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  1. washguy


    We are holding the big stash of Hatch here in Texas...and 98 has got the rest on the down low Wash https://centralmarket.com/tag/hatch-fest/
  2. washguy


    Holy Crap How many effin gals is your crock pot? Daaamn...did you just plug it in? my lights dimmed over here Wash What about Hatch peppers...its Hatch time here...the big fancy grocery has their Hatch festivities going on...their smoker and every recipe they sell is Hatch pepper stuff ...and not the Anaheim wannabe Hatch...the Mesilla Valley Hatch of course....oh crap I better get over there before they are gone
  3. washguy


    DILLO DUST. is the bestest thing LaRue has... 🤡 Well almost. Wash
  4. washguy


    Sketch We don't need no stinkin rifles Wash
  5. washguy


    Daaamn We need our own TV show... F the guns....we need to turn 308degree.com into a cooking forum Wash
  6. washguy

    New Member, New Build

    Welcome aboard! I saw a velocity email/sale that had em for 117 bills....now that a damn nice trigger for not too much money Wash
  7. washguy

    Official 98Z5V Needs This Thread

    Wow that is a kewl ride....think its running? Wash
  8. washguy


    Has anyone noticed the price of a lil beef has gone up? Wonder why? Wash 7 and 7 500 degrees. Had to cut back only half a tator
  9. washguy

    I bought another truck

    Way to go Madhouse! SWEET ! Wash
  10. washguy


    Char comes home with this Sweet Baby Rays ...its a buck a bottle she sez....I like the glasses guys sauces Wash
  11. washguy

    Cooking gadgets

    white meat....dark meat Wash
  12. washguy

    Cooking gadgets

    I sort my thermometers by color Wash
  13. washguy

    Cooking gadgets

    And Pork Butts Wash You are right Shepp.... you got me on all counts......yes the gmg probe has never worked right on the money.....AND its your money too.....please accept my humble apology .....Wash
  14. washguy

    Cooking gadgets

    And Pork Butts Wash
  15. washguy

    Cooking gadgets

    Hell yeah ! but Shepp 's right on the gmg probe not working,,,,they never have never will.....that's my one and only bitch Ive been using a rectal thermometer with pretty good results! Wash