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  1. damn. so sexy. would be an easy swap onto my A2
  2. samsies. i can never find baseball caps i like that dont sit on my head like a train conductor hat. ive had to buy youth size large a few times.
  3. Im really on the fence. My bud just refid his VA at 2.8% im thinking of going 15year if I can get that. Im at 4.5 now.
  4. It really shouldnt matter unless he torqued the hell out of them and I doubt he did. I dont have alot of faith in that company and it looks like crappy hardware is at fault here.
  5. I meant 20v. Seems dewalt 20v is more of a marketing ploy and is equivalent to Milwaukees 18v stuff.
  6. If I had unlimited funds id probably go with milwaukee just based on seeing toms little chain saw in action. that thing was rad. Ill probably go with the dewalt 18v stuff. I missed the ACE sale but im sure it will happen again soon.
  7. Pretty sure he made it...so its more like a classy prison shank that will get through metal detectors.
  8. That is the definition of "backup". It only needs to be sharp once. If it gets used, you wont be getting it back so it doesnt need to keep an edge.
  9. Oh dear....I love this.
  10. Finally watched this and thought it was awful. Dont think I laughed at all. Tried way too hard. Almost didnt make it through. Had much higher hopes after seeing the previews.
  11. Dewalt is only 3 year on the warranty, but I can get 3 tools with similar power/rating for a little more than any single milwaukee tool. Still poking around though and looking for a good priced package. this corona schedule has me sitting around at home finding stuff to spend money on.
  12. Been looking around. Price wise dewalt seems to be a bit cheaper with equally good reviews. Ace has a deal for the 2 pack 20v drill/impact driver with 2 batteries for $199, and you get a freebie tool with it (angle grinder, Rsaw, or circ saw) still looking but that seems pretty good.
  13. Ive never had a tool add at all on fb
  14. Dude....the ONLY place I brought this up is this board. I havnt searched any product. This discussion here with these couple posts is the ONLY time ive mentioned tools at all And this just popped up on facebook
  15. I went with 12v last time because it was cheap. Wont make that mistake again. Ill start looking at the Milwaukee and dewalt deals.
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