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  1. A Colorado woman after my own heart --FYI .......in case you have not seen this, it's from a woman who lives on a small horse ranch in Western Colorado & is married to a US Marine. Her son is a US Marine & there are other US Marines + one USAF grandson in her family tree, but evidently she is the only singer. This lady has a really good voice, and she's using it... and a really good idea! The latest Colorado country song. Hope it becomes #1 Click on below https://www.youtube.com/embed/x2G3wGVAnlQ
  2. Same here, if it's not in the safe it's loaded and ready to go!
  3. Boy, ain't THAT the truth! The dilemma is when you have both side by side! Under those circumstances I'd do my best to put the curvy one in my lap while I started at the other one!
  4. Damn that's nice Ron! I like the 18" barrel better than the 24" one JT posted up. That thing will look awesome with the camo Cerakote!
  5. No worries, she's kinda proud of being small. And yeah, she's like a stick of dynamite. I don't even want to get into how I know THAT!
  6. Damn nice build brother! You planning on getting an AAC can?
  7. His original profession was watchmaker, probably where the perfectionist part came from. His guns are amazing!
  8. I loved my job and wanted to go back after I retired. My wife said "Not no but HELL no!" Been retired for over 17years now but I still miss it. A big THANK YOU! to all my brothers and sisters who are still out there doing the dirty work!
  9. Dion, thank you for the service you provided! Hang tough and get your life back on track brother!
  10. I I'll be in Tucson in about a week and a half. I'll run up to Maricopa and pick them up! I'll show them the love they've been missing!
  11. Don't worry, I think I used up all my mojo, I haven't won jack schit for the last couple of years!
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