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  1. Waffle House shooting

    As he should.
  2. Waffle House shooting

    I read an article about the other stuff this guy has on his record. If you are arrested for running away from imaginary taylor swift stalking you...exposing yourself while swimming in a public pool in your underwear. ..walking around in a pink womans houscoat with an AR15, call the police because imaginary people are trying to hack your computer and barking like dogs outside your house, and icing on the cake sneaking onto the whitehouse grounds....why are people suprised when you finally lose it and start shooting? This week in atrocity Van driver kills 10 Bomber kills 50+ in Afghanistan Shooter kills 4 before unarmed man stops him Ill take my chances with the gun.
  3. Never underestimate fat men...

    You have to be a beast to KO people with body shots lol
  4. Its in the CA hometown section. I was searching for unrelated info and a link brought me there, and I started browsing threads. Wow. What a shithole. the irony of that level of oppression coming from snowflake stronghold. Ive honestly never understood why the left hates guns so much. It doesnt really seem to make sense with their political ideology. https://www.ar15.com/forums/Hometown/I-didn-t-understand-the-law-and-the-DOJ-confiscated-my-ARs/11-623550/
  5. One of the responses in the thread was " you are lucky you got off easy..they could have charged you with several felonies" Holy ffuck. That place is a total write off. Even most of the "gun guys" in that state are antis and dont even realize it.
  6. Resurection because I dont want to start a new thread....but I saw this on the big AR forum and it turns my stomach. Hey all, Un-fun story to tell. 12sh years ago I bought my first AR15 and since then I have bought and sold many ARs. As of last week I had 2 lowers that were from pre-2016 and 2 lowers I purchased in 2017. Not knowing any better, I configured all for of them with bullet buttons, fixed stocks, muzzlebreaks and pistol grips. I then re-registered all the bullet button guns via the DOJ's website. Last Thursday at 8:30PM I received a knock at my front door and on the other side of it were 6 DOJ officers in full tactical gear with 3 unmarked Ford Explorers parked on the street. I live in a nice neighborhood full of $700k houses, so their presence was definitely noticed. I greeted them warmly and asked what I could do for them. They told me that I had registered my ARs on the DOJ website and they were coming by to verify what I had was what I registered. Thinking I was on the up-and-up, I brought them into my garage, opened my gunsafe, and allowed them to inspect my rifles. After a couple minutes, the officer in charge turned to me and said "good news is, you did everything like you were supposed to. You had AR15s with bullet buttons and you registered them like an honest citizen. Bad news is, you have configured 2 of your rifles illegally, and we are going to confiscate them for destruction." I was completely taken off guard as all 4 of my ARs were configured roughly the same way, the only real difference was barrel length, optic, and caliber. They all had the same muzzle break, the same stock, the same grips, the same free-float handguards, etc. etc. To the untrained eye, they all looked like the same gun. But, I was not aware of the changes that came in 1/2017. I asked them permission to remove my upper from the lowers to allow them to take the lowers and they refused. I asked them permission to remove my optics from the uppers and they refused. They took the guns exactly as they found them. I asked them if they had opened my safe and found the lowers sitting their with uppers/optics unattached, would they have taken the upper/optics and they said "no". Long story short...know the laws. And maybe leave your lowers and your uppers separate of each other while being stored. RIP to my AR10 and one of my AR15s...there goes $3k down the drain.
  7. "I was going to buy a gun, but DSG destroyed the one I wanted so now I wont get one" Said nobody ever . Companies and shareholders dont like to throw profit out the window, so either the "remaining guns" are almost zero and they figure the PR will make up for the loss, or a bloomberg type bought them all out to destroy for the headlines.
  8. Never ends haha

    Your barrel is fine. I doubt a factory armalite barrel is holding anybody back. Triggers are personal. I like single stages. Cant go wrong with any of the big names, but you will need to try a few.
  9. Never ends haha

    Trigger/barrel are the heart and soul of a rifle.
  10. Blue builds OG

    Im running out of stuff to sell lol. Had to off the RDS and some BUIS to cover the lowers. Still need to sell that ARMS rear to cover the LPKs. Struggle is real! Getting there though.
  11. Docter II reflex sight

    SOLD lock it down.
  12. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    Internal depth of a carbine receiver extension is 7". You can probably get away with a bit on either direction and be fine. That doesnt mean its not wrong. I dont use wrong parts. This thread was about the internal depth of a standard AR15 carbine receiver extensions. there are other threads for AR10, VLTORA5, And Magpul extended extensions with measurements for those systems and the proper spring/buffer compatibility for each platform.
  13. Just measured my buffer tube---WTF?

    So why did you ask the question if you already knew the answer?