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Help with spotting scopes


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Hi Guys    Im having trouble finding a suitable spotting scope for the 200/300 yard line at the range. I bought a konus 20x60x80 from Midway cause it had such rave reviews....our scopes on the 308's are better, you couldnt see 308 holes at 200...so sent it back...so now what guys?  Yes I do know you can spend a bunch on these spotters,but geez there should be one out there that wont break the bank say maybe 300/400 bucks?

all we wanna see is the 308  holes <dontknow>  Wash

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You might check out the 'Vortex' line of spotting scopes.  I bought a 'Vortex Nomad'  a couple of years ago from Trophy Tools at the Dallas Safari Club convention (20 minute drive from home).  I had a very nice conversation with Lon Krieger at his exhibition booth.  Lon has written a number of articles for the publications of The Dallas Safari Club and it was from reading one of these articles that I felt the need to make a specific personal visit to the convention and to the 'Trophy Tools' booth.

I bought a Vortex 20 - 60 x 60 spotting scope and a 'Scope Clamp.'  I bought the industrial strength version of the 'Scope Clamp'  because I break things real often and do not want to have to cope with broken gear at a critical moment?

Try TrophyTools.com and/or 512-618-8880.

Within the web site is a collection of 17 articles about optics used in hunting and about optical devices in general that are worth some time reading. 

I have used the  the 'Scope Clamp'  with my SLR camera and it was useful and did well.  The spotting scope got put "somewhere safe"  and I just found it again recently.  I am impressed with the image clarity of of this scope but have not used it for its intended purpose yet.

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I had seen quite a few good reviews on http://www.opticsplanet.net/celestron-spotting-scope-spotter-52291.html this one.  The clarity is amazing.  It's 50 power.  It's also 5" in diameter so it's not compact by any means.  I have yet to get it to the range but sitting on the deck looking at boats a 1/2 mile out or more I could read the numbers on the sails.

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