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  1. These were my old hunting knives not worth anything but had a lot of sentimental value. the two Gerbers in the center had been sharpened many times and have gutted and skinned a lot of deer. The far right knife was a Rigid. Three years ago someone broke into all of our campers at deer camp and stole them. This was at deer season, nobody was there that day. We don't leave the campers there but just at deer season. I hate thieves.
  2. Couple Smith and Wesson knives.
  3. Yep, I was just fixin to post the link.
  4. Can't understand a word they are saying but the one in black is speaking to me.lol
  5. I have a serious problem with em, They have taken over a house trailer I own. it is covered in cypress and the boards go to the ground. they have busted water lines. I spent two full days crawling in the mud under a trailer with about two foot clearing replacing pex lines and fittings. it was a nightmare. They won't come out until night and you never know when that is. my dog hates em and lets me know when they are moving. I was completely not prepared for the armored suckers. So I stayed there and let the dog tell me when they were moving, sometimes 10 at night and sometimes three in the morning. all I had was a 177 cal pellet gun with me. I shot one twice and it still ran off. so the dog and me spent a few nights hunting them. I did have an AR15 with me but that was out of the question to use. I finally figured out I was not prepared for this battle. after I fixed all the water lines I came home and when I go back I will be ready. going to take a 22 revolver with 22 short ammo. Went and got a trap this morning, going to slide it under the house through a door I made to get under the trailer. Now I just need to find out what to bait em with. The war has begun.
  6. The way I see it, if a guy can hit a target 1000 yards away he deserves a pants down hug.just wish I was deserving of this hug.
  7. Maybe not funny, but maybe more truth.lol
  8. Another buck and Schrade
  9. Yup, kinda the same here. I never really used it much, I gutted a deer with it one time and it's too thick.
  10. I don't know the exact weight but it's heavy, I still see Chinese copies of it, of course they are mostly junk
  11. My daughter found this thing in a bathroom. some kid took it out of his pocket and laid it on the TP dispenser. she gave it to me.
  12. Oh that's nice, I can see many possibilities deer hunting with that.
  13. Both tube and stock are mil spec, It's not bad loose. be nice if they had a lock like the magpul. They are comfortable to shoot, but mine are not on high recoiling guns.308 and 6.5 Creedmore.
  14. I have a couple of those, they are nice. Mine are little loose on the tube. I put electrical tape on the tube where it can't be seen and it took up the rattle. works fine so far.
  15. WOW, sorry to hear. I hope the wound isn't too bad. glad it wasn't worse.
  16. The 308 is an awesome round, you can't go wrong with it.👍
  17. Well shucks...Guess it was just an old guys wishful thinking here.
  18. Are you going to hunt with this rifle? If you already have a 308 I would look close at the creedmore. It's a nice round for longer kills. only drawback is ammo price. I haven't seen any in bulk form other than 200 rounds. But it's not much higher than 308. It don't have to be a long range gun but if you needed it, you would have it. I'm 65 and I never thought of hunting long ranges until they clearcut my woods three years ago. I was happy to have the 6.5. But you are right you have more humidity than us here in Arkansas.
  19. Ain't figured out what the guy in back is doin.lol https://imgur.com/DZFf2FI
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