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BSF 308 18” barrel


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Well after a year of trying I have given up on this companies barrels in this caliber. Could not get them to shoot better then 3 MOA.  Tried many many different powders and bullet combinations with little benefit.  The company did refund me which I give credit for.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  
I put on a new unfired PSA that at worst shot 2 MOA and best load today with 4064 was .75 MOA and a SD of 3.0.  Lol. 
Again not trying to company bash. They refunded me which I’m great full for. 

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1 hour ago, 98Z5V said:

That sucks - I was wondering about this a couple weeks ago, seriously.  Move to a Wilson Combat or a Ballistic Advantage barrel, no kidding. 

Glad to hear from you again bro. Don’t know if you are referring to when we talked about this in the past when I was first putting it together or not. 
what is your experience with the two barrels you mention and Krieger?

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Couple different Wilson Combat barrels, MANY BA barrels.  Many.  I'll go for a BA barrel hands down, if they have the caliber and profile that I want, and I won't even think twice about it - those barrels deliver.  When I've hit a spot where I've needed or wanted a specific profile that BA just doesn't make, like a lightweight, I turn to Faxon.  When I hit a caliber that I can't find, Wilson Combat makes it...  I went Wilson Combat on the .260 Rem and the .338 Fed.  Both those barrels are outfuckingstanding.  That .260 barrel is crazy-accurate.  Those two barrels make me wish I'd tried other calibers that they make - but I'll never turn my back on the BA barrels, no way.  My BA Grendel barrels - nothing can touch those things. 

Krieger...   I have an old barrel from Krieger-Criterion, custom profile made by them from 10 years ago, when those two companies worked together, hand-in-hand.  It was a custom profile that they made for Fulton Armory.  That's probably the best barrel that I own.  I'd have to build way more guns up from BA barrels and Wilson Combat barrels and test them against it, to say different.  This was the final scope zero on that barrel, and I'm probably the reason that they're not all touching. Prone, bipod, no rear bag - just shooting. If you can't shoot like that, you can't shoot. IMHO.


Here's the gun I rebuilt that barrel into - all because of finding a unicorn rail. 


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