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10mm 1911


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So started out this morning, working up a couple ladders for the 10mm. Brand new starline brass, noticed it has small pistol primers, and all the data is large pistol primers. Actually may be better, the factory loads were not too kind on the large primers, looking like I was getting a bit of flow. Loaded 2 ladders, one with AA#9, and one with VV3N37. The VV I have used in .40 and quite a bit in 9MM and 9MM Major, always had good burn so used Win small pistol primers. The AA#9 only place I've used it before was magnum loads, went with Federal small pistol mag primers. Hopefully run them across the chrono next weekend. Don't have a lot of other pistol powders on the shelf to try, some tightgroup and H110, probably off the fast/ slow ends of the spectrum. 

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On 4/4/2021 at 3:26 PM, Albroswift said:

 noticed it has small pistol primers, and all the data is large pistol primers.

The 10mm was developed with large primers. When they decided to shorten the cartridge and make the 40 S&W the prototypes all had large primers but when it went into production the 40 was made with small primers. That's the first I've heard of 10mm cases with small primer pockets. I hate when the industry does crap like that, it is inconvenient as hell on a progressive reloading machine. They did the same thing with the 45 ACP and I run across those every now and then. I toss them in the trash, I don't need the headache.

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Hate sorting brass with the press.

Have a bag of the small primer 45's, not enough for a run.

The 10mm, though,  I have 200 small and 50 or 60 large so running with the small for now. The 10 seems a lot easier to spot the difference then the 45.



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Range day with the labradar and the 10mm

The AAC#9 cycled the gun and was hitting 1475 fps at not quite max load, good sd's for a pistol. No primer flow.  The 6" ported barrel made the gun comfortable to shoot even with the hot loads.

For a baseline the factory Hornady 155 xtp loads clocked at 1275 fps  .

The VV3N37 was disappointing,  the low end of the ladder wouldn't eject, acted like a single shot. Even getting close to max barely clearing the ejection port. Found some XTP specific data a little hotter, loaded 15 of those with the 3N37 and loaded 30 more of the #9 at .3 gr more  (max load) should hit 1500fps! 

Like to get the 3n37 to work, have 6 or 7 lbs of that, only 1 of the #9.






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