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  1. Had 3x 60hr weeks in a row. Checks are good but damn man, im getting too old for this ish. Did the Easter stuff and egg hunts at the church yesterday so today the fam went to go swim at nanas house and I skipped out for some Zen. Did a little shooting but mostly just drove around by myself enjoying the day. Finally played with the crawl control and E-locker on some steep rocky stuff. Cant wait to get some beefier tires.
  2. Are those round tubes all for AR10?
  3. In for 1 complete @ $110 if they aren't spoken for!
  4. Love those. One slipped through my fingers for $350. It was ugly but I wanted to make a whippit so bad.
  5. I love the GI stocks. Dont know why. There are many designs with better ergos but I always go back.
  6. I think I scrounged up most of the rifle stocks on here lol
  7. My daughter is having issues with the toilet situation so i think I just need to build/buy a nice little camp shitter and we will be ok.
  8. We have a small area where the somalis seem to have dug in. We also call it little Mogadishu. ....but not because "its array of Somali-centered organizations, businesses, and mosques" We call it that because you roll the windows up and lock the doors when you drive through.
  9. I just took it down and actually got it all back in the bag! Id be cool with hammock camping but its going to take some work to get the fam out. I figure the mansion tent will help.
  10. @edgecrusher Slim picking. Limited stock means they probably just have one on the shelf or a display model. I haven't had good luck scoring limited stock deals. These things are heavy though. Shipping might suck pretty bad.
  11. The kids dont want to take it down lol. We set it up with half the poles just to get a feel for assembly.
  12. They had some 3 man tents down to $15 but I couldnt find any. Its worth a look.
  13. You might have to ask. They are usually in the back. There was actually only one on the shelf in sholow and the other was in the back but the employee was totally cool and went and grabbed it for me
  14. @98Z5V You have a good shot. BS Is showing a bunch near you https://brickseek.com/p/ozark-trail-12-person-base-camp/5593818#in-store-offers
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