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Belt Fed

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  1. Nice, good lookin build, hopefully the ammo for it will come back soon.
  2. that's slightly better than the vic 20
  3. Also careful men, he's like a honey badger lookin for a meal. he's always on the hunt for new wealth to support his habit.
  4. After he maxxed out three cards and i filed for bankruptcy, you take away two of those numbers and it will be right,
  5. See what you done, he was about ready to use 98's card until your post. 🙁
  6. Just my opinion, but i don't think magpul makes anything that is trash.
  7. You could at least swipe someone else's card for a while.
  8. and i killed the site in 2019. took a lot of work to get it goin again and if you and Matt hadn't been members on the grendel forum, i probably never would have got back.
  9. 224 is plentiful and easily found. soon as the ammo shortage ends i'm gonna hoard up grendel 120 fusion.
  10. You see he picks on me over here too Brian. the big bully.
  11. I don't think the come in buffalo butt size.
  12. Cool, It was funny when he tried to do an upside downer and bumped that head on the floor. also those spandex shorts gotta go.
  13. Whatever happened to that video of @Lonewolf McQuade pole dancing?
  14. Welcome to the site Brian.
  15. Oh boy, i can see a lot of money being spent here. Caliber-Marked Non-Rotate Trigger/Hammer Pin Kits – KNS Precision, Inc (knsprecisioninc.com)
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