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  1. I feel like A.R.M.S. was high speed stuff 20 years ago, and hasn't really done anything impressive since. Just riding that reputation.
  2. I dig this song, but the lyrics are pretty good. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mOBfdkGSUWg
  3. Sleeping isn't a problem, but I recommend you open your fridge cautiously
  4. I have unending issue with this. When the levels tell me I'm right, my eye tells me I'm wrong and it bugs the crap out of me.
  5. I would NOT trust any loading or shooting advice from this scrub.
  6. @Robocop1051 should check this out. He loves CMMG parts.
  7. Damn.....what can I sell to raise some toy funds lol.
  8. My father in law had been using my weaver tactical on his 308, and I stole it back for my Grendel. Came across this deal as a replacement. Bushnell nitro 5-20x. Listed around $499 almost everywhere but I found it on sale for 219. Looks like it went up to 229 since last week. This version is SFP, MOA, has a pretty blocky basic reticle but for the price it should be sweet on a basic hunting gun that you aren't spinning dials or doing tactical ish with. Turrets have nice clicks. feels solid. glass looks pretty good looking out my window. Comes with a sun shade and caps in the box. They have fancier versions FFP with cool reticle for a few hundred more. I ordered one of those new non QD UTG mounts for it because they look really nice for $40 and have been getting good reviews. Should be a pretty light functional setup for not alot of money. The small objective and no Illum is sub optimal, but it's going on a hunting/target gun so low light shouldn't be a big concern. https://www.natchezss.com/bushnell-nitro-rifle-scope-5-20x44mm-30mm-sfp-deploy-moa-reticle-matte.html
  9. Good call. Proprietary stuff is always a hassle
  10. I've gotten two coworkers to buy these, and my father in law might scoop one up after seeing my video lol. Just doing my part.
  11. I would like to stomp the skinny pedal in a Tesla S plaid....or a Rimac Nevada.
  12. You could get some rail sections from Precision Reflex inc. if you wanted to mount anything to the tube. Pri
  13. I dont have any experience with the enhanced upper, but I wonder if you couldn't research up a carbon tube with a matching internal diameter and drill some holes for the screws? Quick Google gave me this site but there are probably lots of options. Carbon tubes
  14. Going to blame @98Z5V and the entertaining .45 PCC for this. Forgot how cathartic pewpewpew is.
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