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  1. Shooting that much ammo in such a lackadaisical manner these days is impressive! What would really be impressive is if you have the stuff to reload it all again!
  2. i agree! Plus, it's an excellent reason to buy another gun!
  3. Nice! I have an RIA in 38 Super and my son just got my grandson one in 9mm. I have to say, I'm really impressed with these RIA 1911's, you can't beat them for the price!
  4. This same meme was posted here several years ago with Tom's name in it. Go figure!
  5. Why guess? Stick a tape measure inside it and get the exact measurement.
  6. Outside measurements of the buffer tube don't tell us anything. It's the inside depth that matters.
  7. Everything on their website shows out of stock.
  8. Dude, I don't think your gears EVER quit turning!
  9. I'm sure that wheelgun has a bore sized for the standard .451 diameter 45 ACP bullets. The old revolvers chambered for 45 ACP almost always had bores sized for the .454 diameter of 45 Colt bullets. That .003 difference makes a big difference in accuracy!
  10. It's the torque that makes diesel engines so amazing.
  11. Yup, I've used starting fluid several times.
  12. I have one too that was originally on my DPMS LR308. I'm sure it will end up on another build sooner or later. I really like those stocks.
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