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Local IL Club Practical Rifle Shoot


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The ASC Practical Rifle shoot on 08/28.

The Aurora Sportsman Club is located 60+ miles west of Chicago, out in Waterman, IL.

Figured, being I ran my SR-AR-10 for this. I'd post what we got to shoot.

The course of fire was as follows:

3-stages / attendees broke up in 2- Groups.

100yd Stage:

6- IPSC targets staged at about the 50yd line and 1- steel 9x14" IPSC at the 100yd berm.

Shooter stood in  a 4x4 box and engaged each target w/ 2-3 rounds.

1- round hit on the steel only.

50yd Stage:

13- IPSC Targets, 3-sets ( L, R, Cntr )

4- dont shoot the "hostage" ( 2- at leftside set and 2- at rightside set ).

1- Center target group had mid torso behind "hard-cover"

Shooters were allowed to start their shoot from the center firing line or move to Window cover ( L / R )and engage. Then at their discretion were allowed to shoot while moving to the other position.

50ft Stage

Here Shooter had to engage 7-targets. 4-targets behind soft cover ( plastic barrels ).

All-n-all everyone had a good time, well atleast by what i saw and heard from those in my Group. Was a 1st for some shooting in this kind of enviornment. We're hoping to see more shooters attend. Even if that means we're shooting in the coming winter months.

"BAD-guys" dont stop coming in bad weather...

see yall out there.

Keep shooting

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Hey guys...

Here's a vid of the Aug PR shoot at one of the stages.


All rounds hit if not center mass on the full exposed targets then upper shoulders of the "hostage takers". Areas I intended to shoot, as I was using my Aimpoint H-1 w/ 150g as she is zero'd w/ 168g.

Our next shoot is NOV 27. Im hosting and hoping I'll be able to get decent weather here and someone to vid all stages.

should be a hoot

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Well, that was me in the vid if that wasnt already made clear.

Honestly that was my 1st time using my AP-H-1 aside from when I zero'd her and I was out of my usual BH 168g and was using Rem 150g. So my POI was offset to my POA and I had no time prior to arriving to rezero it, so... I made the adjustments and moved-on.

SLOW- ehh, yeah that was stage 2- of 3 most all others were using 223 so I figured w/ 308 1-shot 1-kill....hahaha but for the sake of it I plugged 2- into each. This was NOT a comp, just a monthly "practical" event we do to help hone some skill sets.

I'm hoping this months, being I'm stocked on ammo, I'll be able to run the stages faster and more accurately.

But, a Full size 40in / 15lb  308 AR-10 is dam heavy, I LOVE IT...

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