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  1. Actually it's good for 16,000 rifles initially if you read the article!
  2. 392heminut

    Bolt Action AR uppers

    I have wondered about THAT^^^^ right there for many years. When I first got into AR's back in the early 80's I thought it was odd that the lower receiver had the serial # instead of the upper!
  3. You referring to my friend Charlie and his armor piercing round?
  4. 392heminut

    Concealed Carry

    Most of the time I carry a Smith M&P shield in 40 S&W in an El Paso Saddlery holster just behind my strong side hip. I USED to keep an AR close at hand too but it's something like 280 miles away right now! 😳 @98Z5V
  5. 392heminut

    308 Recoil system

    Damn, I hadn't even thought of that! Good info there Kiwi!
  6. 392heminut

    A bit of guidance please

    The 3 platforms are Armalite, DPMS, and Rock River, with the DPMS platform being the most common.
  7. 392heminut

    LaRue MBT for $87 Through July 4th and Beyond!

    Dammit! I have two of his triggers sitting on the bench that haven't gone into anything yet. NOW I gotta buy one or two MORE!
  8. 392heminut

    New Truck ( to me )

    I had a 99 ram that I sold in 2011 that didn't have a spot of rust on it but like I said, it's usually not an issue down here.
  9. 392heminut

    New Truck ( to me )

    Rust isn't an issue down here though, love my Ram!
  10. 392heminut

    New Truck ( to me )

    double post
  11. 392heminut

    New Truck ( to me )

    You two fukkers live in some of the worst places in the country for corrosion! The crap they put on the roads there in the winters would corrode tupperware!
  12. 392heminut

    I won something !

    My son Josh has one. I hate shooting that thing, it stomps the schit outta me! But then again, after shooting that damn 458 SOCOM of yours I don't guess a coach gun would even faze you brother!
  13. 392heminut

    I won something !

    Way to go SS! Of course you know............the reason you won is because you hang out here with me!
  14. I've handled several Rock Island Armory/ARMSCOR pistols and been pretty impressed with the fit and finish of them. Damn nice pistols for the money!
  15. 392heminut

    New Truck ( to me )

    Nice truck SS!