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Juggernaut Tactical AR308 Hand guard review


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Here’s my review of the Juggernaut Tactical AR308 Free float Handguard.  I’m just an enthusiast so take my review with a grain of salt, hopefully it will help you out later down the line.  There isn’t much out there about this rail so I thought to chime in.

These rails come in a variety of colors, anodized or Cerakoted.  You also have a choice of different lengths from 12”, 15”, or 16.5”.  It’s constructed entirely from aluminum and it weighs about 0.5 lbs heavier than most light weight rails on the market.  What I liked about this rail is it has a heavy duty look to it and it has Picatinny rails on the end of the rifle which is something I always add when I pick up a M-LOK rail anyway.     ordered one in Flat Dark Earth and the work was very good.  No blemishes and strong enough for heavy work.  They claim that the rail height is “DPMS High Profile” but the rail on my upper ended up a bit taller then the Juggernaut.  It’s also nice that the rail comes with Quick Detach Sling mounts on the bottom, right, and left sides.  The entire assembly weighs in at 1.18 lbs (Who feels weight in Ounces?).

The Barrel nut is made of 7075 T6 Aluminum, and has a good snug fit with the rail.  It has four flats Which requires a 1 3/8” opened ended wrench or crows foot.  Caveat here, you may need to grind down the thickness of the tool’s “Gate” as the flats are a bit narrow.  Since the barrel nut is aluminum, I’m always nervous when it comes to threading in screws to secure the rail to it.  There are groves milled in for the gas tube like most other barrel nuts.  In my case I installed my rail to a JP upper.  Since JP uses tight tolerances the combination of the two would not allow the gas tube to clear the receiver without some modification. It was either filing down the Upper, Barrel Nut, or gas tube.  So I went with the easier of the three and filled down the top end of the gas tube so it could clear the receiver.  Still though this caused the gas tube to naturally point upward as you’ll see in the pictures.  Maybe the smarter thing to do here is file down the barrel nut, but so far it seems to work just fine.  

Overall I’m happy with this rail, I wish it was a bit lighter but I like the robust look and utilitarian features.  One thing to note is in this day and age sellers are good about keeping the consumer abreast about the status of their order(s). Other than the initial email confirming the order, I didn’t hear anything for two weeks.  So I sent an email asking about the status and they replied the same day that it should be ready by next week.  So I patiently waited and finally received an email just over a week later saying that it was shipped.  It took about a month to receive my order.  I’ve heard that Juggernaut isn’t always there when it comes to communication.  Funny thing is I recently ordered a “Raw” 308 AR Lower from them and I received it with 10 days.  So your experience may vary.  Hope this helps and have fun building!













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