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  1. I got it in there. My ancient phone is being a b!Tc# with these uploads lol. Can wait till eric gets home and settled. He took alot of pics.
  2. Unedited. Pics came out pretty good as is with my 6yr old phone.
  3. WTF is a MK12? 😉 But it was nice to get the kids together for their play date. Its been too long Also...as sad as it makes me, im going to have to swap the A1 stock to my VLTOR MOD. I love the look and simplicity but that cheek weld sucks for long shots. I have to put some function over form.
  4. Corporate sponsorship for 308AR? I got some free lube and ammo
  5. That was some amazing camp food. I barely touched any of the lunch stuff I brought.
  6. For sure man.I dont want to miss any more of these.
  7. Some funky wind today. Ive never shot like this before but managed several hits on the 1000 holding 2mil for the wind. I couldnt touch the 1200. Saturday we were all wrecking the 500 and 850 with multiple guns. Felt good to pop that 1K cherry. This trip really changed my mind about alot of gun stuff. Several are getting torn apart and revised.
  8. "im home!!!!!" "Dad....you stink!"
  9. Nice. Havnt been back over there so may have missed the boat on that one but its still on the list.
  10. Found some old videos of "downrange training" by that company. Holy crap. Amazed this is the first accident.
  11. Ive never even heard of a different size handguard cap. Ive had a few handguards that were a real bastard to get in. Was it close?
  12. I dont know if id say he was just writing to amuse people. He had some things to say and scifi was his medium. I watch the news and I think about this story often. basically a statistician who charts human behavior realizes we are circling the drain. Heinlein was a visionary. Maybe he was onto something. You can read the plot summary in the wiki page. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Year_of_the_Jackpot
  13. And while I have no doubt the interviews were cherry picked for most shock value=likes/shares, I understand that this is becoming the new norm. Add to this the upsurge in willingness to commit violence for minor reasons and generally act like a nuisance and a picture is being painted of our species beginning to nosedive. We will reach the point where we either need to cull the lowest common denominator to restore balance, or Orwellian 1984 will be the only way to continue on with any semblance of a civilization. Strong vote for pro choice here to begin that culling.
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