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Bolt specs?


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I just got my new BA 16" barrel  government profile today, and I went to check headspace, with the bolt extractor and ejector removed. I tried the go gauge and the bolt would turn and lock up, a bit sloppy though. Then on the No-go gauge it will at first not close but with a bit of wobbling the bolt it will then lock in tightly and slightly rotate as well. 
I am wondering if anyone has the dimensions of the LR-308, DPMS profile bolt. I am thinking that this bolt is out of spec or the wrong profile, not DPMS. 

Here are some pics of the headspace gauges that I purchased and also of the bolt. I marked A. for bolt face depth, B. for locking lug width, C. for locking lug length. Would like all the dimensions of a DPMS profile bolt please if anyone has them. Thank you. 

I am still thinking this BCGs bolt is out of spec, or isn't the correct profile for this barrel, 16" .308 TACTICAL GOVERNMENT MIDLENGTH AR 308 BARREL, MODERN SERIES. 



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39 minutes ago, Lr-308FUn said:

I am thinking that this bolt is out of spec or the wrong profile, not DPMS. 

Doesn't have to be out of spec to see what you have. Just a barrel on one side of the tolerance and a bolt on the other. I have run into similar, field gauge showed it serviceable but that's supposed to be fore heavily used weapons. I have a few different spare bolts so have been able to swap bolts around to get a nice tight fit when I see the problem, twice out of maybe a dozen rifles. 

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Okay, I am new to this 308 AR builds, I did one about 2 years ago and didn't have any of these issues. I will check it with the other BCG I am getting tomorrow and see if its the same or perhaps right on. I am thinking with what you provided that this BCG might be AR10 spec instead of 308 AR. It is a tight fit to get it to lock up on the no go gauge, I do have the extractor and ejector removed. I had to take the barrel back off cause I forgot to headspace before barrel before assembly. 

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