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  1. blue109

    NM training camp

    Feds bulldozed the site. Suspects get cheap bond. Drops off the media radar completely. nothing to see here folks. CIA was here. Id be concerned if I were one of those NM officers who busted the place.
  2. blue109

    Pictures of Cars !

    That stinger is a bad beast. Depending on how some things work out for me ive been looking around at a fun car. Ive been an import guy since I could drive but damn if the big 3 arent putting out some nice stuff. Those 392 chargers (or even the scat pack) look bad ass. I like the look of new ponys as well and they arent slow. chevy SS looks pretty cool as well.
  3. blue109

    WTB Battleline industries SOPMOD SAPR

    I had one. I think I sold it in here. It does what it advertises for the most part. It adds a significant amount of weight and a good bit of length. i didnt like the bulk and it was overkill for me so I got rid of it. If I remember right, I couldnt get the cheek piece exactly where I wanted. Would it be easier to just get better fitting rings, or is the scope objective huge requiring a high mount?
  4. blue109

    NM training camp

    Gonna release this upstanding member of the community because he is clearly no threat to anyone.....am I taking fcking crazy pills? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/13/horrifying-details-released-in-investigation-extremist-muslim-compound-that-allegedly-conducted-school-shooting-training.html
  5. blue109

    If you ARE NOT Handicapped...

    Aaaaaand hes been charged. Prepare for riots if he beats it.
  6. blue109

    NM training camp

    When the story first broke...it made no mention of nationality or religion...only said "heavily armed men with AR15s in desert compound holding kids hostage". Even my first mental image was crazy militia types. Then the story floats to page 3 as details slowly emerge. The Psyops campaign is strong.
  7. blue109

    NM training camp

    Interesting...grandpa jihad himself taking credit for tipping off FBI on the camp http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny-metro-brooklyn-imam-terror-camp-20180809-story.html?outputType=amp Useless FBI dropped the ball again. Watched the compound for 2 months. SO finally said F this and stormed it. https://thehayride.com/2018/08/holton-a-major-twist-to-the-new-mexico-school-shooter-training-camp-story/
  8. blue109

    NM training camp

    And in local news.... https://www.kgun9.com/news/local-news/tucson-refugees-immigration-fraud
  9. blue109

    NM training camp

    Official confirmation hasnt come out...but I just read that the body they found buried was IDd as the 3yr old son. This vid was on the Occupy Democrats Logic facebook page. Not sure if you need an account to see it but I cant find it outside of facebook. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=638525076547411&id=1646874365530472&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic Also not in the mainstream...one of the guys is the son of a NY radical imam who was suspected of involvement in the 93 world trade center bombing.
  10. blue109

    NM training camp

    Did I miss the topic or have we not posted this yet? Id think it would be front page news every day across the web, but I guess NFL players and Hollywood Blvd stars are too important to bump. https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/08/man-arrested-at-new-mexico-compound-was-training-kids-to-commit-school-shootings-court-documents-say.amp.html
  11. blue109

    WTB A.R.M.S. #41-B Folding FSB

    But fancy posts with crosshairs and aiming dots are way cooler...those guys at Picatinny dont know what they are doing.
  12. blue109

    WTB A.R.M.S. #41-B Folding FSB

    Lol nice. I love seeing someone talk themselves into gun parts 😄 I want one for this guy....because that VLTOR handguard was meant for a A frame front sight and looks bad ass that way...but I like getting out of the way of the aimpoint.
  13. blue109

    WTB A.R.M.S. #41-B Folding FSB

    Ive been kinda wanting one for my 14.5 for years...just dont want to take my rifle apart because it runs so nice lol. Nobody touches numerichs price on them.
  14. blue109

    integrity challenge

    I sure as hell wouldnt have called about it...nice watch though.