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  1. Walther Q5 Match

    Updated the holster pics at the end of page 1 to some nicer ones. Another 400 flawless rounds today. Mostly S&B 115 gr junk I plink with and some 124 HST that I carry to confirm any change in POI. Used P99, PPQ, SW99, and MR9 mags. Not a single stutter. I really like this gun. The RMS sight is still dead on. Shield is releasing their custom Q5 optic plate at SHOT that is lower than the factory walther plate and will allow a better cowitness. Waiting on a price to see if its worth buying. They are officially announcing a RMSc optic that has the same footprint but is narrower than the standard RMS for mounting on subcompacts and 1911s. rumor mill says they are also announcing a RMSw model that is waterproof and hardened for duty use. I think Shield is about to be a player. I also put new mepros on the workhorse P99 and ran 150 through her to zero. Boringly reliable as usual. Still my baby.
  2. Women are afraid men will kill them

    He Is Brilliant
  3. Women are afraid men will kill them

    Men are afraid that women will kill our soul. the odds are far in their favor.
  4. Any gamers here? Need your help!

    Ahhhhh. You should have just said it in english the first time :D I think I subscribed. i subscribed to something at any rate lol.
  5. Any gamers here? Need your help!

    Have no idea what any of that means
  6. AI Mini Drones now Reality, Good or NOT

    The real question...was it iran or the CIA who set up those guidance systems?
  7. Ive scrolled through calguns before so im not. The Stockholm syndrome runs deep.
  8. Cali Compliance, neutered AR!

    Jeez people...ive been waiting days for someone to appreciate that jab. I actually LOLed when I wrote it.
  9. Cheek riser (review)

    That looks naughty. I dont need a riser, but the cheek weld on A1/A2 stocks kinda sucks. That looks like it might help.
  10. Cheek riser (review)

    Definitely the coolest looking riser out! Wonder if it would fit a A2 stock.
  11. Blue builds OG

    Thanks man! Numeric has 14.5 bushmaster barrels pinned with FSBs for cheap. Think ill snag one for the carbine. Just working on uppers for now.
  12. Blue builds OG

    I had planned on being done with AR builds for a while, but a harmless comment on Siscos thread resulted in him giving me a smoking deal on a pair of old school uppers...so here we go. Probably going to be a slow process. Plan at the moment is a 14.5 somalia-ish carbine with the C7 upper, and a M16A2 clone of my shithole rifle with the A2 upper.
  13. The Miracle Valley Shootout

    Id guess a bit of both. I dont expect that area would take too kindly to 300 militant black people showing up overnight and buying half the town.
  14. The Miracle Valley Shootout

    My old partner at work use to tell me about that. We would pass by the place a few times a week. Looks super creepy. I always wanted to go poke around in there.
  15. What is Condition Red Ordnance Mfg.?

    Like a one-stop awesome shop. Your above reasons are exactly why i dont have hard armor. cant wait to see what you are working on.