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  1. My garage looks damn near this bad! Last week my wife said something about tackling the mess in the garage on the weekend. I employed deflection BIG time! Early Saturday morning I took her to WalMart and got potting soil, seeds and tomato plants. When we got back I got out my little electric cultivator and broke up the dirt in her garden plot and mixed in the potting soil. Got all that schit done by noon Saturday. Spent the rest of the weekend reloading and going to the range. Garage still looks the same!
  2. Empty case=fired case brother. If it wasn't resized yet that would explain that.
  3. The first run, 6" barrels, was 3,000 and sold out within 2 weeks The second run of 3,000 is supposed to be 4" barrels and was supposed to come out around this time. I've heard of a few showing up at dealers but that's about it. I'm buying a 4" but not until supply catches up with demand and the street price drops below MSRP, which is $1499! I'm holding out for $1300, I'm a patient man!😁
  4. It's been my experience that squib loads that were just powered by a primer (no powder) are usually really black inside of the empty case. This was from seeing squibs back in the 80's. The primers left really black residue without any gunpowder to burn it off. The primers nowadays might be a lot cleaner so I don't know if that is still the case.
  5. I agree! The virus panic doesn't have anything to do with the 'new' Python, most of the idiots that are panicking don't even know about the new Python. The inflated prices for it are due to it being a new version of an old classic and a limited release and has nothing to do with the current firearms/ammo panic. You are right about the pendulum swinging the other way though, wait it out and the street prices WILL drop below MSRP. I kind of figure it will probably be around the middle of next year when that happens.
  6. 392heminut

    Owl release

    Back in the day we used to do the PD firearms qualifications in a pit that the city landfill guys had dug out. One morning I'm running a firing line and the whole dirt bank colapsed, exposing two of those burrowing owls! Those birds were PISSED!
  7. California is a BIG reason I have a 36 gallon auxiliary fuel tank in my truck! I can get in and back out of the state without having to buy a drop of diesel in fuel!
  8. What the hell does that have to do with the release of the new Colt Python??!!!!
  9. Sounds like some got through the reloading process without any powder. Being in a hot environment won't cause that and I've never heard of a high humidity environment ever causing problems. I've seen ammo that had been submerged in water shoot just fine.
  10. You know Dirk, to do fast draw properly you have to replace the barrel on that gun with an aluminum barrel and heat and bend the hammer spur almost straight up!😁 Back in the 80's I was friends with a guy named Bob Dudley who lived her in Deming. He had a world record of some sort in fast draw. Looking at him you would have never suspected he was into fast draw, he looked like an old, bald headed school teacher or librarian! Never saw him wear any sort of western type clothing or hats! He could draw and fan 5 shots that sounded like one shot!😲
  11. Ejector or extractor? BIG difference there!
  12. Dion, throw whatever you have left all together and let me know what you want for it all. I'll take it!
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