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Saturday night range fun


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So Me and Char went shooting last night. still getting used to the HK and its dead on hold sight picture

fubared the rear night sight while installing,so ive got front nights and the HK standard rear sight.shoots to the left a lil  and ive only got 150 down the pipe.ill adjust when the new rear night sights come in...of course Char puts em center mass with her STI :)  Wash


Char's target


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Hay Sketch meprolights green nights.....II got the front no problemo....i try fitted the rear several times

then go back to filing the sight....so on the last tap in with a nylon punch it was going good till it got stuck...lol....I shed a lil tear as I cut the brand new rear with a dremel so I could remove it....lol

daaaamn the bad luck :) Wash

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