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  1. I don't even mess with the lighter (I would burn something down) I just shoot them down with the carb cleaner. It knocks them right out of the air and they drop like a rock! Lots of fun!!!
  2. No, but considering the circumstances we did pretty good, we sold around 600 of the 1000 we had.
  3. Well, the drawing is done and I hate to say it but a couple of local people won both of the guns!😕 There were a lot of tickets purchased by members here and I had high hopes of one of these guns going to someone here but it didn't happen. I really want to thank all of you who purchased tickets for the support you've shown this years and over the last several years, it means a lot to me and the generosity of the people here is just amazing! Unlike most years, we didn't get to do our Fallen Officer Run because of the Wuhan flu and this raffle was the only fundraiser we had. It was even hard to sell tickets because of they present situation, but you guys really stepped up. THANK YOU!!!
  4. Here's what came up when I did a search for AR 30 cal. BCG's; https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/bolt-carrier-groups/index.htm?avs|Cartridge_1=AAK_30%2bCaliber%2b(xzzx308) Those people need to do some work on their website search feature apparently! So, I went back and found that if you scroll down there's another option for 308 BCG's! Why would there be a need for two different categories with two different results? I still think they need work on their website!
  5. Oh, and by the way Belt Fed...............
  6. Well, there you go Tom, mark one off the Unsolved Mysteries books!
  7. Nah, I think your daddy came from the Himilayas, was 6' 10" and weighed about 500 lbs. Seriously!
  8. Not on sale now, they don't even show them on the website!
  9. Fukker is an internet ninja!!!
  10. I have to put mine in the garage!
  11. Happy birthday you old coot! You are one old MF'er, but I'm 11 months older!
  12. That's not a malfunction brother, that's a premature ejaculation!
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