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Found my .30-30 load today !


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The weather took a turn for the better today and I was able to get out to the range and work on my .30-30 load development. This was a seating depth test and managed to put a couple of sub MOA 3 shot groups <thumbsup>. I don't have any chronograph data right now because it was just to sloppy at the range so when I go and confirm this load I hope I'll be able to take it then and put up some numbers.




My current load for this is this :


mixed brass weighed to within .5 gr 

primer Winchester large rifle

projo sierra 170 gr fp

powder CFE223 34.9 gr

Hornady  comparator length 2.116 and 2.118 


Plan on doing a follow up from 2.120 down to 2.116 and see if its repeatable. since this has a sporter  barrel on it I'm only running 3 round groups because I found barrel heating been causing havoc with my load development on this.


So who says the old lever guns can't put up good groups :))  <thumbsup>   



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Good work bro new to reloading but as you describe I'm able to follow so I'm curious as to results of the crono!! No gun is an old gun unless it should not be shot to preserve the historic value within!! :)


Welcome to addiction brother, you'll find your self spending more time at the reloading bench than the shooting bench at least thats were I'm at right now. Just wish I could step out back and pop off a few round for testing but like most others I have to wait to get the range. Going back today with my son and taking the .22's I haven't had the rifles out in a coons age, wounder if they still shoot  ::) I really hate Obama for causing this big mess the country is in right now not just the .22 ammo thing. Hopefully I won't have to wait to long to get the chrony out because I want to know what kind of numbers I'm getting to. I know with factory ammo I'm running right 2000 fps with a 20" barrel so I can guess that my velocity going to be higher because I had to drop the scope by 3 moa to get close to the bullseye with some sighter rounds that I made up.

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