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  1. The next couple of elections here in New Mexico might be very interesting! Hopefully, by the second one (4 years) I will be in AZ though.
  2. Just one of the reasons I'm moving to AZ! New Mexico is steadily falling to the liberal puzzies!
  3. Dammit Albroswift, you got me jonesing for a .40 S&W carbine now! I just got done building a 9mm! ๐Ÿ˜  I built the 9mm because I got the wife started shooting an M&P 9mm in Carry Optics Division in USPSA and figured what the hell, might as well have an AR in 9mm too. I shoulda known the .40 bug would bite me though, I shoot an STI 2011 hicap in .40 in USPSA Limited and just recently bought an STI Trojan 1911 in .40. I broke the news to my wife and she's a bit undewhelmed to say the least!
  4. I had the same problem with my Matrix build. I had an Anderson barrel in it and damn near had to mortar the thing to eject a live round and it was still a problem after several 100 rounds. Barrel wouldn't shoot for schit either, 98 saw the crap groups it shot at the desert shoot a couple of years ago. Taking his advice, I bought a Faxon barrel and swapped it out. accuracy problem solved and live rounds ejected just fine. I took the Anderson barrel to a gunsmith friend of mine (didn't have anything to loose with it at that point) and he ran his chamber reamer through it. Said it was definitely undersized, mostly in the neck area. That's probably why the primers in the fired cases from that barrel where flattened more than from my other 308 AR (sign of high pressure). He said a loaded round would chamber much easier than before and the headspace was still good. I haven't put the barrel in anything yet to see if it groups any better but I don't have much hope on that front, I don't think a tight chamber would have much effect on groups.
  5. Damn nice barbecue gun there brother! (I'm a little jealous!)
  6. Sounds good to me, I can always scrounge up the other stuff!
  7. Actually, I'm switching some stuff around and want to go back to the A-2 style stock on my LR 308.
  8. I had one lying around once upon a time, but I gave it to Unforgiven!
  9. Brother, that doesn't surprise me at all. A little birdie told me that you had a spare hammer pin lying around that turned into an AR!!!
  10. I can send it to any FFL in the U.S. If your FFL is in Tucson I can hand deliver it to him!๐Ÿ˜
  11. With all you guys changing out A-1 & A-2 stocks for adjustable stocks I'm sure one of you has a setup you would part with cheap! I need the whole assembly. stock, buffer tube, buffer and spring. If it's off an AR-15 I can go with just the stock and buffer tube and get my own buffer and spring. What ya got?
  12. Got it brother, do you want me to send you your tickets or just let you know if you won?
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