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Belt Fed

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  1. Belt Fed

    Hunting pics

    Nope, he was one and done.
  2. Belt Fed

    Hunting pics

    Got lucky again the wed.
  3. I'm fixin to leave out to deer camp this morning. Think i heard that hammer drop on full30 all the way from here. better go see if i got the hammer.
  4. He should be along shortly ro defend himself.
  5. She was just the kind of girl @Lonewolf McQuade would go for.
  6. That girl had hands big as a basketball player.
  7. I dunno, i sure wouldn't want to make the girl that come out to get her mad. i'm pretty sure she was a lesbo and was built like a tank. and all i had was a 40 cal in the truck. don't think it was big enough.
  8. They wouldn't even let me come in.lol, they call you on the phone and tell you what they are going to do, then they send someone out to get your pet and then call you and tell you what the bill is so you can give them a card number or write a check. then they bring the pet out with a reciept.
  9. Thanks for asking, it's nice when people are concerned for you. you guys are great. I do have a vet appt. for the dog at 9:40, so i best get goin.
  10. I'm fine, thought i mentioned that here..guess not. I was going deer hunting but stuff keeps coming up. now i have to take the dog to the vet this morning cause she can;t put her left leg down. i hope it's not broke.
  11. I really like that camo pattern and color.
  12. Good stuff, you won't be dissapointed. i probably got near 1000 rounds of it now
  13. Belt Fed

    1 Mile Showdown

    LOL, Here we go.
  14. I bought a Kel Tec PMR30, i don't get the hype around them myself. They feel like a toy and kick like 45 auto. has the muzzle blast of a 7 mag. The loudness on an AR pistol and 22 mag is as expensive as 223.
  15. That is from H&K weapons. that's brass hitting the wall.lol
  16. For hunting i use the 10 and 20 round mags, if i'm goin to the range just to punch holes in paper i will use the 25 rounds some. i prefer the 20 rounders over all of them.
  17. I tried to find my blood type and couldn't. i really don't know what i have. i used to give blood years ago and knew but it's been a while. shoot it may be A, 0 negative sounded familiar. lol. pretty bad i don't know my blood type.
  18. Uhhh, I don't remember. think it's 0 negative
  19. We have been breaking records every day for most cases and deaths in a 24 hour period.
  20. I feel better this morning, the heavy fever and chills broke last night, i really hope they are gone for good. this has been the roughest 3 weeks i ever spent. I've had the flu before but never this intense and never this long. Thanks for all the well wishes.
  21. It's an invasion i tell ya, Welcome sir.
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