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  1. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    Woohoo got some parts today. Ive had this damn FSB off way too many times now with crappy tools lol. Starting to look a little rough around the taper pin holes. Feeling much more OG now with the proper hanguards and grip.
  2. Ouch....too low for armalite really is some bottom of the barrel stuff! 😄
  3. blue109


    Nice! Used mine all day today. Cut 4 big limbs and a pile of smaller stuff. Love these knives. I passed on the folder since they are Taiwan made, but they look nice for the price.
  4. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    Just need some DCUs
  5. blue109

    Blue builds OG

    Workable for the moment....but not done. I had no experience with "FAT" rifle handguards, but I like the fat carbine hanguards more than the skinny M4 style so I thought it would be fine. Turns out they are pretty ugly. They also made the A2 grip look too small so I threw a magpul on there. FH is also temp. I have my spare manimal on it for now until I pick up a birdcage from my friend. At some point ill grab a USGI shiny handguard and A2 stock to swap to make it more correct.
  6. blue109

    Wife’s New Ride...

    Pretty cool looking truck. Since you posted this ive seen 4 of them in the same color. Not sure if ive just never noticed or maybe the rental fleet unloaded a ton of them nationwide.
  7. blue109

    Sunspot New Mexico

    As in MAGA and Trump memes? Not saying there isnt any porn....but if there is, they either put it there or they found it while they were looking for their ACTUAL reason to be there.
  8. blue109

    Sunspot New Mexico

    Saw that....and a pile of others plausible and silly theories well. Turns out FBI swooped down in blackhawks, evacuated the site, was seen climbing around on the equipment, and keeping residents, employees, and local LE in the dark because the janitor downloaded kiddie porn. nothing to see here folks. Just doin muh jerb.
  9. blue109

    Sunspot New Mexico

    2 weeks later and this is the best cover .gov can come up with? https://www.ktsm.com/news/local/el-paso-news/child-pornography-reason-behind-sunspot-observatory-closure-according-to-court-documents/1460386237
  10. blue109

    Some stuffs I need

    Looks like I found my stuffs local. Can shut this down.
  11. blue109

    Sicario 2

    The gunfights were fast and brutal. I wish it ended different (darker).
  12. blue109

    Sicario 2

    Just watched this. Maybe not quite as awesome as the first one.....but still super badass. I enjoyed it.
  13. blue109

    Off the deep end.

    Agree. Ive been following some WM clearance threads and its pretty common. I found a smoking deal on some binos and the store showed 2 in stock. Girl at the counter insisted it was a mistake. Went as far as to fake asking someone to look in the back on her radio (yeah....I know that trick). I was going to go back the next day but the stock went to zero. Guess "someone" found them.
  14. blue109

    Off the deep end.

    There are some smoking walmart clearance shotguns floating around. Pardner pumps for $97 and 870s for $139. if you want to see if you have any cheap guns in your local wally world Go to brickseek.com For the 870 express..plug in the UPC 047700255873 and your zip code.
  15. blue109

    Sunspot New Mexico

    If Trump unveils a veritec fighter or a hover tank at the military parade, im reenlisting. And for you and rob..