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  1. blue109

    Et tu benchmade?

    This will get ugly with people researching all the donations....and im ok with that.
  2. blue109

    Et tu benchmade?

    Seems BM has thrown a bit of money at anti-gun dems. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2019/02/josh-wayner/does-benchmade-knives-support-second-amendment-rights/
  3. blue109

    Et tu benchmade?

    I just see benchmade voluntarily participating in leftist policy. The fact that the guns would be destroyed regardless doesnt mean they should have helped out.
  4. blue109

    Et tu benchmade?

    Im against leftists destroying guns for any reason and therefore against the guys running the saws. I think it was a bad call and its going to cost them...and it should.
  5. Did they just TROY themselves? Im a ZT guy anyway but I have been browsing balisongs. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/02/21/benchmade-helps-destroy-guns/amp/
  6. blue109

    I cant shoot left handed

    Update: perfect qual! We have a new course of fire. The left/right unsupported went down to 3 rounds each and the distance closed in to 7' for those. We also did 2+2 drawing and shooting from the hip at 3' which was fun. its certainly not an impressive feat to shoot at 7', but I grouped the left handers nice. Canted gun with both eyes open at center mass worked well. Might be the new sight setup on the FN but they seemed very clear and intuitive. some standard timed shooting/mag changes at 15' and 21'. The rest of the new course pushed out to 45'. I got cocky on the last mag at range and they started slipping low but they were still all in the scoring zone. Not a huge fan of the 509 but its not bad. We got 50rds to play with and then got scored. My first gun (the one I qualified with) wouldnt lock back on last round. After I shot I swapped it out for another one he had and ran another 50 through it and it worked fine so im keeping it. The trigger reset sucks. Its long and mushy, but the trigger itself is decent. Dont really like the feel of the grip. Its very aggressive and squared off but it does point well for me. We still have our M&Ps for now while they finish paperwork on the FNs so I hope to get it out to the range one more time before we start carrying it.
  7. blue109

    I cant shoot left handed

    Its always timed and our guy is strict on the stopwatch. Im not concerned with the score as im in no danger of failing, (state qualifications are a joke and we shoot a slightly ramped up state course) but ive identified a seriously weak area that I need to practice.
  8. blue109

    I cant shoot left handed

    It all makes sense. Gives me something to work on.
  9. blue109

    I cant shoot left handed

    I actually tried that and it seemed more natural but I felt kinda silly. now that you bring it up and I try the pointing thing I see you are right. My left hand is naturally about 1:30 while my right is closer to 12
  10. blue109

    I cant shoot left handed

    Im not expecting much....and they even make it a pain in the ass to practice. We use to just keep our weapons but something somewhere happened and we turn them in every night now. You can sign it out to shoot but you need to drive back and sign it back in when you are done so nobody ever does.
  11. blue109

    I cant shoot left handed

    I wish I tried some point shooting. Maybe next weekend. We are trading in our M&P .40s for FN509 9MMs at work tomorrow. Hopefully we get some familiarization rounds before we qual but knowing my company they are just going to throw us into it lol.
  12. Part of our pistol qual is 5 shots unsupported strong and then weak hand. Its at super close range and I still have a really hard time keeping them in the scoring zone. Spent about 100 rds today just on my left hand and I still suck. Sights are lined up...im squeezing slow...and BANG bullet goes 6" low right. I tried using left, right, and both eyes open. Right eye left hand seems to give me the best results but ugly. My normal strong/supported shooting is good and I usually qual perfect (with a couple ugly holes at the edge thanks to that left hander) so I dont think its basics. Any training tips other than range time and dryfire?
  13. blue109

    Question about RDS/HWS magnifiers

    I tried the burris magnifier behind an eotech. My main issue was the weight and the way it was distributed. Rifle felt like it wanted to tip sideways like it was top heavy and unbalanced. got rid of it. Sample size of one.
  14. blue109

    Illinois SB 337 passed

    I was about to order an upper for this AR barrel I have sitting here last week but I didnt feel like starting a new build...so I sent $30 to GOA and $20 to AZCDL instead. Im confident we are at the end of the 2A, and we will see it either repealed or reinterpreted to death in our lifetime.
  15. blue109


    The 30s and 50s do not stack on each other. I have 1k rds of 9mm in one of them and it doesnt flex or feel like its going to break. Has a rubber seal in the top and they close solidly. only paid $23 for the set. I see it went up a good bit. Wish I bought 2