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  1. I thought you were full of schlitt, or just schlitting me, so I looked this up. I schlitt you not, this schlitt really happened. What a schlitty was to go.
  2. Anything for those Instagram pics
  3. https://ytmp3.cc/1c435/ Download songs from YouTube or any online service. I don't pay for shiet! Puts them straight into my phone playlist
  4. Been wearing this band out lately. Can't get enough.
  5. I told you guys I missed my dog....
  6. https://youtube.com/shorts/0sEvT9m6SeA?feature=share
  7. https://m.youtube.com/shorts/m8LwMXyfWQQ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=APcGrIxapuQ https://m.youtube.com/shorts/gcYMZmUHTJk
  8. Such a rad weekend. It's not even about the shooting. Killer to see DNP again, even just for a day. Glad you made the run. Such a good dude. Magwa has more energy than any of us. I almost got misty when he made that point for me money can't buy a gift like that. Rene is just as awesome as he is here on the board. It doesn't feel like a gathering without Ron ranting about something. Stoked to finally meet Roman. Seriously the best story teller ever. Our Canadian is awesome as always. Doc and Susan are couple/life goals. Matt cross is one of my favorite humans. So awesome rex made that long haul again. Mikedaddy, even though you hid in your tent half the time 😄I hope we can make this happen again with Shep, Greg, and Rob and the other usual suspect that couldn't swing this one. I'm exhausted. I have some strange bruises. My puppers was not happy with my absence:D Huge shout out the godfather Tom-ass. You abrasive bastard. This is your creation. You did this, and it's something special.
  9. Best bet will be ebay or big forum classifieds. the whole point of the "target" height upper was to be able to run a scope with a huge objective while running normal rings. Nobody else ever made a continuous height rail for that upper.
  10. Neat toy if you have a folder. Wouldn't put it in a gun I might need to rely on. Although a side folding 7.5" pistol with a rare breed trigger would make a hell of a fun road rage gun if it was reliable.
  11. So again...your options are illegals who sit home and collect government checks....or illegals who potentially become useful members of society. I'll take an industrious foreigner over a lazy POS native any day. Woke university has a much easier time brainwashing rich white kids than it does people who have actually struggled.
  12. Meh. You still have to meet residency requirements to get the in state tuition rate. I'd rather illegals get an education and become productive members of society than continue living off that government tit
  13. Ha! Shoulda grabbed that one just for the photo op possibilities! I believe that was the proposition allowing illegals in state college tuition rates if they attended 2+years and graduated from an AZ school.
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