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  1. Thanks for the heads up brother! I just PM'ed him.
  2. We decided we're too damn old to be trying to build another house. We also made a $26k profit on it after sitting on it for 3 years. The issue with the conex isn't moving it, my buddy has a 14K lb rated rollback trailer I can use to get it. The issue is the buyer of the property (realtors apparently had a buyer lined up when we closed) cut my fukkin locks off and put his on. I had an agreement with the real estate company that I had 30 days to empty the conex and move it after closing. Apparently the new owner thinks it's his! The realtor is straightening it out with the new owner (supposedly) and I'm going to go over there in the next day or two and get it whether they new owner has taken his locks off or not. FUKK HIM! I did get my stuff out of the conex before the dipschit changed locks on me.
  3. Got it brother! I will get caught up and get you your ticket numbers in the next day or so. We sold our property in AZ and I'm dealing with a poop show getting my 20' shipping container off the property.
  4. I decided not to post the ticket numbers on the open forum, I figured if I did @DNP would go find some voodoo witch to hex them!
  5. Got it! Sent you a PM with your ticket numbers. Thank you brother!
  6. I really hope so, you guys have supported this for several years and you're overdue!
  7. Just want to give you all a heads up, I am in and out of town right now and throughout the month of March, but I WILL get back to every one of you if I haven't already. I don't want you all to think I skipped town!
  8. Got it Doc! PM'ed you tour ticket numbers. Thank you!
  9. I dunno, does that mean my wife would have to handle everyone's but yours or are you okay with me just wearing rubber gloves when I handle everyone else's tickets. If I have to involve the wife it will cost you more, a LOT more! It would involve having to take her to dinner, probably several times a week, which isn't cheap ya know. BTW, if you opt for the rubber glove treatment, they have to be non-latex, I have a severe reaction to latex just so you know. Mayra isn't working at the hospital anymore so I will have to buy my own damn gloves, the cost, of course, would have to be passed on to you.
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