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Everything posted by shooterrex

  1. If you have a bolt for each barrel that closes on the go and doesn't close on the no go you are good. These are hunting guns right? Not long range bench guns.
  2. https://dsgarms.com/upper-receiver-parts-arm10007005
  3. https://dsgarms.com/upper-receiver-parts-arm10007010
  4. Let's see. BAR, 1919, Thompson, swedish K, Sten gun, Bren gun, MP5 Yep I'd have a few.
  5. This might be what you are looking for. Atom Optics 1 inch Scope Rings Mounts fit 11mm Dovetail Rails for Picatinny Rail Scope Rings High Profile One Piece https://a.co/d/hJV7LM5
  6. I sent the guy that sent me the pics a message. Maybe he can find out what ammo it was.
  7. I didn't save the pics of the 30 cal bullet stuck in the throat of the barrel. It was stuck in there.
  8. No one was hurt. Just had to change his shorts.
  9. I use 10,20,25 Pmags. Also have their 50 rnd drum. All work great. There are so many rails out there. LGS has a lot of stuff from justrails.com
  10. A customer brought this in to the gun shop I used to work at. 300BO doesn't work in a 5.56. Mark those mags and pay attention. That was a Troy Industries upper.
  11. This works well for bedding the barrel in the receiver.
  12. Sure beats breaking in new boots.
  13. Sorry 12" faxon barrel not 12.5
  14. I built one and am getting 2362 average w/Hornady black out of the 12.5" 6 ARC
  15. The pellets didnt like the no11 caps on my inline that well. I put a musket cap nipple on it. That's all I had to change was the nipple. A bit more fire to light the pellets that way.
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