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  1. If it continues to run poorly 98Z5V is the man to listen to.
  2. Listen to 98Z5V, he knows his stuff. I replaced my recoil spring and buffer (H3 buffer, and proper spring), gas block (went to an adjustable), and gas tube (correct length), and the gun wound up woefully under gassed, and short stroking. Had the gas port opened up and the rifle works great now. Your failure to extract might be a different issue, but don't give up on it! Lot's of good advice here.
  3. Thanks for all of the help Sir! It's a semi auto again. Now off to the reloading bench.
  4. OK, 98Z5V, she is alive, cycles, ejects, and locks back on the last round! Got a question or two for you Sir, as it is set up gas wise, it's dropping it's brass at two o'clock, about 10 feet from the rifle, it should be 4/5 o'clock shouldn't it? What direction do I head with the gas?
  5. https://www.primaryarms.com/expo-arms-308-heavy-carbine-buffer-5.3-oz Here is the buffer, don't know spec on the spring, came from Midway. Just got the gun back from my smith (Wasn't comfortable drilling the gas port myself), hoping to get it out and test fire it tomorrow, if it runs, it's coming apart for paint.
  6. Everytime I think I have this figured out, I go and fix something that doesn't need it. Learned the lesson again.
  7. Good to know, thanks. My recoil system is done, 2.5 inch H3 buffer, 7 inch depth receiver extension, and JP Enterprises spring. Hoping the larger gas port gets this thing running again.
  8. .080 is the gas port diameter I am shooting for, yes?
  9. Wouldn't it still run if the gas block was set to run wide open? What is involved in drilling the gas port? It's an 18 inch barrel, and thanks for your input 98Z5V
  10. I had read that the gun was over gassed, in the interest of keeping the guts clean, I replaced the gas block. I at times am the master of messing with what doesn't need fixed.
  11. Yes Sir, it ran before I started messing with things.
  12. Just got done test firing my PA-10 after installing a Superlative arms adjustable gas block, correct length (12.06 inch) gas tube, and a JP enterprises carbine length polished recoil spring. The gun ran fine unmodified, replaced the H2 buffer with an H3, and it ran fine. I replaced the gas tube, block, and drive spring at the same time, and began the gas block adjustment process with the gas turned all the way off, as expected the bolt didn't move, went through the process of one turn out, and fire until it started ejecting the spent case, but the bolt wouldn't lock back, or strip another round out of the magazine. That is where progress stopped, the adjustment screw is turned all the way out, and it will eject the spend case, but will not feed or lock back. Where did I go wrong with this? It seemed pretty straightforward, but I seem to have run inti an if it's not broke, don't fix it moment. Anyone have any suggestions on getting this thing running again??? Thanks in advance Gentlemen.
  13. Thanks for the tip on Dark Storm Industries, I just ordered the correct length gas tube from there as well, no one else had the correct tube. Have a Superlative arms adjustable gas block on the way, when it shows up the whole gun is coming apart to get painted FDE, and will install the block, and tube at that time. Good luck with your build Sir!
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