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Scope warranty question

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Ok this might be a dumb question for some but I have to ask so please bear with me. So after reading another forum I realized that I am not gonna be impatient and buy a scope right away but instead look for used ones. So then the question of warranty arises. Lets just say I bid on a scope and win, then it breaks in the near future, can I call the manufacturer and have them fix it with no questions asked or will they ask for the original paperwork or something. I have heard places like Vortex have an outstanding warranty but I dont know how others operate and how they go about knowing if your the original owner. I plan on attempting to win some scopes here in a few days so any help is appreciated.

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Read the advertising for manufacturers of the scopes you are interested in and scan for warranty information.

Then do an internet (Google?) search for the information.  Like,  "Warranty for used XYZ scopes?"

I always consider that sellers of guns and scopes (and most of the other stuff) on the auction sites are selling because there is a problem with the item.  Or,  they are running some kind of business and the source of the items may be questionable. 

I do not know what your price range is.  I have good,  working scopes priced from $70 (in a bubble pak!) to more than $300.  Brands like Leupold,  Simmons,  Nikon (as examples) are all good,  warranties are mostly "Lifetime."  Prices that run in the $Thousands are for professionals and those for whom the price is not a concern.  All the reputable brand manufacturers have excellent products at lower prices that you can buy new.  Many Reputable Internet vendors have "refurbished" brand-name items at much lower prices.  Check and see what you can find at the Brownells group and maybe other places like MidwayUSA. (And link to Brownells through the ad in this forum,  please!)

Anything you read on the Internet should be viewed with a jaundiced eye.  The poster may be doing his best or may be leading you down a twisted alley.  Including this little blast of noise.  Use your own common sense,  liberally. 

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Usually I assume there is something wrong with the item, even though there may not be I just think of worst case scenario. Ill have to do some research like you said and see what I can come up with. There are a few Leupolds up for sale but even though the price may be decent now im sure is will go up and out of my price range(I limited myself to 500) here in a day or two. I figured instead of buying a brand new scope, I could hold off and maybe pay the 5 I was willing to spend but on something way nicer someone doesn't want anymore.

You said you have some for sale? And as far as SWFA's sample list with the demo items, do you think any of those would have problems soon after buying them?

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None of mine are for sale.  I often have more scopes than rifles,  but then a new rifle appears and needs the extra scope?

To keep costs down,  buying a refurbished scope would seem to me to be a very good thing.  The tube and most parts do not often suffer harm.  New seals will have been put in place and the lenses properly attached where they should be and replaced if needed.  Leupold and most of the major brands do not care who owns the scope.  The warranties are always in place for the new offerings;  check out the warranties for refurbished.  For $300-$400 an excellent new scope can be purchased.  In the catalogs/fliers the refurbished scopes are significantly discounted.

I said this in another thread:  A scope in the price range we are discussing is as good as scopes get.  That is the opinion of a person well-placed in the optics industry.  There will be niceties of course as the prices go exponential.  A 50 MM or 60 MM objective will gather more light.  Are you planning on shooting varmints in dark or near-dark?  If so,  then a big objective and a 30 MM tube will be better. So will an illuminated reticle of some sort.  But out in bright sun,  too much light might be a problem and electrical components need care and have their own drawbacks.  Very expensive glass will perform better,  but to such a small degree that most of us would have to have it explained in exact detail and then would only be meaningful in direct comparison with other optics.  It also might  only matter if your eyes are good enough to be able to use the very slight edge. 

Most shooting is well below 300 yards.  If you have experience and known talent for shooting out there in the 500 yard/meter and far beyond distances,  great!,  but if not then it is something to work up to.  Most of us are kidding ourselves about what we can do.  All I know is I do a passable-- but not a great job-- of killing paper at 50 and 100 yards.  But only with a scope.  It would be nice to know what would happen at 200 yards and if I could even hit a barn from the inside at 300 yards?

Much of what I say comes from gun magazines.  Most articles in those magazines are by people who are paid by the word or inch of column.  What they write is Infomercials.  Once in awhile I find something that rings as being true or valid.  I try to repeat the best of what I think is true and valid.  Writers who have told the tale of their efforts at long-range shooting and interviews with people who are technically qualified are reflected in what I said above.  My memory is as faulty as anyone's.  Use your common sense and be careful how you spend your money.

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I understand what your saying. I wont be shooting in low light or anything, most likely just the desert when ever I can get out there. I did end up finding a scope which was a 5-15 Vortex Viper that went on sale for 400. I figured exactly what you said, being some one who is not real into optics I probably couldn't tell the difference, unless comparing side by side and then I still wouldn't have any use for the difference in clarity that I may see.

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