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  1. We were going to buy from Jeff Couch's too. We went online and spec'd out our XLR Nitro and got a price from them. It was something like 20K below MSRP! The only reason we ended up buying one from Camping World of El Paso was because they just happened to have one on the lot spec'd out the same as what we wanted plus it had the 3rd A/C in the back and it was the same price as the one from Jeff Couch's would have been with delivery fees. What are you getting?
  2. Speak for yourself MrMack, I still have most of my hair!
  3. I'm retired brother. I started with a used Second Chance issued to me when I started in 1980. Later I bought my own. Wore them religiously on duty!
  4. Grip safeties can be the shits to fit! Right now, I think Madhouse is focusing on the thumb safety issue. This is extremely hard to diagnose without the gun in hand, you're dealing with some very intricate fitting of several small parts there. Is this a new build with all new parts? I recently fitted a new safety in a new build and ran across a similar issue. In all the years of smithing 1911s I've never had this one pop up. It was doing the same thing you describe. There is a small scallop cut just above the protrusion on the thumb safety (the part you have to file to fit) that engages the sear when applied. That scallop lets the bottom corner of the sear move back when the safety is in the down position. The safety I was fitting (a Bill Wilson ambi) was causing the problem you described. Turned out the scallop hadn't been cut deep enough to allow the bottom of the sear to come back far enough to disengage the hammer notch. A couple of swipes with a 1/8" carbide bit in the Dremel to deepen that notch solved that issue. It didn't take much. Take the grip safety off and reassemble the gun with the thumb safety and you can see in there to kind of get an idea what is taking place. This will also rule out any chance of the grip safety being part of the issue.
  5. Yup! I told my wife and my kids to cremate my azz and then get all my friends together at the bar and put my ashes container on the bar. Everyone drink, enjoy themselves and tell stories about when I was still around. My youngest son knows what to do with my ashes afterwards.
  6. Not the only slings I've ever owned but they are the only slings I own now! And yeah, I've taken advantage of Jacob's custom services twice now. No disappointments! Dammit, y'all just reminded me that I'm short about 3 slings for my last several builds!☹️
  7. May not be relevant, but when I was my P.D.'s armorer I didn't clean other officers' guns. If they brought a gun to me with a problem and it was dirty I always told them to go clean the thing and bring it back. Cops are some of the worst at cleaning their weapons!
  8. 392heminut


    THAT right there! ^^^^^
  9. Lane, it's because the military type weapons are the media darlings right now. I remember back about 30 years ago it WAS all about the handguns! Funny thing is, back then it seemed like there were a lot of handguns but not many military style rifles. Now, there are so many military type weapons out there you could throw a dead cat and hit someone who owns one every time! They go after the what's most prolific.
  10. Have you actually chronographed ANY of these rounds? I've never heard of anyone being able to determine muzzle velocities by reading primer strikes!
  11. Now, how the hell would you have any idea what I know? Just because I'm a retired LEO you think that that is where all my knowledge comes from! I've known several 1%ers for years and been close friends with them. Suffice it to say, I've had a lot of inside info over the years, probably a LOT more than you have! You shouldn't make assumptions about someone else's knowledge!
  12. We have a couple of those crop dusters that work out of our airport here. If you've ever seen those orange basketball looking globes on power lines and wondered what that was all about, they are so the crop dusters can see where the power lines are.
  13. NOT true! The outlaw clubs have a patch that is specific to killing someone for the club but it's not the 1% patch. This is how the 1% patch came to be; https://www.patches4less.com/blog/history-of-biker-patches "Later, following a 1947 riot at an event in Hollister, California, in which a number of bikers got out of control and caused an uproar, the AMA reportedly issued a statement that 99% of their members were law-abiding citizens and only 1% were outlaws. From that point on, any biker who identified with the outlaw image labeled themselves as a one percenter. To this day, the 1% patch remains an iconic symbol among bikers, even though the AMA has declared this story to be apocryphal." The 1% patch basically means you are in that 1% of society that doesn't conform to or recognize the laws of this country.
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