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  1. I took this picture outside of my office this morning.
  2. Welcome to the forum. There is a build thread over here.
  3. Yum! Did Ricky have a brisket dedicated to the Fall shoot?
  4. Here is a link to a site with some lake city brass. I have done business with them before. https://www.outdoorlimited.com/accessories/reloading/brass/lake-city-7-62x51-nato-brass-lc76251brass-once-fired-100-pieces/
  5. They have links to Arfcom, Beretta forum and 1911 forum on different caliber cases. It looks like a marketing thing. But, the site looks fishy.
  6. Thanks for the clarification on your arrival. I do not recall them ever being associated with this forum. The search I did showed mostly positive reviews from several years. Reddit had a post from 2017 and 2021 that asked the same question as you. Maybe @shepp, @Madhouse, @imschur could shed some light on this.
  7. I found the page you were referred from. https://eastcoastreloading.com/best-seller-308-winchester/ @Matt.Cross are you familiar with this company? Anyone else have an idea why they link to the forum?
  8. Welcome to the forum. I'm not exactly why you came to a 308AR forum to ask strangers a question about a reloading company. A reloading forum would have been my first choice. However, a quick internet search shows google reviews going back 6 years.
  9. For those of you who don't think one type of smoked beef is enough.
  10. It took him 5 years to recover from the last one. It is good to see you again @AngelDeVille
  11. Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the intro.
  12. This is what I use. A few loose zip ties around the tray allows you to set the BCG over the tray to drip dry. After I move, I may change to a Tupperware tray so it can be sealable. Thanks for the idea @98Z5V
  13. This video is about the bumpstock rule reversal, but he goes into how the same arguments are being made against the frames/receivers rule and the pistol brace rule.
  14. He is still trying to source the grizzlies.
  15. Nice rifle and great shooting!
  16. Nice looking rifle! What buffer system did you use? Aero has a habit of using a lighter than needed buffer and spring. This is usually offset by a small gas port. Which leads to the question...did you measure your gas port?
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