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A point of discussion..


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For a few years now I have been resizing all my rifle brass with SB dies and lightly taper crimping the bullet but in addition to the taper crimp I have taken a standard resize die and removed the primer punch and inside neck re size and use the outside neck size portion to lightly swage the brass evenly onto the bullet. So far I have had no pressure sighns velosity or accuracy problems. Am I over thinking this or could this be an ok idea?

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One would think you couldn't get the sizer die back over a case with a seated bullet .

The whole purpose of the sizer die is to put enough neck tension to hold the bullet & of course re-size the case to proper detentions.

I'm surprised you are even getting the cartride in there loaded.

Now , are you doing anything? Maybe ,maybe not . When seating bullets into the case do you feel resistance ? If you do ,its all the neck tension you need .

I also use SB dies & taper crimp . If you don't feel you are getting proper neck tension , there are dies you can change the neck sizing bushing to change that.

You should not have to swage the neck , putting too much neck tension on can effect accuracy.

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In the experment I sooted a dummy loaded round and miked the OAL  and neck to detect if there was some displacement or over swaging of the brass and bullet, yes if I fully pressed the round into the sizer it will over work the neck. The die was backed off and the sizer only touched at the neck and just south of the shoulder....But as you said I  got a set of adjustable taper crimp dies I could have saved myself a lot of work, Thanks for the reply I just wanted to bounce the idea around, Oh BTW I have been reloading for thirty years and I still love to tinker.

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