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Everything posted by blue109

  1. "I'm spooning a Barrett .50. I can kill a building. "
  2. I use to watch street outlaws but it got kind of boring. Started watching it again recently and I'm hooked....and now the bug bit me to build another fast car. Wife's Subaru is on its last legs and my truck is paid off, so I need to convince her we need something fun.
  3. Don't buy a crappy barrel lol. I jumped in on the clearance barrel at Rainier Arms and it has a super short chamber. Sent it back to manufacturer because I was outside of Rainiers 30day warranty window. Hope they replace it.
  4. I keep an expanding baton, a small aluminum bat, a pistol, and an AR in my truck at all times. I can escalate as force disparity requires lol.
  5. It's a sad commentary on our society when people's first thought is we need police to defend us. What doodle says is probably how the jury will look at it, and that's some bullish. I'm with @98Z5V here in that if someone is on my porch and they refuse to leave ...they are going to leave. Easy way or hard way.
  6. Domestic situations involving children/custody will always be a shitsh0w due to our unbelievably corrupt family law system. This whole situation sucks. The shooter will probably go down, and I feel for him because if I was in that situation where my wife's ex is screaming at her in my front yard and he pushes me into the house, I might let my common sense go down the toilet and do something dumb as well. The wife should have gone inside immediately. If ex had tried to stop her, or come in after her, force might be justified. In this case, I don't really think so.
  7. So....I drank all my leftover fall shoot beer by 1pm when fam started showing up. Managed to eat one plate of food before I passed out. Woke up on the couch to an empty dark house. Ate some pie. Ate some more pie with coffee and Advil this morning. Basically, a perfect turkey day 😄
  8. But on the positive...fall shoot figured out my 308 issues. Teeny bit under gassed. Ran like a Rolex with Tommy's can. Ate 4 types of ammo. Gonna drill that beast out a smidge. To be fair, Criterion basically made that 16" rifle gas barrel for our forum, and I'm pretty sure mine was one of the first off the line. Probably something they got sorted by now. My MK12 MOD 0 continues to be an absolute animal. I can't remember the gun ever jamming since I built it. Not once. Spring shoot she was slapping 850 consistently with a hard wind with 77gr black hills ammo. This trip we didn't set up the long side, and I was really low on good ammo. Spent some time hammering the oxygen tank at 600+ yds at night with a no illum 3-9 and 55gr poop ammo. I will never sell that gun.
  9. Fckng cheap grendel barrel. Some of you may have seen my short chamber grendel rip the bullet right out of the case when I tried to mortar it lol. Rainier Arms told me to kick rocks because it had been over 30 days. It had been over 30 days because the gun ran decent and zeroed on 100gr wolf ammo. I saved my heavier match ammo for the shoot. Good ammo locked that bish up tight. Fortunately the manufacturer responded and told me to send it in. Now, many of you think pulling an AR barrel is no big deal....you clearly never built a side charging upper (that doesn't fit in your vise block) with a PRI MK12/top rail setup lol. Compete PITA. I think I'm more mad at the 70 or so rounds I blew before I realized what was going on. Hope this experiment ends up being worth the trouble. I just wanted a tic-tac-toe gun.
  10. I threw 3 rounds at it, never saw splash, and quit lol.
  11. Maybe that's why his mags don't work lol. He's buying them AR10 mags.
  12. @Matt.Cross probably doesn't have a girlfriend after all the bro-love I witnessed last weekend. I heard he took part in a dude sandwich
  13. I'll bet Steve is alot of fun at parties.
  14. As impressive as @JBMatt intoxicated marksmanship is, I'm much more impressed with the fact that he was up and shooting again before any of the rest of us got out of our sleeping bags.
  15. If you ask about a product, and nobody here has tried it yet, we will collectively try to coerce you into buying it. It's for the good of the whole. Let us know how that mag works out 😉
  16. Not too surprising. Their receivers use to just be rebranded DPMS. Looks like they changed the lowers up a little though.
  17. Damn. That FAB looks pretty cool. Might have to look into that. All my guns share my GGG bipod right now lol. I have the VLTOR version of that UTG bipod that mounts to the side rails on my 18" 308. Seemed like a cool idea the way it folds up and out of the way, but it's just a terrible design for anything other than a nice flat bench. No swivel, no cant. Have to drag the feet to make tiny corrections. I hate that thing.
  18. Hahahahaha.....that's awesome. I still want that original
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