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PA-10 Experience/Assembly


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I won't call this a build, it's more of how I received the rifle, what was wrong with it and the parts I used. Big thanks to the guys on the forum here who answered questions and gave advice; Armed Eye Doc and 98Z5V. 

I thought it might be interesting to give a detailed account of the parts and what I found. Here goes: 

Upper: PSA midlength 18" ordered on sale probably two years ago. Ive just now got around to assembling it. I never fired it, as I had other projects and figured I'd get to it sometime. I should have inspected it closer when I received it, because I found the bolt lugs to be boogered up. Called PSA customer service and after a lengthy time on hold and emailing pictures they sent me an RMA number to send it back, however they only wanted the bolt, not the entire BCG (I had to pay for shipping). I didn't here anything for a while, and when I called to check the status they explained they were sending an entire BCG as a replacement, because mine was an "older style." I received said BCG and it appears to be good to go. I disassembled it and I can find no discernable difference between it and the bolt carrier they told me to keep, so I guess I have a spare now. Upon reading posts on this forum and receiving input, I found the gas tube to be incorrect. I ordered the correct one from Armalite (phone call got the best results) and installed it along with and Odin Works adjustable gas block (hope to suppress it in the future). The tube now does not come in contact with the barrel nut and protrudes into the upper receiver at the correct distance. I wanted to change out the handguard, but that wasn't in the budget, so I removed it and had it Cerakoted. 

Lower: initially when I ordered the upper I placed a separate order for a fixed stock lower with PSA's EPT trigger as it was on sale also. I put it to the side as well and here recently when I began this assembly I decided that since PSA was having another sale on PA-10 lowers it made since to just buy a collapsible stock lower than mess with buying parts to convert mine. Now I have learned that may not have been the case. Oh well, I have a fixed stock lower now too so it may become the next project. I mention having both because I found that when I received the collapsible stock lower that it would not lock the bolt back. Initially I thought something was wrong with the upper, but upon further inspection and comparison with my fixed stock lower I found the bolt catch on the collapsible stock lower was incorrect.  (See pics) After a couple lengthy phone calls to PSA customer service, some comparison photos and refusing to send the entire lower back, they sent me what they said was the correct bolt catch. However, it was not. I called back, and explained the problem that neither could be completely engaged by the empty magazine. John in their government sales department understood and sent me another bolt catch which matched the one in my fixed stock lower. If I had not had the fixed stock lower I may have abandoned this whole project. So now that I had the bolt catch figured out and corrected I find with the help of the forum that although PSA did put a somewhat correct buffer tube on the lower, they used the wrong buffer and buffer spring.  To fix this I ordered and installed a Odin Works adjustable heavy buffer and Tubbs Flatwire spring. I ordered these before I received the advice to order the appropriate Armalite components. Hopefully my parts work together, if not, I will order the Armalite parts. I added a Odin Works extended mag catch which fit well and seems to work with all my magpul mags. Time will tell if it stays, seems more for looks than anything else. This rifle isn't going to see emergency reloads or anything like that. 

Optic and Mount: I went budget friendly on these for now. This isn't a Go to War Rifle, its just a hobby gun for me. I may upgrade these later. So far they work and seem of quality for what I paid for them. The scope is a Bushnell Xtreme Trophy 2.5-15x illuminated reticle with a BDC. The mount is a UTG Accu Sync High mount. A friend had one and its held zero for some time and it didnt break the bank. 

The rifle is now ready to shoot and I will post the results. I hope I'm not disappointed with accuracy. I understand these barrels can be hit or miss. If it needs a barrel, it will be a while. 

Plans are a to take this hog and coyote hunting with a friend, so I'll mount some sort of green/red light on it. A Magpul bipod is also on it's way. 











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It was easy. Loosened the two allen screws and it slid right off. Be careful not to lose the little alignment key when you take it apart. I was surprised it even had one, my PSA pistol did not and my buddy's didn't either. There was no loctite used either. Just put some blue loctite on there when you reassemble. 

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