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  1. I should turn the side charger into one of these
  2. Awesome. Stay safe....but not too safe.
  3. Mine hit the account last night. Taxation is theft, so ill consider it recovered stolen property.
  4. So damn tempted....but I bought myself a pile of xmas stuff. Edit: awww hell. My corona money just hit the account. Feels like my civic duty to spend it on a soon to be illegal machine gun.
  5. That looks like good clean fun. Need to find one in stock somewhere so I can pay cash for it.
  6. I fully support everyone having fully automatic rifles and open carrying them 24/7.
  7. 😄 I spoke to tommy xmas and he invited me out but I had stuff going on all weekend. I would have been pretty cranky out there in the cold burning water bottles for heat lol.
  8. It got a little out there. Season 4 was better, and so far season 5 feels like season 1 again.
  9. Sci fi nerds....THE EXPANSE season 5 is good so far, but you need to start from the beginning to get it. Electric Dreams on amazon is decent so far. Lots of cameos. Cool stories but mostly predictable.
  10. Merry Christmas brothers. Im blessed with a relatively good year despite all the insanity. Laying in bed right now sipping some really good coffee next to wifee. Dog is across my legs chewing his toy. Kids are wrestling and being crazy at the foot of the bed like always soon as they wake up. practically vibrating with that xmas excitement. smiles all around. Nothing better. We are going to need an EPIC meetup when this crap blows over.
  11. If anyone still shops at CTD for anything, any time...than you deserve to pay 1.20/rd and I pray you never find it cheaper because you are part of the problem.
  12. People use to think I was crazy when I managed a strip club. Scumbags would be acting up like they owned the place and then try to throw me a $hundo when I asked them to simmer down. Id throw it back and kick them out instead...much to the rest of the staffs dismay. I have been cursed with self destructive levels of pride and stubbornness. id probably be in a much more comfortable place in life without it lol.
  13. I agree, but I dont want courts involved in how much people can charge for goods. We should be regulating that by forcing gross violators to close their doors. We rely way too heavily on government and lawsuits for everything these days.
  14. Whenever a friend of mine mentions CTD, I berate them mercilessly. I know people who have talked boatloads of ish about them, but hit that order button at the first sale. When something hits my no fly list, it stays there. I still wont touch a Troy part if you gave it to me. If CTD sent me a free MRAD, id piss on it and send it back.
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