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Everything posted by blue109

  1. blue109

    New here - total novice

    Ive gone back to milspec CHs on most of my ARs. Raptor on the 308 and BCM on the SPR but those will probably go back to standard at some point.
  2. blue109

    Hunter killer movie

    Cheezy and unrealistic...but pretty dang entertaining! Would recommend a watch.
  3. blue109

    Lucas Gun Oil

    I still use mobil 1 for deep clean and remoil aerosol for range touchup. They are both cheap and easy. One of my rifles that hasnt been used in a long time and had the 98 mystery oil liberally applied seemed a little gummy when I pulled it out recently. Anyone else experience that? It was somewhat sticky or filmy. Maybe I didnt get all the old oil off and they mixed poorly or maybe it got dusty. Just thought it was odd. I stripped it down and re-lubed it.
  4. blue109

    Lucas Gun Oil

    Wonder if its significantly different from some other lucas oil product or just repurposed as gun oil.
  5. We weren't judging you man. No need to get so defensive. We all started assembling somewhere. Nobody expect you to be perfect on your first try assembling a firearm.
  6. And yet our 308 assemblies run! Where does that leave you?
  7. He was here before. If I remember right he didnt like hearing that his ebay barrel needed to have the gas port enlarged. BEST PARTS!
  8. If you have to tell people you are trolling...then maybe you aren't really trolling.
  9. People dont think being able to edit their posts be like it is.... But it do
  10. Jolly good show man!!! Real smack in the gob!
  11. Bunch of bloody wankers the lot of you! Ey govnah
  12. blue109

    Have to ask(For a friend)

    I was a manager of a strip club and my wife was one of my bartenders when we met. we didnt have any illusions about what was in our respective shoe boxes lol.
  13. blue109

    Have to ask(For a friend)

    So you took the road less traveled to make it up to her?
  14. Know the main difference between 98s considerable number of "assemblies" and your best/compatible component "build"? His run Buh dum chhhhing
  15. Damnit @DNP....im reading all his posts in a British accent now picturing him in a smoking jacket with a bubble pipe. maybe a handlebar mustache
  16. blue109

    Have to ask(For a friend)

    Dont know....but it would explain why so many get lost in boating accidents
  17. blue109

    My first 7.62x39 AR

    Reverse grip and low-pro magazine for super ninja prone shooting. This could be the next big trend!
  18. blue109

    Favorite Recipes

    We just got an instapot....wifee made orange chicken day 1 and it was amazing. I see good things coming.
  19. A bunch of the companies licensing the velocity trigger jumped ship when the mossberg/CMC lawsuit was filed. Not sure what the end result was but velocity raised prices so im assuming they agreed to pay out and the consumers eat the difference.
  20. blue109

    Have to ask(For a friend)

    This is why we dont have a bible subforum.
  21. blue109

    For me to live is Christ

    Exactly what a heathen would say 😞
  22. blue109

    Have to ask(For a friend)

    If a trij thermal optic was on the table id get a backward running start on that badboy
  23. blue109

    Have to ask(For a friend)

    Depends....is she wanting to fire it out of his Xproducts can launcher like @98Z5V is fond of doing? If so I hear double headed purple jelly dongs have the best ballistic coefficient.
  24. blue109

    For me to live is Christ

    I went to church xmas eve because my little girl was singing. The show was great but I was supremely disappointed to discover the pulp fiction bible verse (Ezekiel 25:17) is not what Jewels says it is in the movie. Only the last line is similar. My entire life is a lie.