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  1. https://lis.virginia.gov/cgi-bin/legp604.exe?201+ful+HB67&fbclid=IwAR05TGpFmtoMCOug9672fC1O2L_silFOBh0MY3Qc_fxXwHp5exvpihpvBLY VA doubles down
  2. Im not getting a hardon about the sanctuary city hype until those counties walk the walk. Big gov already threatened to fire and prosecute any LE who dont comply so the world will be watching how this plays out with interest.
  3. That paint job was nasty. Really made me want to commission the artist 😉 problem I have is I keep changing parts around.
  4. really cool looking at these and thinking about it from the ground perspective while im offroading. already got some new stuff to check out. my usual playground was about 6 grids. i think ill jigsaw up each grid and laminate them so they arent too big and find a cool bag or pouch to keep them in.
  5. Somebody bought some military containers a few years ago full of USMC KAC sights. Dumped them all over ebay. I bought a pile if them for $38each. Made great trade fodder. KAC obviously lost their minds because its hard to rip people off for $300 when the market is saturated. Thats when they started hollering about stolen property. They tried to say they were concerned that the poor troops in theater didnt have any irons because of the evil sight thieves, but its really just profit margins and maintaining that exclusive branding. I wish I bought a ton more when they were all over.
  6. But do you really want to grind up you in-spec barrel so it matches your out of spec hipster receiver?
  7. Those things are expensive! Im going to kill some printer ink this weekend
  8. https://petapixel.com/2016/08/06/nat-geo-launches-free-website-printing-detailed-topographical-maps/?fbclid=IwAR0iRLce8I_Bp_YjatAlhrLBCMgw0RKgInTe549mWpjwXYXrHmai_6MxP4c
  9. Am I seeing holes through the top of the receiver?
  10. I had fun playing in the mud last weekend though! Haven't run up to the snow yet but its still up there.
  11. I was making my 2am tucson-phx-tucson round trip on friday. Passing through that area right around 530 and Its was nasty. deep standing water. Couldnt see the lane dividers at all. Hail was coming almost vertical across the road. Wind was nasty. Ive driven through alot of bad weather but I seriously wanted to pull off and just wait it out.
  12. Sex as usual. Paint job?
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