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  1. You're welcome
  2. You got a much better view than me
  3. Older LR308 target rifle. Not sure of the exact model but its pretty standard. The 24" bull barrels came fluted or non. the stock was definitely added after. That is the "target height" upper reciever, which works fine but will cause you some headaches if you want to add iron sights or swap out handguards. Dont think they make those anymore.
  4. This was in the pile of old gun mags laying around my break room at work
  5. Thats gorgeous.
  6. I just skimmed it...but looks like the other guns passed? Proving once and for all that glock>sig?
  7. I remember I bought a glock and had some problems with it right out of the box Said nobody ever.....
  8. And track maintenance.
  9. Id like a MK25 in the safe just because.. and a M9A3 as well. Both way overpriced for what they are and I dont really care lol. Local guy was just selling a NIB A3 for $875 but I had just bought the walther and couldnt swing it.
  10. Damage industries is GTG. 40% off small parts and free shipping for a few days. Great if you just need a spring or detent or something. http://damageindustriesllc.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=124
  11. Lol. Sig says making a gun completely drop safe makes it more dangerous?
  12. In case anyone needs a few...damage industries has their qd swivels on sale right now for $7.49ea with free shipping. Few different sizes and shapes. High quality US made.
  13. To be fair..the first reports sounded like BS. I even made that comment about TFB being fake news and having to retract the article about TX PD taking 320s off the duty list. The videos didnt start to appear until after your show and tell post so it was just bad timing. I still think its a cool gun and certainly wouldnt mind having one. It will get fixed. The world is watching now so they can afford not to.