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New & planning new Main Battle Rifle (MBR)


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I am planning my first AR-platform based on 7.62x51 this year. I have experience building FN/FALs, G-3's, and standard AR-15's but the new MAGPUL magazine in .308 for the M110 pushed me over the edge in Battle Rifle choice and has also created a ripple-effect into building AR-platform M4's in 5.56 for the rest of the family. This sea-change occurred when I had several Steyr FAL magazine failures in one year, and a 5.56 carbine requirement for younger and lighter family members became more apparent. The MAGPUL P-MAGs made a believer out of me...

New MBR:

I am undecided on 18 or 16 inch, but require rapid engagement from 0-500m, similar to the Marine Corps Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle (REPR).

I have alot of hand-loaded M-80 ball left from my FAL, but I'm not opposed to an M118LR load change.

I prefer a long rifle-length sight radius (vs. the carbine-length) and believe firmly in iron sights on a Main Battle Rifle (MBR) enhanced by optics rather than the other way around with mere "back-up sights".

In keeping with my normal "I want my cake, but I want to eat it too", I want my MBR as light as possible as I have rough mountainous terrain in my area of operations. In fact, another project, Hard Target Interdiction Rifle (HTIR) in .338-300 RUM (AKA .338 Edge) is also planned for my 500-1600m range band.

I would appreciate this groups comments and recommendations as to the easiest and most effective means to this build.

My preference is the DPMS (due to cost and inter-changeability) platform.

I prefer the MAGPUL UBR buttstock.

I am undecided on optics, but lean towards the Trijicon 3.5x35 TA11EG (.308 Green Chevron) or a Tactical XTR-type scope.

I require an effective flashhider (Especially with the 16" barrel), and would even consider the federal-headache of a supressor, as incorporated into the M110 system.

I don't shoot in the standing when I can shoot in the kneeling or seated position, but I don't use those positions when I can shoot in the prone position, and I don't hang stuff on my rifle for cool points.

Am I in the right place?

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