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Everything posted by shooterrex

  1. My 2 PSA uppers only fit PSA lowers without modification. You would also need to change out the gas tube to a proper length gas tube. You would also need to change out the recoil system to a proper weight buffer and a proper spring. I did not have to change the PSA's recoil system on the rifle lower I bought. Carbine lowers are a different matter. You might also check out Bear Creek Arsenal. Their stuff fits DPMS lowers.
  2. I've got in AK on 223 that throws brass 25 to 30 feet.
  3. If your full length dies don't chamber right then get the small base dies. Also I recommend the Lee factory crimp die.
  4. My 16" Balastic Advantage 308 doesn't have an adjustable gas block. It runs just fine. Unless you are running a suppressor you shouldn't need an adjustable gas block.
  5. You already have a pilot hole. A drop of oil and go slow. Let the bit do the work.
  6. The gun was working right? You just didn't like where it was throwing the empties. I would replace the spring w/the Armalite spring. How many rounds through the gun? It was locking back on an empty mag. Unless it's not feeding the next round what is the problem?
  7. The folks I linked can hook you up with the M118 cases. Call them.
  8. They haven't published the rule on the federal register yet. Can't sue till the actually publish this $hit.
  9. These people are good to do business with. https://www.theamericanmarksman.com/7.62x51-primed-cases-1000-ct.html
  10. Switch upper and lower and see how the upper in question runs on the known lower. That will show you if it's the upper or lower that is the problem. If the gun is functioning right I don't care where my gun throws the brass.
  11. It all depends on where the barrel maker drills the gas port.
  12. CDNN sports has lots of parts. Kak, Primary Arms.
  13. Full 30 is still there. Bigger platform for all kind of videos. Renamed juxxi.com
  14. She had a Chinese spy for a driver and still got reelected. Someone can have McConnell if the want him. KY has no use for the dumb@ss.
  15. Please hit the intro section then start your own thread about your rifle. Most folks drill the gas port out bigger after they figure out what size it needs to be.
  16. Grains???? There's like 7000 grains to a pound. Hopefully you mean grams. If you have to take that much weight out of the buffer your gas port is too small.
  17. Springco orange. The Armalite spring is made for a longer buffer tube.
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