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308 sbr help


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Haven't seen much info on 308 sbr.  I currently have mega arms midlength 308 16".  Just put an order on a yhm ss can.  So the sbr will be shot 50/50 w/wo the can.  I'd like a new upper instead of sending adco to chop it down.  Any recs on complete uppers if any company offers.  Or any recs in general.  Don't really have much a clue on 308 sbr for cans. 

Edit: nm, I just realized I'll probably have to go custom.  Since I'll need a new mega upper indefinitely anyways.

Thanks guys

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As you stated, you'd need to Build another Mega upper if you wanted to use your present Mega lower for the SBR. I'm not in a SBR state, so this may be incorrect, but I thought that you had to register the lower as a SBR. Maybe another member can verify that. But you can run your 16" upper on it once it's been regestered as a SBR, right?

I have no first hand experience with them, but the Noveske Leonidas  barrels are very nice, I remember seeing some video of them on Noveske's site. I think that they are 12.5" which is probably not a bad length for a .308 SBR. If you used it with an Armalite BCG you should be good GTG. Maybe use it with a switch block so you can switch back and forth between suppressed/unsuppressed without cycling issues ?

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Thanks for the feedback.  I'm also under the impression once I register the lower as sbr I can interchange them.  I'll def check to make sure on regs.  I have a dpms style bcg so I'll swap between those too.  I'm probably going to go exact like my current build now.  Rainer arms select 16" barrel and have it cut down to 12.5".

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I think that the gas port location for a 12.5" .308 barrel would likely be different than that used in a 16" .308 barrel, so a cut down 16" Rainier arms select may not give you reliable unsuppressed function. It might be a good idea to C/O the prefered gasport size and location for your desired barrel length.

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