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Optimal Charge Weight Load Development


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From what I have read this saves on ammo, 3 shot groups on several targets oposed to 20 shots on one target.

I have been using the Ladder method to do my load development. Dump a mag and measure the size of the group then compare it to the next batch. As it gets smaller ,the powder charge is getting closer to the node.

When someone figures out the OCW , PLEASE post a short cut !

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Of all of the load development methods I've read about, the OCW makes the most sense.  It accomplishes the same thing as the ladder, but with a little less effort and ammo.  The OCW is actually a statistical methodology broken down to a practical level.  The math works great, but you don't need to be a mathematician to use OCW.  I intend to try it out for myself in the next few weeks and see.

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