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WTS: JP Enterprises .308 Enhanced Bolt Group


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I originally purchased a JP Enterprises .308 Enhanced Bolt Assembly Completion Group w/i the last few weeks and wanted to offer it to anyone on this forum prior to trying to return it or selling it by other means. People have been great on here so that's my reasoning. This product is brand new never been fired.

I am only selling it because the carrier that I wanted is not expected in anytime soon (actually no time soon) and I recently came across a complete BCG. I am not going to price gouge on this but be aware that it is a very expensive item and I'm only trying to get my invested money back. I paid a total of $251.45 (which included $11.50 S&H). Please don't even make an offer below the $239.95 the group is priced at. Afterall, I could get the full price by other means. Again, this doesn't include a bolt carrier.

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I am by no means an expert in the area of low mass carriers but I purchased this bolt assembly because of its high quality and ability to not have to use it with a JP carrier. I have talked to a few that have paired it up with a Young Manufacturing carrier w/their key and love the quality. I have never had hands on exp. w/ this but that was my goal. I only changed my mind because the wait time on this carrier is crazy. Also, you don't have to buy that high end carrier with this.

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It is my understanding that the bolt is DPMS compatible. I am building a cut-and-dry high end AR-308 on a Mega MATEN group. I didn't want to mess with any adjustable system so that's why I just purchased the bolt. The 308 BCG in nickel boron coating that I was unexpectedly able to get changed my component ideas.

Still waiting on my Magpul PRS stock and Troy sights...whenever they materialize my build will be done.

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