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Redding body sizer die

Steve crawford

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Will a Redding body sizer die work for loading AR-15 and LR-308 rifles.  I know that I will have to have one of each caliber.  Use the body die to resize the base and neck size or full length size for the neck and shoulder.  I can't find just small base dies for either caliber.  I don't want to have to buy a complete new set of dies for each of them. Will I have to use the body die once I have fired the brass once in the guns?




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I'm sure you can do it with the dies, sounds like some  extra work, and yes I would FL size each time reloading in any autoloader. I have a small base die for the 308, only use it on gravelpit ammo, don't ever really seem to need one on any other calibers. Your results may vary. 


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Thanks that is about what I thought.  Now I am waiting on my ammo check blocks I bought.  Both are AGW brand one from Amazon that said shipped then got a message from seller that there inventory was off by one and manufacture was OOS also .  I checked EGW and they had ones for 5.56 but OOS on the 223.  Only difference is the 5.56 has a slightly longer throat but same COL .  I E-Mailed the seller and said that I would take the 5.56 instead if he could get it.   I got 500 once fired (maybe) cases for each gun.  Looked good after I tumbled them for 4 hours in steel media.  The 5.56 were very random about the effort to size them.  I swaged the primer pocket sized and trimmed the 5.56.  Just tumbled the 308 .Have to change from the Lee Classic Turret to the Redding T-7 for the 308.  That thing is very heavy to lift from under my loading bench.      Have I said that it S**KS getting old.🥵🥵🥵


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