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  1. mineralman55

    Electronic versus Manual combination safes.

    Interesting, as I've been looking at getting a gun safe for my daughter and her husband so I've been looking at this stuff recently. Liberty is a good bet, particularly the Centurion Series. I spent a lot of time with the salesman talking about the locks. I have a simple Sargent and Greenleaf combo lock on my Ft. Knox. Works just fine, no battery to run down. He said stay away from the Chinese-made safes, as they were really inferior, and very easy to break into. He also said avoid any locking mechanism with a "back up" key. They weren't very secure. Otherwise, quality mechanical or electronic locks are just a personal preference. Both are good. Good place to start: www.gunsafes.com
  2. mineralman55

    Sig P320 Upgrade video

    My son wants a Sig 320x. I'm not familiar with this model at all. Anyone got some advice on buying the Sig320? Where to get one, what mods NEED to be made to it, etc.
  3. mineralman55

    Night Vision Scope

    I thought I would too after retiring. You can count on three fingers how many times i've been to the range since retiring. Geez, where does the time go?
  4. mineralman55

    GWLA M14 build

    I was at Gunport in Coden, AL the other day. Gary has the last one of these receivers, built by Ted Brown with all GI parts, on sale. It's a beaut!
  5. mineralman55

    GWLA M14 build

    Not that I'm an expert, but I've built (with a friend's help) two M1s and one M14 with Criterion barrels. Beautiful barrels, but all NEED to be headspaced because Criterion makes them that way. They're too tight, and need to be reamed just a little to be properly headspaced.
  6. mineralman55

    PA10 Part 1

    As far as reloading for the 7.62/.308, it simply isn't necessary to use a small base sizing die, but if it makes you feel better, go ahead. I've used an RCBS standard sizing die for 5 different semi auto rifles, and all function just fine. Just make sure the resized brass fits into a case gauge properly. I've used lots of different brands of brass (still using some IMI 30-06 brass I bought in the 80s. Fantastic stuff!) and have never had a problem using 1x-fired military brass, even if it was fired from a machine gun. I'll continue using it. Just follow good reloading procedures and you'll be fine.
  7. mineralman55

    More research needed

    Kelly Kicking Cancer had our 4th annual gala this past week, and it was a big success. We changed the venue to a reception center in town. Food was great, venue was great, energy and participation was great, and we had comedienne Marvin Lee was a hit! He had people rolling on the floor with his routines, and they were all clean, no PC. He's a genius. We raised over $17k that night alone. Many donations came in prior to the event, and still more are coming in. We'll probably get close to $30k from this event for brain cancer research when all is said and done. Marvin is a recurring character on "The Walking Dead", and he auctioned a few items from the set to help us out. We also had a Saints football signed by Drew Brees and Sean Payton which fetched a bunch of $$$. Check out our blog and research pages. www.kellykickingcancer.org
  8. mineralman55

    Get ready for next generation...

    Let's just hope this clown's actions removed his fat-assed genes from the gene pool... permanently.
  9. mineralman55

    In production...

    Yeah, a 30-06 would make a lot of sense. I already have everything needed to reload for it, and anything a .308 can do a 30-06 can do better. Would be cool for the Garand to have a great-great grandson.
  10. mineralman55

    Get ready for next generation...

    Then just realize that OUR children will be the de facto leaders because the way we rear them will prepare them for the challenges to come. I think it's just as bad that newspapers, social media and other entities give such cute names for these idiot parents, almost making their irresponsible actions acceptable. They're wusies, rearing wussy kids.
  11. mineralman55


    I figured. Just pulling your chain.
  12. mineralman55

    Sunspot New Mexico

    Second babe in the news clip is hot!
  13. mineralman55


    Is this some new-fangled, super secret Dupont powder?
  14. mineralman55

    Lets see your AR-15

    Follow up on the AeroPrecision USA arctic camo build. This is a real shooter. I finally got out to the range to sight it in and function test it. About 100 rounds, flawless function beginning to end. The G2S trigger is a real wonder! It's great. Followed a good barrel break in (1 shot, clean; 3 shots, clean; 3 shots, clean; 5 shots, clean; 5 shots, clean; go shoot.) I was amazed at how dirty the barrel got after only one or two shots (mostly IMI 77 grain BTHP Razor core). After trying out several sets of the Magpul Pro sights, I can say I don't like them. They are extremely well made, not a problem with that, and they finally put a narrow front sight post on it (it was like sighting in on a 2x4 with the original front post). The front sight wings are way too thick, don't bend outward enough and give me problems with sight picture. YMMV. I much prefer the KAC USMC sights. Those are great. 50 yds sight in, stringing is my fault with the inconsistent sight picture. Next time I'll put a 9x3 scope on it just to test out the accuracy. My daughter will like this rifle. Tried offhand on 100 yd and 300 yd silhouettes. Silhouettes didn't have a chance that morning. Very easy to transition from one target to another. This rifle has absolutely no recoil, it's easy to shoot, it's fun to shoot.
  15. mineralman55

    New fella from Montana

    Welcome from the LA swamps. I spent many years chasing oil rigs and seismic crews all over Montana. Loved the western part around the Crazy Mtns. and Big Timber. Best beef ribs EVER in Miles City at the (now burned down) "Crossroads" diner.