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  1. At my age I value a good BM every day. Not only does it give me quiet time to contemplate the day ahead, but it makes my RN wife happy!
  2. Alright! My first appearance in several months and I managed to hijack a major thread! Awesome!!! Sorry @98Z5V, I'll go back to my corner now.😞
  3. Cortisone is a different shot, that's a steroid shot. After my first one it didn't do a damn thing for me. The lubrication shots are something altogether different, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. My insurance (a Medicare Advantage plan) covers the shots, I just have to pay a $35 copay for seeing a specialist. My knee surgery was only $175!
  4. I sailed through my Covid vacs too. Just to make you feel a little better, I've had a fukkin headache for two weeks now, it's one of the symptoms of shingles. It has seemed to ease off over the last few days though.
  5. Yeah, this crap has severely limited what I can do, and my times are so slow on stages at the local matches that require any kind of movement it's pathetic. If he can't get me back close to normal with the cleanup surgery and lubrication shots then I'm going to push for a joint replacement. Right now, I can't do anything that I have to get down on my knees for. You never realize just how much you do a certain thing while going through a normal day until you can't do it!
  6. Damn Doc, you're really up on this! He gave me a nerve medication but I didn't know what it was. Just went and looked and yup, It's gabapentin! The antiviral is valacyclovir. Mayra said it hasn't spread anymore and the lighter spots on my back and chest are fading away.
  7. Thanks for all the well wishes guys, it means a lot to me!
  8. My surgeon wants to put the right knee off as long as possible but said it will most likely be within the next 4 or 5 years. The left one has osteoarthritis too but it's not as bad as the right one. I have a friend that I've shot USPSA with for a couple of decades who had bilateral knee replacement. He told me "Whatever you do, DON"T do both of them at the same time!"
  9. Do it brother! Do it NOW! This schit sucks, and mine is apparently a milder case. I thought about getting the shingles vaccine and the pneumonia vaccine about a month ago and didn't do it. I am sorry I put it off.
  10. As soon as the bumps started popping up my wife said it was shingles and was on the phone with my doc, she has his cell phone number. He had here send a couple of pics and then immediately sent prescriptions to my pharmacy. This schit has popped up on the left side of my lower face, neck behind my ear into my hair and a little on my back and chest. I started the antiviral within a couple of hours of getting diagnosed. The skin where ever this has popped up is kind of numb and I have been blessed to not really have any itching or burning. I am damn glad I didn't get it around my waist, I hear that can be a real biotch!
  11. Well, it sounds like this year's fall shoot was a big success! I don't know if Doc told you all why I couldn't make it (aside from the fact that I was in Albuquerque with my wife for a class she went to), but I am recovering from knee surgery. Not a knee replacement (although that is definitely happening before it's all over with). The doc went in and cleaned up the meniscus on both sides and told me that I'm already bone on bone in a couple of spots. This is my right knee and Rene can attest to this, a lot of the damage was from kick starting Harleys over the years. The left knee is in considerably better shape. I've had a hard time just walking very far for over a year and a half now. So, here I am limping around and at the first of the week my neck starts bothering me and it works it's way down to my shoulder. I figure I slept wrong and pinched a nerve, I've done that several times. Not so lucky this time! Yesterday I started getting getting bumps on the back of my neck and my personal nurse called my doc and sent him pics. I have fukkin shingles! FML!!!!
  12. Well guys, the drawing is over and once again the members here struck out.😞 Some guy in California won the drawing. I'm not sure if the gun is good to go in that state or not. At any rate, I really want to thank all of you who participated in this years drawing for your support! Because of you we are able to help the families of fallen officers through a very hard time. As a retired officer, that means a lot to me! I'm honored to be a part of this forum!
  13. Thanks for the heads up brother! I just PM'ed him.
  14. We decided we're too damn old to be trying to build another house. We also made a $26k profit on it after sitting on it for 3 years. The issue with the conex isn't moving it, my buddy has a 14K lb rated rollback trailer I can use to get it. The issue is the buyer of the property (realtors apparently had a buyer lined up when we closed) cut my fukkin locks off and put his on. I had an agreement with the real estate company that I had 30 days to empty the conex and move it after closing. Apparently the new owner thinks it's his! The realtor is straightening it out with the new owner (supposedly) and I'm going to go over there in the next day or two and get it whether they new owner has taken his locks off or not. FUKK HIM! I did get my stuff out of the conex before the dipschit changed locks on me.
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