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Everything posted by Albroswift

  1. Cut and bent the tube this afternoon. AR cutter of course! `
  2. While I was spraying cerakote yesterday gave them a tune up
  3. Solid advice, went 3/ 18 minute flash coats at 170, stripped the stencils, and then a 2-1/2 hr cure at 175 Base coat Graphite Black, Then Snow White and Tactical Gray.
  4. I've been on the receiving end of several of the brothers' generosity, just keeping the karma somewhat in balance. All good.
  5. I'm making my own out of straight rifle length tube so if I fuk it up aint the end of the world anyway.
  6. I edited last post, 10-1/16 includes the .600
  7. Yep, center of cam to port (EDIT + .600). Double checked that after trying a 9-3/4" carbine tube that was 5/16" too short. That's what got me spinning in the first place. (that and Armalite saying their 6" hand guard was for AR15/ AR10) Looked at some posts from 2-3 years ago Willbird 11-1/8" See your post 11" on the button, Jtallen83 10-7/8" , my 11-3/16"... Last WOA order 11-1/8"...
  8. Had to go back out and check, still have have one from the last group order from WOA, 11-1/8" on the nose. The one I made was closer to 11-3/16". May be one of the reasons the barrels were $49.95. Anyway, After the re-drill to AR-15 spec above, 10-1/16"
  9. Seems like some of the first Sig barrels needed a shorter one some of the brothers were saying back before the real buying frenzy started. Let me know, all yours.
  10. I remember that, mine was actually 11-3/16. Drilled new hole to the spec on the drawing above, .295 off the shoulder, or just a little over 1" back from original location. Math works out, just getting rummy. I should assemble it completely, shoot it, then disassemble, degrease (again) , blast (again), and finish but boy that would be a lot of work! Just going to go for it. I do have extra new upper and clean new BCG so will double check with that but I think I'm good. Thanks Edit: Just double checked, 1.165" center to center so a little under 1-3/16", so 10" to 10-1/16" tube pretty close. Now I have an extra 11-1/8" to 11-3/16" tube now if anyone wants one.
  11. Gas tube strange length, 10-1/16", if I measure to the center of the cam cutout However, barrel measures 6-3/4" from shoulder to barrel extension ring. (6-7/8" back side of ring where it hits the upper) Seems to be standard length for short barrels, and the Armalite hand guard fits perfect with these numbers. Maybe the Noreen upper has the cam cutout 5/16" further back and a 9-3/4" tube is correct? I have the whole gun de-greased and blasted, hanging on hooks ready for finishes so I don't want to start banging things around and touching oily BCG's but guess I should assemble with another upper and see. Try a couple BCG's make sure the upper is usable. These 2 highlighted dimensions match my sig barrel to a tee. Edit: Last post just for conversation, a little late not thinking straight. There is no large frame standard tube for this length, only small frame. Armalite calls the hand guard AR-10/ M15 6" Carbine but can't see that it fits any of their 10's. 9-3/4" vs 10-1/16" sounds quite similar to the 11-3/4" vs 12-1/16" tube for midlength (or AR10 Carbine?). AR-10® / M-15™ 6” BLACK CARBINE HANDGUARD WITH DOUBLE HEAT SHIELD
  12. Made some headway on the upper, fitted the RRA carry handle and drilled the gas port
  13. Turned these out to align 12:00 on a barrel in relation to the pin for drilling a new gas port. Bet they will work good for several other barrel operations, going to add set screws to lock things up, can easily flip barrel 90 or 180 with perfect relation to the pin. The 5/8-24 threads aint my best work but aligned and centered, should have bored a little bigger before running the inside threading tool. (Really could have just done a 5/8 bore without threads.)
  14. I'm going to make one of the shoots, but this year hunting season blends right into a Mexico trip so no bueno. Maybe spring. Brother is trying a few out in his 45 Zombie Killer this weekend. I'll send you a couple to try out if you want. Not trying to compete with Slash or anything big time, just having fun making chips.
  15. Rotating bolt delay?
  16. x Kindergartners with color crayons compared to Rouge Gunn Works stuff but not bad for drunk retards.
  17. When the zombies attack those without one will be sorry! I give him +1 on the WTF scale, +2 on the cool factor. +3 for barbed wire camo. -1 for doubting that I bored the cookie cutter, hee hee hee...
  18. Brother came over this afternoon and finished up his zombie killer in 45 ACP. Not bad for the short bus crew... New Frontier Armory Slick side upper and lower, KVP BCG and barrel, Anderson LPK, 308 Cookie Cutter bored to 45 ACP, SBA brace, Sight Mark Laser and red dot. After I melted his last grip he lost faith in my cerakoting ability and left the last few parts black. I'm thinking the Cookie Cutter should irritate the fuk out of any fudds at the line. Like to put one on a 300 WBY or Ultra Mag just for fun.
  19. Any idea how hot an AR plastic hand guard can go? is 250 deg f too much heat?
  20. New Frontier Armory has 12.5" and 16" barrels in stock, just grabbed a 12.5" for a future build. Already have a lower and maybe an upper, if not plenty of regular uppers laying around. .
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