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  1. Way sharper angle on the PA ports. the machine work on the MBM is beautiful and ill probably have it milled for a "seamless" match with the barrel at some point.
  2. Damn!
  3. Depends on how far they got playing call of duty
  4. Just traded into a 7.62 M4-72. Dont need it and ill probably just trade it off but id like run it back to back with my MBM brake before I do. I will say it looks pretty sweet.
  5. Id go with M, because keymod always reminds me of industrial shelving at home depot.
  6. Pretty sure there is a good sized bear up there as well. he said his trash can was dragged about 15' up that hill a few weeks ago. Dont imagine a raccoon could pull that off.
  7. I just got home from a trip up to @Robocop1051 neck of the woods...my dad has a whole heard that practically take carrots out of his hand. The buck is skittish and didnt come around till the last day but the doe were ok with the kids after the first day. My boy also got to see his favorite sammiches in the wild.
  8. The 17rd mags look a little goofy. The baseplate is huge. Even looks funky on my 5", but they are comfy and seem a little faster. The PPQ with the button mag release (M2 frame) can use Canik TP9 20rd mags, and the paddle mag release (M1 frame) can use Magnum Research MR9 19 rd mags.
  9. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2017/10/17/first-look-walther-arms-ppq-m2-q4-tac/
  10. My Q5 is super sexy and I got a great deal on it so no regrets...ill just have to buy this one as well.
  11. Just released the Q4. 4" threaded barrel. Optic mounts. 3 mags (2x 17rd, 1 15 rd.) Daddy likee
  12. My wife bakes alot and kept killing mixers. Finally found her some vintage 40year old hobart mixer and its a tank.
  13. No warranty help on the old one? That sucks.
  14. Timmons was a setup. I didnt shoot the president!