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Belt Fed

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  1. The guns less maintenance and expense.
  2. well dang, now i gotta go buy some eggs.
  3. Happy to hear the gun is ok, and shooter. that mighta really hurt if it was a 300 mag.
  4. Welcome to the site. I couldnt do half inch groups even if my rifle could
  5. Belt Fed

    My last Elk

    Very sorry to hear about your step dad. Prayers sent his way.
  6. I can do that, would be an old review and a 223.
  7. Needles never bothered me, now a nice long stilleto jabbed in the arm is painful
  8. Thabk you sir, i'm better. just won't be no more needles for me, three needles and all made me sick. i must be gettin wussy in my old age.
  9. wait, yew sayin i'm 240 years old? ☹️
  10. Oh ok i see now, they are mainly a paintball dealer. they have some leaper utg stuff i want.
  11. They any good? they have three items i want that nobody has in stock. just wondered if they were a reputable site.
  12. I really can't see reloading 9mm myself, especially when it was about 200 a thousand a while back. I have no idea how long it would take to load 1000 rounds of 9mm but my ADD would kick in quick.
  13. They went under for a little while , don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. they make nice rifles and one of few that make left handed ones.
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