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Everything posted by shibiwan

  1. Still got my FFL, and have a few lowers left. I should add "FULL SEMI" on them.
  2. Had to fall off for a bit. Kids issues needed my attention. LMK if you need help. Mike knows how to get a hold of me in a pinch.
  3. Missed your post. Still need it cut? -S
  4. Interesting... still saving up for my Sako TRG42
  5. I should see if they will replace my Viper spotting scope. The picatinny rail broke off it.
  6. Speaking from a licensed FFL manufacturer's standpoint, it's critical to keep accurate records. Never mess with "the process" and keep everything straight in the books and you should be OK with the ATF. The thing is the records are held by the FFL holder and not by the ATF (unless the company goes out of business). To be honest, the process of record keeping is a joke right now if you want to consider it as "registration" so that the gub'mint can track down your stuff.
  7. Somehow this comes to mind.
  8. Thanksgiving is right round the corner. Black friday sales would make good targets. I'd avoid those.
  9. Hmmm.... this makes me want to dig up my 180gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets and load them with the 308 match brass.
  10. Personally I prefer the standard jacketed bullets. Wait till the Hornady A-Max comes back in stock and I'll see if I can get you a price. They are usually the most cost effective off-the-shelf "conventional" jacketed bullets.
  11. They are doing it wrong. Where is the "ALLAHU WAKHBAR!!" before shooting the AK-74 (or any AK for that matter) in full auto? Positive demonstration
  12. Yeah found this to be true when setting up the bushnell TRS-25 on the 5.56. I have it pushed almost to the front slot on the upper receiver.
  13. Darn it. Wish we had them when I was in the military. Lugging around an M240 with three ammo boxes was a bitch.
  14. Oh forgot to mention - the official AA1680 load data is from here http://blog.westernpowders.com/WP_LoadSpec_1-23-14.pdf Checked with my distro (prices exclude shipping) SIE2240C Sierra Bullet .30 7.62MM 220gr HPBT Match (500ct) $198.13 SIE2240 Sierra Bullet .30 7.62MM 220gr HPBT Match (50ct 100ct) $42.12 SIE9240T SIERRA BULLET 30 (.308) 210GR (50 ct) $32.30HDY3090 Hornady 30 CAL .308 220 GR RN (100ct) $29.77 (I've not used these but supposedly these pack a punch on impact and will load fine in AR-style rifles)Anyone else intersted? I think I can leverage better prices if I get a big enough order going.
  15. The powder of choice is Accurate 1680 with 208-220gr projectiles (HPBT Nosler, Sierras, Hornady A-Max etc). How "cheap" is cheap? My personal load data: AA1680 10.6 gr with 220gr HPBT, 2.12 COAL11.2 gr with 208gr Hornady, 2.08 COAL
  16. .....or designed it for suppressor use since it's "easier" to put on a suppressor on a LH threaded barrel when you're holding the firearm on your right hand and use the left hand to thread it on. That's why a lot of handguns have LH threaded barrels. Kinda weird to see it on an AR platform.
  17. I use a Burris Fastfire III on my 308
  18. This other Bushnell scope is a pretty good buy (price $200-$250) http://bushnell.com/tactical/rifle-scopes/ar-optics/1-4x-24mm-throw-down-pcl BTR reticle, FFP, illuminated. It works really well on my 300 AAC, and when zooming in/out, it becomes almost like a red dot sight at 1x, so it's handy for quick target acquisition with both eyes open, and the BDC works well at 4x if you know what the drops are (I too, use Strelok Pro to determine the ranges). Since it's FFP, the drop markings are consistent throughout the zoom range. I don't think so. I've used it all over the place with or without data service and it has worked. I actually keep the data in several saved presets so it pulls up quickly.
  19. Yes, it worked on both the early A1 style and the later M4 style handguards.
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