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Joined in 2020 - Back


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Hey - I was one of the guys who started a build back early in 2020 and I guess there was a flood of us noobs and it was sort of chaotic, complicated by the fact that I had an 80% lower and guys were hesitant to talk to me out of concern that they may be advising me to do something illegal

But my build has been successful, and recently I bought an Aero lower to match my M5 upper that is on my build.

I'm a CA resident, which tends to put a twist on things.

Anyhow my new build will be legal and CA compliant, when the lower is delivered.

I'm contemplating buying a second upper since I have 2 barrels and swapping barrels back and forth onto just one upper was a PITA.

Thinking about a side charging upper assembly - I know there are pros/cons - But with a CA compliant fixed mag it may simplify things, especially when the bolt locks back on empty mag ... Still undecided on which compliance system to go with but starting with fixed mag - UGH

Anyhow - Greetings from The North Woods

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Interesting  -  Thanks

There's still the issue of having to remove the magazine baseplate to clear a double feed jam, if fixed mag is someone's choice for a compliance system.

But that's a topic for a different discussion.

I'd move to another state but I like the ocean and I'm driving a car that I finished paying for 25  yrs ago


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