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  1. If the bolt won't close on the 'Go' gauge then yes, a gunsmith can ream the chamber just a little more to correct that. That is an undersized chamber. If the bolt closes on the 'No Go' gauge then it's an oversized chamber and needs to go back to the manufacturer.
  2. Yup, if your gunsmith says he fixed it and didn't do something like changing the bolt then he's inventing charges to gouge you with. If the chamber is oversized then the barrel needs to go back to the manufacturer.
  3. Aaaaannnnnddd THIS is what we're famous for! Blowing a topic completely off the rails!!!!! Happens all the time her brother!
  4. The only computer is the Hemi 6 and all it does is control the firing of the spark plugs, it is stand alone, no link to the fuel system. The new Hemi doesn't have a provision for a fuel pump so there's an electric fuel pump back by the fuel tank but all fuel management is in the carb. It's simple old school schit!
  5. MSD Ignitions out of El Paso makes their 'Hemi 6' controller for the late model Hemis, it's a plug and play controller for the ignition coils since the new Hemis don't have a distributor. You plug it into the coils and the cam sensor, hook up a 'battery' wire, an 'ignition' wire and a 'ground' wire and you're good to go. It's programmable but I just left mine with the factory ignition curve in place. I sold the factory computer and wiring harness to some guy on Ebay for $150!
  6. You and me both brother! That's why I have an Edelbrock 750 on that late model 5.7 Hemi in the Cuda! Thank God they make carb manifolds for those engines!
  7. Those are known as 'Ah Schit' parts and are closely related to 'Jesus clips' which are those little bitty hairpin clips used on the litle linkage rods on carburetors. I know, some of you don't even know what the fukk a carburetor is, and I don't want to hear it!
  8. The nuts all fit the different tubes. You need to measure the smooth part of the tube with caliper to get a true diameter. 1.148 = mil-spec diameter 1.168 = commercial diameter
  9. My son lives there and works at Davis-Monthan, civilian contractor working on F_16's. He's got 3 boys of his own, a 4 year old and two 2 year olds. We are over there a lot and have property nearby. We are available if help is needed.
  10. Next question, does this count????? (Tryin to bail you out billymagg!)
  11. You and me both brother! Not even with my finger all healed up!
  12. It sizes the base of the brass a little bit smaller and it sizes down just a bit closer to the extractor groove (smaller radius entrance to the die). I've never really had a problem with .223 but I HAVE had issues with .308!
  13. I would agree with that assumption and anything going through a semiauto should be sized with small base dies also.
  14. If you're loading for an AR platform always go for the SB (small base) dies whenever possible! Most of my die sets are Lee now. You can't beat the price and I really like their Factory Crimp Die for .223 and .308.
  15. Welcome from S.W. New Mexico and S.E. Arizona (Vail) in the not too distant future! That was a hell of an introduction post but it's for certain @98Z5V won't have to waterboard you to get build info! That's a great looking build and sounds like it's rock solid too!
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