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Nosler Factory 2nds


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Picked up a bunch of Nosler Custom Competition  30cal 220gr HPBT factory seconds


Comparing the factory seconds with the factory "firsts". Don't see a difference in quality except the 2nds have small irregularities in the meplat size (varies a tiny bit in the batch). Don't think it matters since I'm reloading 300 BLK subs for plinking with them.


The "good one" is on the left. The factory 2nd is on the right. Sorry - pic is bad (cell phone). Hope to get better pics later.



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When Sierra was in Calif, they sold thier seconds over the counter, to the plubic.     By the pound. 

   Did some math,they were selling the seconds at dealer cost!    Good for the public, bad for thier stocking dealers.

   Dealer dosen't make a profit, dealer dosen't last long in business.

   Now that I'm not in the business, I buy from my local gun shop.   Sure,  I could get a lot of things a little cheaper, from my old suppliers,   But some things I can't get, so I want to make sure my local dealer stays in business.

    Not slammin anyone, just another prospective.



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