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  1. So mike probably cant see the pics either and just wants this poor gent to start grinding away on his gun lol. @GT8888 did you use the upload function to add pics directly from your gallery? Im not seeing them. Just hit the little paperclip and it should let you select pics to add.
  2. Pump the brakes my man! I cant see your pics for some reason, but get a 3rd or 4th opinion before permanently cutting into important stuff. Is this gun assembled yet? Has it been fired? Also...mikedaddys first instinct is always dremel 😄
  3. I still want a Beretta M9A3. Just because I want it.
  4. blue109

    1 Mile Showdown

    Hell yeah! Or to keep it cheaper, morale patches! You just got my brain turning. A 308AR SDTF patch with add on rockers for 800, 1000, 1200, 1mile, night shoot, high angle. damn...im going to look into this lol.
  5. blue109

    1 Mile Showdown

    I have a qual range today way the hell out at the 3points range west of tucson. Our trainer flew in from texas yesterday. I was trying to convince him to drive a little further and move our qual up to the SDTF to see the shenanigans😄 Almost had him thinking about it but the old guys didnt want to drive that far.
  6. blue109


    I doubt the 10 people who post on this forum are the reason they sold out lol. It said there were 130 lots (125rds) in stock when I found it on google, plus more of the non-blem and bigger lots of the blem.
  7. blue109


    From another thread. Thought id repost here. better get on it. https://www.theamericanmarksman.com/factory-2nds-bullets-1st--308-175-gr-smk--125-ct.html
  8. Seeing as how tight ammo is at the moment, might be swell of you to post a link if you found a deal. Looks like you are talking about this? https://www.theamericanmarksman.com/factory-2nds-bullets-1st--308-175-gr-smk--125-ct.html
  9. blue109

    1 Mile Showdown

    Or a nice rubber mallet
  10. blue109

    1 Mile Showdown

    DNP trying to chase off more OGs
  11. blue109

    1 Mile Showdown

    Just unreal. If I didnt see it go down, I couldnt appreciate it. Target is in those foothills....and bladed about 45* away making that 18" even smaller. You can see the spall from the hit shooting straight out sideways.
  12. If its the KelTec, its garbage. I had one for a short while.
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