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  1. BLACK I am reaching out to the shooting community. To see if i can help get support for this local project. I am not apart of the film crew, cast ... i am supporting / backing his endeavor with a small pledge, that if they do not reach their intended goal no-one will be charged their pledged amount. All information can be found at the provided link and BLACK the webseries on facebook.
  2. ok 'nother update got a call from the LG rep i spoke with from the chat. He said being there were a few customers that had this issue Lake City was shipping out corrected boxes to those who placed the orders. So... sweet, now just wait to see if i get it this coming week and possibly send back the 223 ?
  3. OK..... so i recieved the order from LG and guess FN what they sent me box of M855 green tip 556.... U G H ! so i have to say i was / am beyond mad Luckily enuff i got on the live chat and recieved a phone call from thr rep i was chatting with. I was not the only one to recieve this issue. Appearently LAKE CITY / FEDERAL shanked the order they sent to LG. the box is labeled not only WIN 855 but also on the bottom of the label 762x51mm so the rep said that he is contacting the main lady Heidi, refunding me 100%, sending me the means to ship the ammo back... but unfortunatley ... they have sold out of the XM118 what fukn luck
  4. ** HOLY FN CRAP ** within a couple of days LG went from having 42 cases on hand / in stock... to OOS today DAM good thing i placed my order earlier this week, my case is due today via big brown
  5. 500$ for a box of loose = 1$ per round.
  6. ok SO... I only shoot Black Hills 175g BTHP thru my baby... but I'd be G'Dammed 30$ a box of 20. so on luckygunner I found Federal XM118LR, 500rd loose ammo. Has anyone shot this ?, noticed any issues... I dont shoot in any matches or comps, so it's mainly for Range time and to keep stocked.
  7. TANGO2072


    A few years ago, when I joined I stated I wanted an U-ASS / Urban Assualt Sniper System. So I've F I N A L L Y gotten around to cosmetically upgrading my AR-10. NO She's no LaRue OBR, but DAM... So here's my baby /"BLACK BETTY" .... ironic being she's no longer black she has the PRI SPR forend, and the SPR rail, w/ an LT OBR scope mount, the glass sits at 3" above the bore
  8. OK for those interested in this... I am looking for days that would work best and not interfere w/ the ASC - PRC. Would SAT or SUN work best for those who could seriously consider attending. Currently I am looking at MAY 14 ( sat ), 15 ( sun ) or MAY 29 ( SUN ) Due to work load on the ASC calenar of events, days my flex due to scheduling of Ranges and such. The 1st idderation, will mainly consist of shooting paper scaled targets @ various ranges on the 200yd Range. Possibly moving to the 600yd Range for some intermediate Range shooting in between stages. Currently I have 10 stages slated. I'd like encourage ALL Precision Rifle shooters , those w. 556 platforms seek out 77g for better distance and accuracy. When we do shoot regularly out to 600yds, 77g will get ya there no issue. For the PPRC events COME PRPARED. KNOW your Platforms capabilties, know your Scope and DOPE. We are limited, We ( I ) personally have 1- AR500 steel target @ 18x24 rectangle ( not IPSC shaped ) w/ stand we MAY possibly get to use at times. Cost will be slightly higher then PECKERS, due to Range maintainence cost and targets. I will be ironing out the extreme details, Rules and SOPs this weekend, and finalizing the CoF. and coordinating w/ the ASC board for an authorized DATE. If anyones is interested please feel free to contact me at keith.swear@gmail.com or PM me
  9. Ray, welcome, I used to host along w/ the main guy John Kopecky. But I occasionally will support by RSO. Too expensive to shoot 308 in that manner from my AR-10. 2nd- the ASC Board has approved my request for a PRACTICAL PRECISION RIFLE section, added to the Action Sports Shooting, which Practical Rifle falls under. I have been authorized to conduct monthly Events out on the 200 and 600yd Ranges we offer. I am currently developing the "kick-off" course of fire with some help from some of the more veteran PR shooters from Cali. As soon as I have a CoF and dates ( MAY ) I will post'em here and on barfcom.
  10. I have a "cup holder".... I wear for tactical sexual encounters Oh wait, not the same thing
  11. 308 this, obviously is something you are very passionate about. But I dont honestly believe you're gonna find an answer here. This isnt something that is a wide occurance. It is a personal issue w/ a soldier. As each individual is affected differently. I too have an annual "physical" where my hearing is tested. Now the loud noise I'm around, daily is the humming of turbine generators and Nuke reactors. But due to "Industrial Safety" protocols we are required to wear hearing protection inside and around noisy equipment. Whether you wear Hardshell muff or foam plugs is a personal preferance. You're reaching for some sort of sound amplifing "thing". That deliniates between Speech sound and "noise". Best bet are Electronic muffs. But quality will depend on pocket book...
  12. well I just got back from a lil'range time w/ my AR-10. And am NOT diggn' the AAC. LOT of kick to'er. And a guy I've shot w/ said it was louder then my SF. So... just got done replacing the SF. when something is working.... dont change it. ! right
  13. um... because it's the "kewl" thing to do, duh
  14. Hey J 1st off I hope you're asking this in the AR-10 ( Armalite ) cuase you have decided to get the BEST. What differences are you reffering to ? speaking from experience, I had a stock 20", had it cut down to 18" thanx to the guys over at ADCO. Ballistically; if you shoot Black Hills 168g BTHP, you should be averaging 2650fps, from a 20", I chrono'd mine a couple of months ago and found to have only lost ruffly that 50fps from an average of 8-rounds fired. My AR, kinda likes 168, but I've found she LOVES 175. I have been shooting my best groups w/ it, lately and have rezero'd for that only. I'll hold off for anything else I'd need to shoot. So unless you're running MOUT / CQB drill, the barrel length, until you go 24+" there's not much noticable diff. Hope this lends some insight.
  15. I [literally] just swapped out my SF 762 brake for an AAC 762 SD blackout FH. I'll try to get it out to the Range this weekend for a night shoot and see about videoing the AAC flash.
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