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  1. blue109

    What are you listening to?

    Doh. Shoulda known. I skim too many topics without reading lol A meant to post this thursday but I had a long day. Would have beat him to it
  2. blue109

    What are you listening to?

    I drive around all day with my OG ipod on shuffle. Heard this the other day and I thought it could be @edgecrusher theme song
  3. blue109


    Pretty simple setup. Good sized main comp with bladder pocket. slightly smaller mid with zippered mesh pocket. Outer pocket on the back. Each side has a half length pouch with a watter bottle net. Compression straps all around. "Bedroll" straps on the bottom. Main and outer pocket zippers are under flaps for extra waterproofing. zippers only go about 1/3 of the way down so top access only. For having such a good reputation for durability id expect more stitching. It looks pretty standard.
  4. blue109


    Finally grabbed a new smallish pack for every day use. Badlands Pursuit in "solid" pattern. 1500 ci. Color looks somewhat grey on the website but its actually a brownish rabbit/rodent ish color. Lifetime warranty. They fix/replace anything wether its your fault or not...you just pay shipping. they claim to put lots of R&D into fit and ergos and this pack feels really good. Surprisingly good. Im definitely interested in one of their larger packs now. http://www.badlandspacks.com/gear/packs/pursuit-bpursld
  5. That contract has to be good for at least 200 rifles!
  6. Keep an eye on your compass for that pole shift!
  7. blue109

    Pic Of The Day 2

    Putting the FREE back in Vivre libre ou mourir do socialists riot more when they get what they ask for? Or when they dont get what they ask for?
  8. blue109

    George H.W. Bush passed.

    Maybe Trump will be allowed to release the JFK files now.
  9. blue109

    LMT stripped lowers.

    LGS had them for a while. To update...I did some work with 200 grit in the mag well and mags seem to drop ok now. Still sloppy fit. I have foam earplugs under the lugs for now but they fall out whenever I open it. Might try one of those accuwedge things.
  10. blue109

    Matrix arms 308 build DPMS

    Whenever someone posts about a 308 not running....but says they know the recoil system is not the problem
  11. blue109

    Century Arms Canik TP9sfx

    Almost exact copy of my Walther Q5...and even most Walther people who have shot them like them. Guy on one of the forums has both and has swapped slides and they ran fine.
  12. blue109

    Best Deviled Egg Recipe Ever

    I actually make deviled eggs all the time. Quick and easy snack. I will say I like to over boil my eggs. I like the yoke to be dry and crumbly when I open them. I dont think 8 min of simmer would cut it for me.
  13. blue109

    Why sell an AR10 with a H buffer?

    Using standard weight buffers in my 308s. No issues.
  14. blue109

    Charging handles - 7.62x39/51

    If CTD sent me a free Noveske rifle, I would sh1t on it, wrap it in wax paper and send it right back. fornicate those scumbags. It saddens me they are still in business.
  15. blue109

    Bug Out Backpack

    And also...