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Everything posted by blue109

  1. I just want to second this statement. I want all my guns a little over gassed.
  2. Since I'm the first one here, I'll suggest a detailed build sheet of what parts you used, and go ahead and measure the inside of your buffer tube just to get that out of the way since it will probably come up. And welcome.
  3. blue109


    My job started offering a $1500 bonus to pass a PT test. I was going to totally ignore it, but I looked at the requirements and figured I could spend 30min doing the minimums for the cash. 1.5 mile run in 12:40 which wasn't terrible for my 45 year old ass without any training, but the 46 situps seriously almost killed me. I was hurt bad. Had to sit in the car for a bit before I could even drive lol. That was a little wake up call to get off the couch and get back in the game.
  4. I've been loving gaetz lately, but everyone realizes this is just chest beating. Will never go anywhere. Still nice to see.
  5. My gun safe didn't give a shizt about their regs before they invented this new bs and offered me 120days amnesty, it will continue not giving a shizt after that 120 days. Write whatever you want. Pass whatever you want. No paperwork. Not today. Not tomorrow. Gfy.
  6. Go doing something you love...
  7. I really like the ELCAN method of switchable magnification vs variable magnification. 3x is cool, and 10x is cool, but I don't have much use for everything in between. Unfortunately those ELCANs weigh a ton and cost even more. I like the idea though. Would be cool if more budget friendly companies would work on something like that.
  8. That looks perfect....but honestly if the gun was running fine I don't think I would have bothered to change it out.
  9. blue109

    My truck

    Hell yeah! That's a cool truck.
  10. I try to put the centerline of my Scopes at the same height of the irons. Not always possible with large objectives.
  11. You're welcome for my service
  12. Your new handguard will come with its own barrel nut, so you can fight with that one to get it apart if you want, but it's not a huge deal. A 308 barrel nut wrench with the pegs will get it apart. Just put the rail in a vise and unscrew the barrel nut with the wrench. Probably just been on there so long its jammed up. The hard part is usually getting that factory barrel nut off the upper, so I'd say you came.out ahead.
  13. I don't mean to brag ...but I can make it almost an entire shoot eating like a pig without dropping a deuce. I credit the years I spent in Cav and highly deployable military units.
  14. The gas tube goes through the barrel nut. Pull the muzzle device and slide the gas block off. Might be on there pretty good from the factory, but it's probably not pinned, and should come loose with some work. The barrel nut may have sealant on it. If so it might take some heat to get it off but it will screw off once the gas tube is out.
  15. I thought you were full of schlitt, or just schlitting me, so I looked this up. I schlitt you not, this schlitt really happened. What a schlitty was to go.
  16. Anything for those Instagram pics
  17. https://ytmp3.cc/1c435/ Download songs from YouTube or any online service. I don't pay for shiet! Puts them straight into my phone playlist
  18. Been wearing this band out lately. Can't get enough.
  19. I told you guys I missed my dog....
  20. https://youtube.com/shorts/0sEvT9m6SeA?feature=share
  21. https://m.youtube.com/shorts/m8LwMXyfWQQ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=APcGrIxapuQ https://m.youtube.com/shorts/gcYMZmUHTJk
  22. Such a rad weekend. It's not even about the shooting. Killer to see DNP again, even just for a day. Glad you made the run. Such a good dude. Magwa has more energy than any of us. I almost got misty when he made that point for me money can't buy a gift like that. Rene is just as awesome as he is here on the board. It doesn't feel like a gathering without Ron ranting about something. Stoked to finally meet Roman. Seriously the best story teller ever. Our Canadian is awesome as always. Doc and Susan are couple/life goals. Matt cross is one of my favorite humans. So awesome rex made that long haul again. Mikedaddy, even though you hid in your tent half the time 😄I hope we can make this happen again with Shep, Greg, and Rob and the other usual suspect that couldn't swing this one. I'm exhausted. I have some strange bruises. My puppers was not happy with my absence:D Huge shout out the godfather Tom-ass. You abrasive bastard. This is your creation. You did this, and it's something special.
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