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Training And/Or Screening Failure?

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This is a messed up situation.  An old lady I used to work for had multiple encounters in the 1960s and '70s with local sheriff's deputies, involving the 1911 she would routinely be waving around and sometimes shooting.


While LE training seems to be better in many areas, the taught response to anything that can be remotely considered lethal is to use lethal force.


Working corrections we had one option to coming up against a weapon:  deal with it.  And you had best do it in such a manner that you get to go home, with no lawsuits filed against the state.



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someone on a different forum made a comment about another recent shoot. (he was LE)

"Can" and "should" are two different things. If you wear a badge you will eventually get into a situation where you can shoot, but we used to be trained to look for alternatives. you "should shoot" only after all reasonable alternatives have been exhausted. The modern police thought process, more and more, seems to stop at "can".

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