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  1. And that right there is why we keep stressing to people that the AR-10 is only made by Armalite and your S&W M&P10 (or DPMS or whatever other manufcturer) is NOT an AR-10!
  2. My shooting buddy has the Taurus, he bought it because it has a double stack mag, more capacity. He loves that thing and says he's never had a problem with it. It has the threaded barrel and he has a suppressor for it. That thing is a hoot suppressed!
  3. A folded paper towel (those brown ones they put in the dispensers) and painters tape works too! I sliced the side of my finger open at the hospital (I was installing some picture frames in the hallway) and went looking for my wife after I bandaged it with said paper towels and tape. When she looked at it she said "alright, lets go to the ER!" and I said "Fukk that! Last time I went in there (3 stitches in my thumb) it cost me $100 copay! Just superglue it or I'll put the paper towel back on!" She superglued it (Dermabond) and wrapped it and put one of those aluminum splints on it and I went back to work. $0 cost. Yeah, I'm a cheap bastard!
  4. That statement is self explanatory, most AZ Newbies are from Cali!
  5. THAT is the exact situation here in New Mexico! We are blue because of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and only because of them!
  6. Travis is a fukkin machine! Used to be another kid in USPSA that was like that too, Heath Parsons. Heath's dad said he discovered girls and lost interest. That was a shame.
  7. Well, if you post off topic you are gonna fit in just fine around here! Pretty much 99% of the topics here get derailed if they go on for any length of time, just stick around and you'll see! Welcome from New Mexico.
  8. That's a beautiful car! Column shift is kinda rare for that particular setup!
  9. I can't imagine what I would do with 100 of any of those parts!
  10. This is going to be a pretty cool build once you get it all sorted out! How are you planing on securing the front handguard cap in place?
  11. That's just how it is here brother!
  12. You really don't know much about this, you don't even have the name right, it's PLATT, not Pratt! Cliff seems to be pretty well versed on the incident and IMO knows what he's talking about. @Cliff R the agents killed were Ben Grogan and Jerry Dove. My Captain was very good friends with Ben Grogan, he was stationed in Albuquerque at one point in his career and my Captain worked some stuff with him. I've studied the shootout quite a bit and have been to the site. It was a game changer for all of law enforcement in this country.
  13. Your wife doesn't get on this forum, does she?
  14. Beautiful '69 there brother! My 70 Barracuda is in the shop being painted right now. When I get it back it's getting new repro seat covers and carpet. I can't wait to start cruising that car again.
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