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Belt Fed

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  1. How big is it compared to the rifle? I bet it is heavy loaded. I do want one.
  2. LOL, Some people don't need guns. if he drilled through the serial# he has an illegal lower.
  3. Cool, i'll look em over good tomorrow. thanks for the link
  4. I like it. who makes that handguard?
  5. They probably do have more options for them now, that was years ago. I may check into it again. I know when I looked years ago, there wasn't much of choice. and I may have been looking in the wrong places.
  6. Another reason is no modern rails will work. it has to have the triangle shaped front. Both the rails and mags that work are triple priced. I have two mags for mine and would but more but not what they want for them. I checked on a rail for it when I first got it, seemed like it was over 400 bucks for one that would fit. they may have come down some now.
  7. LOL yep they have em all colors. I shouldn't lose it anywhere.😂
  8. Everyone needs at least one Grendel, got one of these coming Friday.
  9. 40 cals are nice, these Kel Tecs are ugly as all get out but they work.
  10. Really nice, it's got one of them big exit holes on the barrel too.
  11. Not even one through the BM59, the Uzi in 45 auto is another,i have two armalies 180's one is unfire in box and the other] has run many thousands through it
  12. Isn't Savage the most accurate out of the box rifle now.
  13. It was many years ago, and I didn't have a large caliber hunting rifle yet. now that BM59 is a safe queen. it's never been fired. I only have three that way. that 59 golden state was my first 308( I think ) but I have shot it many times.
  14. Thanks, I used to hunt deer with that 03a3. never killed one thou.
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