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reticles, reticles, reticles...

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So many choices....


Literally, it seems to be the deal-maker/breaker for many great scopes out there on the market.  What do you guys use at longer ranges (600-1000K+)?  What magnification do you prefer at extended ranges?  What reticles have you had the most success with for ranging and follow up shots? I'm fascinated with the Horus H59, but like Vortex's EBR-2 bette.  It's clearner, sitll has 'cross-hairs', and I can't see what the Horus does that the EBR-2(B/C) can't.  


There are so many great optics (opticsthoughts.com & snipercenteral.com do some great reviews).  Many seem to have the "whole package", like good glass durability, parallax adj., good eye relief, clarity/focus, zero stop, Mil/Mil or MOA/MOA reticle/turrets, good FOV, zoom, etc.  It'll have all that, but crappy reticles, or a reticle that pales next to one in an optic without all the previously mentioned points.  Example would be the FML-1 reticle in March's 3-24x52 FFP.  Great scope, not so great reticle.  Or Vortex's Hd Gen II 3-18x50 - got all of the above, but it weight 2.1 pounds!  


Bottom line: what's you favorite reticle?

What's your preferred magnification?

Which optic do you feel has the best combo/compromise of all the features you like?

What are your picks (reasonable, and $$Dream$$ optic)?




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Unforgiven, do you mean this one: Bushnell Elite Tactical HDMR 3.5-21x50 ?  I heard it's a great scope, quite popular in competition as seen here: http://precisionrifleblog.com/2013/12/22/best-rifle-scope-what-the-pros-use/   I did read somewhere that the turrets weren't so hot and click/marking alignment was off.  You know anything about that?


Bubbasks, Are you getting a Steiner?  They look great.  The MSR caught my eye too, but I would like a clear holdover christmas tree on the bottom.  Plus, just like S&Bs P4F reticle, I can't stand how the center cross hairs are not the same size as the mil hashmarks above/below and on the side of it. (Center cross hairs are 1 mil, hash along sides are .5 mils)  Just confusing to my eye when measuring/miling objects.


I wish March made a reticle like a mix between H59  and Vortex's EBR-2C...or if Vortex would just make their scopes lighter!  

Do you know if any of the aforementioned companies, along with Khales, NF, USO, Primier, Bushnell make custom reticles?

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