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Everything posted by blue109

  1. blue109

    .308's seem...well...problematical...

    This place has a ton of knowledge, but we are always learning. There are so many new players building receivers that it takes guinea pigs to be sure. We have a few MA10 owners who post regularly and should be able to steer you straight on that one, but you may have just signed up to be our Nordic Components test subject. Good job!
  2. I hope sketch wasnt waiting a year for that answer....
  3. Wonder if my life insurance will still pay out when this happens to me? I dont plan on going out alone either way. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/11/maryland-red-flag-gun-confiscation-order-ends-with-dead-gun-owner/?utm_source=Ammoland+Subscribers&utm_campaign=0081d9f2f2-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6f6fac3eaa-0081d9f2f2-7141545#axzz5WGfJBg8I
  4. Bear Creek Arsenal is giving away free barrels to verified vets on their website. Just got confirmation on my 16" 1:8 gov profile order for $10 shipping fee. Instructions on the main page of the website.
  5. blue109

    BCA free barrels for vets

    I plugged in my last 4. It verified me through my USAA account I guess.
  6. blue109

    Steampunk AR15 - for blue109

    Some day im going to build an HR Geiger themed AR around an A.R.M.S. rifle length rail and 11.5" barrel. Probably a swoopy seekins receiver set or some funky billet deal. I check forums and ebay for that rail regularly but they are pretty rare.
  7. blue109

    super budget build.

    wanted to build a rifle for my wifes dad for xmas. hes really helped us out through a few rough spots this year. he has a few really nice vintage colt 20" guns but wanted a "little beater" to keep by the bedside and throw around in the desert. i think it came out pretty decent so far. built on a delaware machine lower. ive heard bad things but i have 5 of them and they went together just fine and lock up tight. this gun isnt being built for resale so its function over form. decided from the beginning i wanted to try a dissapator build because they look awesome and seem pretty functional, and del-ton finaly got barrels in stock at a great price. found a complete cardinal A2 upper recvr down in Toms neck of the woods for $35. YES PLEASE! LPK from palmeto black friday. used stock and little bits and pieces sourced localy. i was planing on using a MOE hanguard but a friend had an unopened AIMsport quad rail he decided not to use and gave it to me for $40. the rail drops in and is actualy amazingly secure. it has notches that lock into the barrel nut grooves so it cant rotate. it also has 6 screws that secure the top and bottom half of the rail. still need a BCG and some foliage ladder covers but im currently in it for just over $400 total :) im thinking we should be shooting for under $550. not bad for a non standard build. between the heavy barrel and the quad rail its got some weight to it but it should recoil nice. dads a big guy and wont care about a few ounces and i have a feeling the closet mall ninja inside him wil like the rail. my only snag so far.....the A2 flash hider only threads on 2 turns and then binds. any help? ive read people syaing jut "lube it and crank it on" but the threads in the birdcage are looking like they will crossthread if i push any harder.
  8. blue109

    .308's seem...well...problematical...

    The AR15 has a blueprint. You can download some specs, plug them into a machine, and turn out a bolt carrier that will work in any correctly machined AR15 on the planet. The 308 has no such blueprint, and every manufacturer wants to be the next best thing by changing something on their platform. Most builds will run flawless from day one if you do your research and get the parts that are known to cooperate.
  9. blue109

    super budget build.

    Zombie update. This is the rifle they take on every hunting trip. Lots of sketchy stuff down here by the border so FIL keeps this while the kiddos hunt. (They see people crossing every trip out) It has that 16" HBAR and he mentioned that he gets tired of holding it.....and I realized hes been lugging this thing all over the desert with no sling for the past 6 years lol. he also mentioned he didnt like the hard plastic stock so I snuck over while he wasnt home and kidnapped it for a facelift. All parts were on clearance from JSEsurplus and super cheap.
  10. Thats pretty cool. Good find.
  11. Nice work for that public defender....and f#ck the ATF. every day. Every single agent. Every Secretary. Every janitor that cleans the ATF pissers. May they all get AIDS.
  12. blue109


    Most of that is due to buying power. it might hold true for some electronics and big ticket items, but It would cost kershaw more money to run a separate assembly line with cheaper components in identical knives than it would be worth.
  13. blue109

    The Dodge Hellephant... Brace for it...

    Is this replacing the demon?
  14. blue109


    Doubt that the walmart thing is true...Kershaw is Kershaw. I only buy the US made ones for reasons, but by all accounts the china Kershaws are still top quality. I read about how the owners went to china to ensure the factory is up to par and quality control meets standards. That blur is probably Kershaws most classic knife. I love those. I was actually looking at one when I saw the launch on sale. Only a few bucks more and fully auto so I gave it a shot.
  15. blue109


    Really wish I could sharpen knives worth a damn. Its all I can do to keep them usable.
  16. blue109


    Previously bought my wife a OKC rat folder in pink. Decent knife, AUS-8. It was kinda big and she has small hands and watching her open and close it made me wince. just kept waiting for her to chop a finger off. I was browsing kershawguy.com and saw the auto Launch 6 in purple on sale for $69 and decided to check it out. No real expectations. This thing is awesome. CPM-154 steel. Razor blade sharp. Button activated auto. Snaps open with authority and locks up super tight. Zero wiggle. I think I love Kershaw all over again. Going to order the Launch 2 or 3 for myself. The Launch 4 is a CA legal version. awesome deal for under $100 with lifetime warranty. check these beasties out!
  17. blue109

    Larue trigger ordered

    Might be jumping on this koolaid for the OG guns
  18. blue109

    Bombs sent to top Democommie 's

    Social media is hilarious right now. Half the comments on every news blog are calling false flag.
  19. blue109

    CROM CR-7 .338 Lapua Magnum

    Whats the retail on that bad boy lol.
  20. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    I had planned on being done with AR builds for a while, but a harmless comment on Siscos thread resulted in him giving me a smoking deal on a pair of old school uppers...so here we go. Probably going to be a slow process. Plan at the moment is a 14.5 somalia-ish carbine with the C7 upper, and a M16A2 clone of my shithole rifle with the A2 upper.
  21. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    Woohoo got some parts today. Ive had this damn FSB off way too many times now with crappy tools lol. Starting to look a little rough around the taper pin holes. Feeling much more OG now with the proper hanguards and grip.
  22. Ouch....too low for armalite really is some bottom of the barrel stuff! 😄
  23. blue109


    Nice! Used mine all day today. Cut 4 big limbs and a pile of smaller stuff. Love these knives. I passed on the folder since they are Taiwan made, but they look nice for the price.
  24. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    Just need some DCUs
  25. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    Workable for the moment....but not done. I had no experience with "FAT" rifle handguards, but I like the fat carbine hanguards more than the skinny M4 style so I thought it would be fine. Turns out they are pretty ugly. They also made the A2 grip look too small so I threw a magpul on there. FH is also temp. I have my spare manimal on it for now until I pick up a birdcage from my friend. At some point ill grab a USGI shiny handguard and A2 stock to swap to make it more correct.