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  1. It's even better from here in S.W. New Mexico!
  2. That's what you get at your first SDSF attendance. You don't get a full patch until you make the second one AND shoot past 300 yards AND either bring some good food or whiskey for everyone! And yeah, there are several of us who are already grandfathered in!
  3. My budget 38 Super; It started out as a Rock Island Armory basic model like this;
  4. Here's basically what I started with, a Rock Island Armory 38 Super that a friend of mine picked up on a trade and let me have for $200; I had the grips and trigger on my bench and picked up a few more parts from Brownells. Fitted everything and did a relief cut under the trigger guard and checkered the frontstrap and did a nice 4# trigger job on it. Trigger group is all RIA parts except for the Commander hammer, and they cleaned up really well for a great trigger pull. I did a quick black parkerizing job on it (functional as hell but not real pretty) and put it all back together. This is the finished gun with about $400 total in it; I hadn't even shot it after I parkerized it and reassembled it. Matt got to break it in for me! That RIA barrel seems to be really accurate.
  5. It's hit or miss, my Matrix upper will fit in my DPMS lower and hand cycle but my Diamondback upper won't close all the way in my DPMS lower. Both of those uppers are Armalite pattern.
  6. Did you see the C5 Galaxies sitting on the other side of Kolb Rd.? BTW, you were within a mile of my son's house!
  7. That sounds similar to this guy's gun, right at 3:00;
  8. I've used small pistol primers and magnum small pistol primers interchangeably for years. Never had a problem and yes, I've done it with powders other than ball powders! As Tom would say, comparing apples to hammers there Mike! You're referring to rifle cases and an issue that cropped up with the original M-16s used in Vietnam and hasn't been a problem for decades now. Nothing to do with pistol reloads!
  9. Ask @Matt.Cross about my 'budget' 38 Super, he got to break it in a couple of weekends ago.
  10. Another thing about the Armalite based Matrix receivers that no one has brought up is that at different times the uppers were threaded for either DPMS or Armalite barrel nuts. If the vendor can't tell you which one it's threaded for then it's a toss up what you'll get. If I remember right, the earlier ones were DPMS thread and the later ones were Armalite thread.
  11. Pima Co. AZ is damn near as bad Dirk. I don't have to pay the school district schit (at least not directly) but my "traffic impact fees" which is called a "developmental impact fee" here is going to cost me about $5000!
  12. This right here is what popped into my head reading your description.
  13. If the bolt won't close on the 'Go' gauge then yes, a gunsmith can ream the chamber just a little more to correct that. That is an undersized chamber. If the bolt closes on the 'No Go' gauge then it's an oversized chamber and needs to go back to the manufacturer.
  14. Yup, if your gunsmith says he fixed it and didn't do something like changing the bolt then he's inventing charges to gouge you with. If the chamber is oversized then the barrel needs to go back to the manufacturer.
  15. Aaaaannnnnddd THIS is what we're famous for! Blowing a topic completely off the rails!!!!! Happens all the time her brother!
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