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  1. washguy


    Yum lookin good...how ling is the Cook?
  2. washguy


    When you find a t bone just cut with a giant filet attached you gotta get for 9 bills...what a find....so what if its 3 weeks out of date and has Lil green frogs hair growing on it ! cuckacurba and emrils essence with worstershire..500 for 14 mins.....Wash
  3. JT my barrel from Bear looks like hammered crap on the ramps.....guess what?.....it never misses a lick..looks ugly shoots lights out....best 43 dollar barrel I own....cause its the only one....lol.....ill take one of these anytime ! wash
  4. Damn WEG.....you almost got it to where it stays on the paper Wash
  5. washguy


    I forgot how good the tri tip is...local g store hardly has em....but the butcher does ! Wash
  6. washguy


    We went to the butchers to get us his famous hot links and saw a Lil tri tip sitting there along with his bigger brothers...maybe 2.5 pounds...used black ops steak rub with cuckachuri rub...let it rest overbite then injected with beef boulion right before smokin....seared at 500 for 5mins a side...then turned temp down to 275...didn't take 25 mins to get to 135 internal pulled it off...sliced er up.....Wash
  7. No kiddin? didn't know they still had them named H2.....inline4 supercharged ? now that's a widow maker! Wash
  8. I had no bizz on buying or riding that thing.....but after I healed up a bit I rode that damn thing a few times....running Klotz oil it didn't even smoke for an oil burner....Well you know bout them triples 98......damn it sounded effin EVIL..... Wash
  9. If it holds I guess? was reading bout Jesse Rooke....damn shame ! them bikes will get ya in the end....im still ffed up from a 1973 wreck bringin home a kaw triple 750 H2 ...I think that its designation? ...my shoulder only hurts when I breathe... Wash
  10. Damn 98.....AZ overrides the fed laws? How kewl is this? Wash
  11. Bulk trash pick up is Monday.....should I put the new pistol/whatever in a box for the trash guys or just pitch it into the tree limbs on the curb? Wash
  12. Hahaha The first time my doc did it to me it was raining outside...he was on the 8th floor....and as I dropped my pants I guess the look on my face was bad...so he sez " ya think im gonna pitch you out in the rain after im done?" Wash
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