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Everything posted by shooterrex

  1. You can polish the chamber a bit with something like flitz but you don't want to make it too slick. JB bore paste would also work.
  2. This is what I use most of the time. The one they make for 7.62x39 also does Grendel and 6 ARC.
  3. Then you might need to turn the gas down a bit more. That should slow down the cycle and give the brass a bit more time to shrink back down. I can't shoot steel case ammo in my 5.56 pistol because it cycles faster than the steel case shrinks back down for extraction.
  4. Glad it's running okay now. Yep PSA just doesn't seem to care and we keep telling folks how to fix them. I lucked out with my PA10. I started with a rifle stock and recoil system.
  5. If it's not extracting how do you know it is locking back on an empty mag? Shoot it with the gas adjustment all the way open. What kind of springs etc are under the extractor?
  6. I knew you would like that.
  7. Good to hear it's working for ya.
  8. I think cdnnsports.com still has those stripped target uppers like the one above. Slick side w/tall rail.
  9. The only change was a larger gas port and now it runs fine. Must have had enough oil in the first place.
  10. Higher balastic coefficient. Shoots just a bit flatter than the Grendel. Still shoot my Grendel's more.
  11. Two of these showed up today. More parts I don't really need but you never know when I decide I need to build something else. Joe Bob's had them for $49 ea and free shipping.
  12. 6ARC is A M4 with a different barrel, magazine and BCG. Actual 1000 yd cartridge in a small platform. Shoots flatter than a 308.
  13. I have loaded 110gr carbine bullets for my 308 bolt gun for plinking rounds. About 1.5 moa @100yds.
  14. It runs fine now. Bolt locks back just fine. New scope is on. There is 2- 5 shot groups @ 87 yds. Eld match.
  15. It was very windy and I was shooting off the hood of my jeep without a good rest. Groups were not that good and I didn't even take any pics. There were a couple with bullets touching then a flyer 3" away. If I get a chance this weekend I'll get some groups from sandbags.
  16. https://www.theamericanmarksman.com/primers.html I haven't bought primers from them but a LOT of ammo.
  17. Gas port is now .081 I'll see how that works tomorrow. Scope and mount showed up and are installed.
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