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  1. Another fancy part that 97% of PA10 buyers will NEVER adjust, but will always use it as a bragging point.
  2. Correct...but if the gun is so sensitive that a few extra oz in the rifle buffer cripples it, than even if it works with the carbine buffer it would have to be right on the edge of failure. Seems like something else is going on. Maybe get it out there with a known strong rifle and start swapping uppers/lowers/guts to see if you can isolate an issue. I was mag dumping crappy ammo into a chunk of plywood until the barrel smoked and the handguard was too hot to hold so I know that gas port diameter is plenty big for that setup.
  3. Just had mine out the other day. Still running beautiful with the standard rifle buffer. Want to make sure you did not use the little spacer that came with the arms fsgb right? Give the carbine buffer a shot but it shouldnt matter. You should be able to go either way on that and not notice a huge difference.
  4. PRI is nice but I dont know about 10". I think you can choose carbine, rifle, 14" or 15". OD is 2" I believe.
  5. Dont know anything about that rifle but if it even roughly follows either of the two main standards than it will have plenty of quad rails that fit without altering anything....so id probably figure that out before I bought stuff that didnt fit and tried to make it fit. many quad rails will have proprietary barrel nuts so its more than just turning down the one you have. the complete dimensions of the pic. rail are important so you cant just machine it down to make it match the receiver height or vice versa. It wont work anymore. maybe im just not understanding what you are wanting to do?
  6. Its not that shootings just started happening. ....they just started getting thrown all over the news again. There was the bad one at the CA festival and the globalists saw a good chance for another push, so the word went out to the media slaves to report EVERYTHING gun related they can find and keep it on top.
  7. Lest we forget the prototype for the B (v) TAC sling...all hail the SPR. 😉 A rifle without a sling is like a pistol without a holster. Just a range toy.
  8. We use to get 511 TDUs for work. Those things are really tough. They bleach out before they fail. Had a few pairs that lasted years. They got cheap and switched to Galls brand pants. Jury is still out but not bad so far. Thinner but seem well stitched. Not falling apart yet. Only complaint is the belt loops are tight and its a bastard to get my cobra buckle through them.
  9. Man...I had that guitars cousin. It was red, and only had 2 knobs (vol and tone) but otherwise looked identical. One of the many treasures I lost when I disowned that side of the family. Havnt spoken to any of them since the late 90s when I torched that bridge.
  10. Occurred to me I dont have a shotgun. Wtf.
  11. Early 40s, and consider myself in pretty decent shape for my bracket....but ill hang out with SS and sisco and babysit the beer cooler at the finish line. We can make TEAM SILVERBACK T-shirts.
  12. I know man, im just being difficult. I know we all like to lego up our lego guns, but when you have something that works, and throw parts at it just for the sake of throwing parts at it that will only marginally improve its operation under the best circumstances, you might be better off just going back to the known good until you have a strong grasp on these beasts and know exactly what it is you are trying to accomplish and how you plan to accomplish it. Ive reverted pretty hard back to KISS on almost all my guns and I might jus be salty so feel free to tell me to shove it lol.
  13. If only there were a way to get the gun to run without all these modifications......
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