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Adjusting gasses


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If I'm shooting a 175 grain load @ 2255 and a 150 grain load @ 2440 (these numbers are from a program on my phone that I adjusted so the program met the real world numbers)

Which one would you adjust your gas block so that both would work with that one setting?

Since I'm running 1.5 grains more in powder on the 150 does it produce more gas?

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This post will probably end up in the reloading section.

I would adj. the gas regulator to the 175 gr . load ,because this is a gas operated system & not a recoil operated system.

1.5 grs. more of the same powder will produce a higher pressure , some what.

You also have to take into account that a heaver projectile is going to be harder to move down the barrel & may produce the same pressure as the lighter ,higher charged projectile.

Its why you have to test this stuff. Too many variables, type of chamber , barrel condition & such . Even powder type & primer type & case thickness, will give different results.

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