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  1. Low end vortex is china, mid level vortex is Philippines, High end vortex is USA/Japan.
  2. Whatever country we retreat from next is going to love those!
  3. There was somebody nearby rocking looooong strings of full auto. Had to have been belt fed.
  4. The thing is fast! I was only loading 10 rounds, but it was screaming, and I feel like I could speed it up with a little more practice. I'm still kind of hesitant. I should have pulled the scope off, but I was out 4wheeling and hadn't planned on doing much shooting. Just wanted to see if it ran.
  5. @Steve_In_29 you still liking that FAB bipod? I found them for 90 and thinking about grabbing one.
  6. @sketch @SubGrub Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? Probably not lol. I have a pretty hardcore brake on this gun. Some of you have been punished by it. You can actually see the camera shake from the side blast in the video. Even with that, there is basically zero control. A non magnified RDS or just irons would be better but still pretty useless. I was probably minute-of-yardstick at 50yds. I couldn't even see through the scope so it was just point and shoot. Might be cool if you had it braced really well on some bags and needed to keep some rioters heads down or swiss cheese a Prius, but you aren't shooting groups with this thing. I also think I broke my charging handle. You can see it slapping around. One strange thing, I found it hard to STOP shooting. A round going off on trigger release is both disorienting and a little frightening. It threw me off, and caused me to grab the trigger again, firing another round on that release. It's hard to explain, but it's kinda sketchy. I'm sure a little practice gets you through that. I really just did a few 2 and 3 rd mags for function check and then a couple 10 rounders for fun. Not as cool at the rare breed, but I'm not sure if RB would work in a 308. I don't think it will without modification. It is handy to have the selector switch. I wish the forced reset triggers could figure that trick out. PXL_20220108_195244536~3.mp4
  7. Ha! Awesome. I wasn't real hopeful that would work either lol.
  8. Worst case....a bolt catch isn't essential to a functional rifle. It's not even super important. I'd just spend a while rocking it while you are watching TV or whatever and see if you can get it to wear in and loosen up.
  9. Look at British cars....you wouldn't care either. That wouldn't fly here. In fact, I wish a MoFo would try. Even lefties would blast those politicians straight out of office. Americans of all walks of life tend to make statements with the automobile they drive.
  10. If I don't have to leave the warm house, Im ok with snow lol
  11. Every time I watch the revenant, I just think I wouldn't even want to survive in that level of misery...not that I could. I enjoy "winter" for a few weeks out of the year. I'm Much happier at 115 than 15. I did catch Tucson's first snow day last Wednesday so I think I'm about good until next year. Me and my two favorite people had some fun.
  12. Most scope manufacturers will list the largest objective they can handle. Should be fine with a standard 1.5ish" rail to center. I usually make a little spacer out of cardboard or something to test the height of a scope before I order the mount and make sure it's in a comfortable spot. Just remember some manufacturers measure from the rail to the bottom of the ring, and some measure from the rail to the center point if the ring. Adjust accordingly.
  13. The parallax when you are way over bore really makes a difference at long range. I try to get all my scopes as low as possible while still being comfortable. Lots of measuring and searching different manufacturers specs.
  14. Is this for a ballistic calculator or something? I generally just eyeball it with a measuring tape. Half way through the barrel to halfway through the scope tube. Should be plenty close. If you are trying to measure for a specific scope mount, I usually mock up spacers with cardboard or something to make sure my measurements translate over to real world usage.
  15. Don't really understand why a 2stage would have any different functionality than a single stage? All the 2-stagy-ness happens when the bolt is already closed.
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