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Fulton Armory Quad Handguard info

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Hello all, just got in my Fulton 12" quadrail in the mail and went to install it on a 16" Oracle.  Alot of people including Fulton where saying either a strap wrench or modifying the DPMS barrel nut wrench would be needed.  The Fulton barrel nut that I got had no fitment problems at all on the DPMS side of the wrench.  Although I did have a little trouble, nothing too major.

1) The low pro gasblock I got wasnt small enough.  Have to order another one but kinda wasted $45 on that one.  The height isnt the problem, it's how close the barrel is to the rail itself leaving very little clearance on the bottom side of the barrel.  Smaller one ordered.

2) Since the clearance from the gas block to the handguard itself is so tight, the unit has to be put in place first.  Then you can install the gasblock.  This rail is ment for a mid-lenght gas system...  I have a carbine length lol.  The cutout on the bottom side for the set screws through the handguard for tightening the gas block is mid leaving me no where to tighten the gas block once installed on the rifle.  Going to have to measure and make my own carbine lenght access hole for this. 

3) If this handguard is going on a newer style DPMS, then the rails on the handguard are a tad higher.  If you hae the older style then it would be perfect, but in my case I could care less.  I wanted to figure this thing out and wanted to push my bipod further down the barrel.  But I hope it helps anyone who researchs this in the future because it was a learning experience for me also.


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Info on the rail, itself:  Made by Yankee Hill, for Fulton Armory.  Height of rail is a direct match up for Fulton stripped uppers.  Fulton Armory does not carry "spare parts" for these rails.  Yankee Hill will not sell you parts for these rails, but instead will refer you back to Fulton Armory for help.  Crazy circle...

Moral of this story - don't break any of the rail parts.  <thumbsup> <laughs>

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