sale and 125 sumthin when not?....slap a 45 dollar 300 aac BCA barrel on one.... remember if you have the BCA one locktite or rocksett the lil allen head bolt that goes into carrier and dont screw it down tight or your bolt wont rotate...thats the reason for rocksett.....all thats needed is some more allenhead bolts dremeled to correct length so it doesnt bottom out into bolt get busy Sketch! Wash
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