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  1. Also i don't know how far you walk to a stand but if any distance a weapon light is great to have.
  2. Nice, You going to hunt deer with it? I used to use a 10 round mag but my 400 yard walk to stand with multiple bears, Wild Hogs and yotes i keep a 20 round full now ,l,
  3. It's pretty rare, it has 308 match stamped on the reciever too. i'll get it out tomorrow and take a close up. i have pics of it but you can't see anything.
  4. My Fal is an older one with National match stamped on the barrel. it's pretty accurate, now it's not as good as the M1a. both are as accurate and better than any of my 308 AR's. now i know they can be made to shoot well. all mine are factory rifles. I hunt with most of my AR 308's. So they are more suited for that purpose as things can be added easy.
  5. got up to near 70 today, melted all the ice from the sleet storm we had a few days back, but turning cold again tomorrow. kinda got the spring fever.
  6. Goldfish, hunting season is over, i didn't get to ga anyway, but i will be able to fish. the wife can go with me to keep an eye on her. can't wait.
  7. He's right about everything except maybe the accuracy part, those M1A with a match barrel are tack drivers. the Fal's are right in there too.
  8. Got two Engel aeriated bait boxes coming, one 13 quart and one 7.5 quart. yeah i know what's that got to do with guns.lol
  9. That crap stays with you a while, i had it for three weeks. i hope you get rid of it way before then.
  10. Prayers sent, sorry to hear. we never know.
  11. Yes you is, and stop pretending you ain't an arky or i'm tellin mom.
  12. Very nice looking rifle. you done good.
  13. I have a few cases like that from years ago, they look exactly like them. they are super nice cases. plenty of padding. but man have they went up in price from when i bought mine.
  14. So showing up when a report is made and politely asking to see paperwork is pure evil? My friend you have a huge dissapointment coming when evil really does come along, and it's coming. Hell i'm done with this. some of you people act like the damn world is coming to an end cause you had to show some paperwork. crap did any of you participate in the defund police marches? I'm out.
  15. After a while they get to know you and wouldn't ask for nothing just mainly come to watch and sometimes participate. Only one ever got smart with me right off the bat. the rest was always nice and always ask nice to see them. the guy that ask me to call the station ask me really nice. I don't have a problem telling an officer my name or doing what he ask within reason of course. that way i stay safe unlike some of these guys that give them a hard time and then gripe when they get taken down. You really can't blame them for being cautious when they come and there is maybe 10 to 15 automatic weapons being fired. it usually was not just me. there was a few of us that would have shoots. Maybe i.m too soft, but i see no reason to start a conflict when there isn't one. I always found if you talk nice to them they talk nice to you. with the way people are today i really can't blame them for being cautious about everything. all in all when the crap hits the fan and society breaks down and criminals are no longer responsible for their actions givin by democrat judges and politicians, i dang sure want the police on my side instead of the ones they have to pursue and jail.
  16. You using reloads or factory ammo?
  17. Are the primers seated good? maybe too soft primers. check to see if the firing pin is moving freely in the channel. it should bounce back if no obstruction is keeping it from it.
  18. Lookin mighty good.👍
  19. I haven't been bothered in a while, i had one ask me if i would just call the station before going to shoot and let them know so they can tell the caller it's ok. but the area i live in has grown so much lately i don't shoot them around here anymore. The last time i was checked was way before covid, but i can totally understand them being short handed not answering calls that wasn't deemed a threat.
  20. Someone called the police, the officer is just doing their job. after a call they have to respond. now if there was no law that required paperwork it might be different. 99% of them have been really nice and mainly curious. I don't blame the police for checking, it's their job. i even let a few of them shoot them.
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