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  1. I love that cannon dearly. It sucks the air from your lungs when you fire it. Has its own "feel". Ive fired it with a .50 DE and a .500S&W and the .460SW is the only one I enjoy shooting. It just thumps a little bit different.
  2. Apologies for getting back on track...but targetsport has privi 168 match for 14.49 but shipping is free on cases. Works out to be cheaper for me through them https://www.targetsportsusa.com/prvi-partizan-match-308-winchester-ammo-168-gr-hp-pp321-p-88.aspx
  3. I had a 16" heavy rifle length 556 barrel milled down from .925 to .625 between the fsp and extension. It cut the weight in half.
  4. I watched the first season or two of that show. Damn those cars are nasty...I just get bored of the background fake drama they always try to introduce.
  5. Im not really into PCCs....but I feel an irresistible need for anything with a raised monolithic top rail. Quite the conundrum lol.
  6. Solution looking for a problem. Had a friend who like to buy every AR gizmo he could find on the net. one piece rings...enhanced bolts...coated sptings...Just to annoy him I would line up the gaps in my standard rings and shoot all day with no issue.
  7. I went to put my #41 on and the gas tube roll pin on the old GGG gas block that was on there is retardedly stuck. I broke my punch and it barely budged. Said screw that and ordered a new gas tube lol. guess that gas block gets to keep that tube.
  8. Got mine as well. Thx amigo.
  9. Honestly been wanting this FSGB since I built this rifle. I like the GGG but this one just feels like its meant to be on there. Thanks for the enablement lol.
  10. Had 3x 60hr weeks in a row. Checks are good but damn man, im getting too old for this ish. Did the Easter stuff and egg hunts at the church yesterday so today the fam went to go swim at nanas house and I skipped out for some Zen. Did a little shooting but mostly just drove around by myself enjoying the day. Finally played with the crawl control and E-locker on some steep rocky stuff. Cant wait to get some beefier tires.
  11. Are those round tubes all for AR10?
  12. In for 1 complete @ $110 if they aren't spoken for!
  13. Love those. One slipped through my fingers for $350. It was ugly but I wanted to make a whippit so bad.
  14. I love the GI stocks. Dont know why. There are many designs with better ergos but I always go back.
  15. I think I scrounged up most of the rifle stocks on here lol
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