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Everything posted by shooterrex

  1. We are still waiting on the review of the brake.
  2. Yep w/tax still under $450 and it is steel that goes boom.
  3. https://www.rkguns.com/rock-island-m1911-a1-gi-standard-10mm-auto-full-size-pistol-51508.html
  4. We had one of those range days but it was LAW rockets and 40mm and a M79's. We blew $hit up for hours.
  5. I have a MI rail on my CMMG piston 5.56. And on the 5.56 Krink that throws the brass WAY over younder.
  6. Just built a 16" 223 Wylde bear Creek had the barrel on sale and I didn't have one of those chambered rifles. Now I'm out of railed fore ends. Time to order more parts. Still have plenty of parts to build 5.56 guns just no railed fore ends. 80% 308 lower is on its way. Got to do something with this 6.5 creedmoor barrel laying here.
  7. Welcome from KY. My PSA will do .75 MOA but it has a different barrel on it now. Balastic advantage barrel.
  8. Doesn't everyone have enough parts in box's to build a gun or two or three?
  9. Put me down for one. Still have a couple in the parts box but they don't eat anything sitting there.
  10. We have black Angus in the pasture. Just sold a year and a half old bull that would not stay in any fence if there were cows around. He fetched $1850.00. He will make great steaks for someone.
  11. I have bought and sold on there for years. I haven't sold much in a year or two. Put everything you can think of in the description. Lots of good pics. There will still be dumba$$ questions even with all the info you provide.
  12. My 870 doesn't need that little dohicky to feed those mini shells. The Mossberg does though.
  13. Yes on mine that included the .60" 11 1/8" to 11 3/16
  14. You are right it was 11 -3/16" not 11 -1/8'
  15. The guy that did that is not the brightest. That was a load of batteries.
  16. Someone had FUN at work Sunday night.
  17. The ones we ordered from White Oak were 11 1/8". How far did you move the gas port rearward?
  18. If it's a PSA upper it is DPMS high. At least on my 2 it is. If your talking standard handguards. My PSA 20" barrel was "midlength" and the midlength Magpul handguard a fit just fine.
  19. I like it. Y'all did a great job.
  20. How about getting us pictures and measurements per the waterboarding thread and let us help you figure the gun out. First off it is probably not broken in yet and needs lubed extra well and shot a bit. No sense spending money on a gunsmith that probably isn't any more knowledgeable on this platform than you are. These are a different animal.
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