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adjustable gas block for suppressed/unsuppressed use


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Howdy fellas,

This is my first post, but time is of the essence because I have an adjustable gas block on back order that I may change if I get negative feedback on it or am given a better alternative. 

Here's the story...I have a DPMS LR-308 that I have rebarreled with a Fulton Armory 18.5" stainless steel medium contour barrel that shoots fantastic.  I am going to suppress it and am looking for an adjustable gas block that will do a good job, maintain its adjustment (preferably without loctite) and last a long time.  I've seen a lot about the JP adjustable, but its made of aluminum and I've read that the aluminum blocks can erode quickly (not necessarily WILL erode quickly, but can...).  I've got a PRI adjustable block on backorder from Midway.  It's made of steel, looks unobtrusive and adjusts similarly to the JP.  Anyone know anything about this block or any others that might be better that won't break the bank?  I saw a previous thread about adjustable gas blocks, but it seems there wasn't much knowledge about them at the time.  I will be using this rifle primarily for long range precision (definitely 600 yards out to maybe 1,000 if I can find the right recipe for rolling my own ammo) and secondarily for hunting suppressed.  The weight of the rifle isn't too bad and the suppressor is a Titanium model from SAS, so it shouldn't be too heavy of a set-up.  Well, that's it for now.  I came here from the 6.8 SPC forum because I discovered after I finished my 6.8 built, most of the questions I was asking dealt with my DPMS.  Thanks for any info ya'll could share. 

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JP has railed stainless adjustable gas blocks.

I dunno I too have heard about gas blocks eroding in 308's but never data on ammo and round counts. I say if aluminum model gets you up and running go for it. Check it after a few thousand rounds. The cost of the block is insignificant compared to the ammo you put through the weapon to get it to that point.


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I have the PRI low pro adjustable steel GB on my 300BLK rifle. I went with an adjustable for this build because i selected the Youngs machining Superlight bolt carrier group.

While I really like the PRI GB, I'm not sure if it's the best choice for your application. IMO you'd be better off with a gas block that has specific settings like the Noveske switchblock or similar, instead of something with an infinite screw adjustment like the PRI. Doesn't Armalite also offer a GB with a three position switch? I would suggest you do a search of those vs the type like the JP/PRI that, as far as I know are more intended to be set and left alone than readjusted every time you take the can on and off.

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