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  1. blue109

    wtf thread..

    Shes bad ass no doubt...but im not buying into that smashing concrete pillars thing. This isnt matrix or marvel.
  2. 2 new favorites...Mechasoul Vader and zombie Storm Trooper
  3. blue109

    War Movies

    Love 13 hours. Not a fan of 12 strong. Just caught platoon the other night and it might still be my favorite. One called sand castles that I downloaded was surprisingly good for a movie ive never heard of. I can watch Fury 1000 times. Might have to watch Blackhawk down today.
  4. Just heard this! Sorry if its been posted but its pretty rad. Dudes out of Australia.
  5. Or maybe swarovski....having a hard time deciding. Here are some links.
  6. blue109

    War Movies

    I dont know a single tanker who doesnt love that movie.
  7. Nobody at the range will high five you if you dont spend at least $800 on a barrel and then spend the entire range trip explaining to them why you chose the $800 barrel and how accurate it is but running out of time and never getting a round off. Can we talk about optics next? Thats always fun.
  8. Wait....so dude that comes in here wanting nothing but boutique high end gucci gun parts ends up with a bear creek barrel?
  9. blue109

    War Movies

    The Marines are dissolving their heavy armor units right now.
  10. Anybody who has bought anything from CTD in the last 12 years deserves to get raped and needs to STFU because they are the real problem. that company should have gone under. I notice TROY is still around as well. Too bad.
  11. blue109


    Little guy came home ahead of schedule. Hes awesome. Total cuddle bug. i made him a bed and when i went to check on him he was sleeping with the kids. I woke him up when I was getting ready for work last night and he went right into guard dog mode and came tearing down the hallway barking. Its going to be good.
  12. blue109


    My wifes first choice was a little pit mix. She didnt really look like a pit in the kennel and there was no breed label but when we got her in the play yard I could really tell the pit was strong in her. Best dog I ever had was a pit/boxer and this little girl seemed like a sweetheart but this shelter had tons of pits and alot of them had face cuts so without knowing a history I wasnt comfortable with the idea of adopting one. Ender had a pretty strong reaction to us on our first pass. Even another person standing near us noticed and said "i think your dog found you" so when we went back a few hours later and he went all crazy it sealed the deal. I will say I hate walking through those rows of cages and seeing the un-cute older dogs that people discarded who have little chance of adoption. They look sad. Hurt my heart.
  13. blue109


    Kids have been bugging and im finally working reasonable hours so we have been looking around. Went to a shelter today and I was drawn like a magnet to a pair of pooches. Beautiful 6mo old brindle lab/boxers. I look at the name tags and they were Ender and Mazar. If you are a scifi nerd like me you will recognize those names instantly. Mazar was spoken for so we played with ender a little as well as a few others. Left to eat lunch and decided to drive back and see him again. He went ape schiff soon as he saw us again so we dropped a deposit. He need shots and a snip so hopefully we pick him up next week. my wife may or may not be under the impression that he wont get much bigger than his current 33lbs lol.
  14. Really glad im not working the jewellery shows this year. Tons of chinese/asian vendors. Also pretty happy im on graves at work. I have relatively minimal contact with the employees and none with the public. Still have the surface contact to worry about with all the door handles but I do wash often.
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