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Everything posted by blue109

  1. What a crappy way to go, after all the work to get to that point.
  2. DD already on my no-fly list anyway. No surprise or loss. Nothing ruger makes is anywhere on my want list, so again, no loss. Would love to see them both tank.
  3. @MtnMike Objective is 42mm but OD measures out closer to 43 (if you are really cutting it close, remember to measure the OD since the manufacturer number may be the size of the lens and not the actual housing) that gun is using PRI rings. I have another gun with an almost identical setup (middle gun in below picture) but the OD of that 42mm scope is slightly larger so I'm using an ADM bolt action low mount(forget the exact model, but they have all the measurements on their site) The bottom pic here is my grendel with a 56mm obj and I needed it as low as possible to be a comfortable height with the raised top rail. I spent forever researching bore height of every mount manufacturer I could find but everything was either too low and likely to contact, or too tall. I ended up buying a taller ADM bolt gun mount, but it was about 1mm too low. I swapped to 34mm rings and then using 34 to 30 mm reducers and it raised the scope 2mm and worked out perfect.
  4. Weak if you can still see light between the rail and objective. Step your game up boys 😄
  5. Are you asking how to remove the stock? There is a little hole in the detent. You can see it if you loosen the friction lock. Squeeze the adjusting lever and then use a little screw driver or Alan key in that hole in the detent to pull it out a little further than the lever allows, and it slides right off. ACS is probably my favorite Magpul stock. Had one for a while and liked it.
  6. Hell yeah! That needs to come back badly! My Pathfinder is just sitting around doing nothing. I'd love to gut that thing and solid axle swap the front. Turn it into a toy.
  7. Did I ever update that? Nothing sealed those cracks. I ended up taking a chance on a random Amazon find that seemed to be the correct dimensions, and it fit. Happily ever after. Did I miss something? You have a jeep? Did you always have a jeep squirreled away somewhere?
  8. I have one at @98Z5V house as well lol.
  9. I'm calling this an oopsie and poor training. I'd go further to guess this is one of those agencies that let's officers throw tacticool triggers in their duty guns without much additional range time. I'd say great shot if it was intentional, but I'm thinking it wasn't. https://www.kold.com/2022/05/27/graphic-bodycam-video-released-fatal-shooting-black-man-by-houston-officer/?fbclid=IwAR167ZoNaMIngJbndk7pKtc6eTv5kmVfgk2DjL_n-NR9BO7FO6e25O-wCL8
  10. My first 308 when I joined this place! That thing was a laser. So dang heavy though.
  11. I knew you might dig it. There is a whole genre of music called Phonk. They take old hood Memphis rap and remix it over cool driving beats. There are a few sub catagories and more chill/down tempo beats but check out LXST CXNTURY. he is pretty much the king of the hard driving stuff. https://youtu.be/TgW7WzTGV0Q
  12. Probably far outside of most of your enjoyment zone....but my driving music. https://youtu.be/fcfyoxN38Jk
  13. He can buy a Cobb Accessport with a stage1 tune and flash it in himself with no other mods, and pick up 50 or so whp. It's crazy. There's a handful of respected companies that sell their tunes already downloaded on the controller. My car with the stage2 setup and all the mods isn't a ton faster than when it was stage1. That stage one ECU tune is a night and day difference and won't mess with any emissions or vehicle systems in a negative way.
  14. Power wise it's about maxed out without doing major stuff so it's probably going to stay like this. Next step is big turbos and fuel system and I don't want to start down that road for a while. This was just suppose to be wife's daily driver lol. Probably sneak in some nice coil-overs in a few months but it really handles good on stock suspension with the fat (relatively) tires I squeezed under it. Mainly, I just took some cool pics the other night and wanted an excuse to post them somewhere 😄
  15. Why I haven't bought ammo or gun parts since the shoot 😞 Relapse of an old addiction lol. She scoots. Should be close to 300hp/330tq at the wheels and 2900 lbs.
  16. At the current rate of inflation caused by spending money we dont have....these weapons we are giving away must be worth an insane number of strips of greenish paper!
  17. ❤️ I still owe you one as well. Not sure if we should take turns, or do them at the same time? Would that be weird?
  18. Mostly correct. Armalite used some slightly longer gas tubes if I'm not mistaken, and a few barrel manufacturers copied their gas port position. DPMS stuck with standard AR15 stuff. Most of the time you won't know unless you call and actually get a tech on the phone who has a clue, or you get it and measure. Also, if you ever shoot cheap milsurp 7.62, some of the AR15 triggers might not reliably pop primers. I had a timney AR trigger in my 308 and it was just dimpling some ancient surplus I had, but worked fine on good ammo.
  19. I found a use for my old Magpul single point sling. Makes a sweet keychain! They are kinda cool though. They can go from 1 to 2 point.
  20. I generally hate single point slings, but it's probably the best option for that little guy. Any reputable brand will do as they are pretty basic.
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