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  1. blue109

    Steampunk AR15 - for blue109

    Thats awesome...
  2. blue109

    Sicario 2

    Sicario is in my rotating insomnia playlist. I probably watch it twice a month. Such a good movie. I was surprised by Den of Thieves as well. Much better than I expected.
  3. blue109

    My SOCOM 16

    I love the classic.....but those 16s with the fancy folding chassis look so badass.
  4. blue109

    A.R.M.S. #40 rear sight

    Pm sent
  5. blue109


    Only thing I really do on youtube is music. anyone have a good music download site?
  6. blue109

    A.R.M.S. #40 rear sight

    @mrraley I do. I kinda forgot I had it listed to be honest lol.
  7. blue109

    Vegas Shooting

  8. blue109

    Playing in the NV desert

    Im in vegas for work for the next week and a half.
  9. blue109

    I'm Blaming Y'all for This...

    Check out my "blue builds a dissy" thread. Numbers are all in there. Im a little sauced right now or id dig it out for you lol.
  10. blue109

    Playing in the NV desert

    I am also currently in the NV desert if you need any help burning ammo. 😄
  11. blue109

    I'm Blaming Y'all for This...

    Mine only ran good brass ammo until I opened up the port...and would still fail to lock on an empty mag on occasion. Wouldnt cycle steel cased ammo at all. Runs perfect with the bigger port. Didnt lose any smoothness.
  12. blue109

    Test some new stuff

    Hollywood quiet. Best toys ever.
  13. blue109

    Playing in the NV desert

  14. blue109

    Another life ruined after compromise.

    The guy in this article had 2 fed approved suppressors confiscated.
  15. blue109

    Another life ruined after compromise.

    And when you loose your permit that covers every semi auto firearm you own because you have an unpaid parking ticket...or some crazy ex wife says you threatened her....you can look back and say "seemed like the best idea at the time"