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  1. Bad ass! You know I was rocking the A2 stock on mine as well, and I really wanted to keep it on there, but I finally swapped over to something with a better cheek weld. I love the classic look but I had to go with function over form on that gun.
  2. Can't say I've ever heard of a non lithium 123A. I only use lithium batteries in my expensive stuff. Alkaline batteries can leak and kill your device. Had the same lithium AA in my aimpoint for the past several years. Probably ought to swap it out soon.
  3. Hey....someone put your charging handles on the wrong side 😉
  4. Everyone is "racist". Everyone of all colors and backgrounds made racist comments and jokes and made offensive inappropriate statements when I was in the military...and at the end of the day we would still all bleed for each other. That's what all the fake ass snowflake virtue signalling bitches can't seem to understand. But hey...I'm sure installing a party member in each unit to eliminate thoughtcrime in the ranks will work out just fine.
  5. Yeahhhhh boiiiiii. Have to do this again soon 😉
  6. I should turn the side charger into one of these
  7. Awesome. Stay safe....but not too safe.
  8. Mine hit the account last night. Taxation is theft, so ill consider it recovered stolen property.
  9. So damn tempted....but I bought myself a pile of xmas stuff. Edit: awww hell. My corona money just hit the account. Feels like my civic duty to spend it on a soon to be illegal machine gun.
  10. That looks like good clean fun. Need to find one in stock somewhere so I can pay cash for it.
  11. I fully support everyone having fully automatic rifles and open carrying them 24/7.
  12. 😄 I spoke to tommy xmas and he invited me out but I had stuff going on all weekend. I would have been pretty cranky out there in the cold burning water bottles for heat lol.
  13. It got a little out there. Season 4 was better, and so far season 5 feels like season 1 again.
  14. Sci fi nerds....THE EXPANSE season 5 is good so far, but you need to start from the beginning to get it. Electric Dreams on amazon is decent so far. Lots of cameos. Cool stories but mostly predictable.
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