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  1. Nitrating

    It's interesting that Jon Wolfe says nitriding is specifically not for bolts. And yet the nitride BCG and bolts on AR style rifles is widespread. Something of a contradiction. BTW, Jon has built an M14 for me. We can discuss that some other time.
  2. A Millenial Job Interview

    In every generation, there is a distribution of talent in the younger ones. Many years ago I was commander of a CAP squadron. You could always tell the cadets who were going to excel in life, as opposed to the ones who were going to end up underneath a bridge. I think all of us here do the best we can to exhort our children to excel regardless of their peers. Obviously, the girl portrayed in the video is stereotypical of those who end up underneath a bridge when mommy and daddy cut them off.
  3. Football

    F you! Saints never fail to disappoint! (said with all possible love and respect.)
  4. NEW CONTEST - Eat the Canned Chicken...

    There's a program on Travel Channel called Bizzare Foods. Even the host, who has eaten rotted fish heads, wouldn't touch that stuff. You are an animal!
  5. TacOps Chg Handle 308AR Sales page

  6. Not A Bad Weekend

    Yeah, baby!
  7. What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    Couldn't resist. Tennessee Arms has their polymer 308AR lowers on sale. $55 for a stripped lower and free shipping.
  8. Not A Bad Weekend

    Thanks guys. First one married off.
  9. Check This Gal Out

    Hey, if I lived in Arkansas, I'd vote for her. What a babe! https://janmorganforgovernor.com/
  10. Not A Bad Weekend

    Another in a series of wondrous weekends. They just don't stop coming. My oldest daughter married Saturday. $$$$, but worth it. About 11 months in the planning, and everything went smoothly. Fantastic time had by all! Then two of my nieces (sisters no less) had their babies on Saturday. How did they plan that? Everyone is healthy. More events on the way, and will tout them as they happen.
  11. What Was Under Your Tree?

    Rather than get "stuff", I like to make memories, so I got a couple of cool presents for my family. My youngest daughter had asked to get her concealed carry permit, so I bought her a CCW class. My wife loves boats, so I bought a ride on the restored PT305! When the weather warms up a bit, we'll take the trip. Should be a blast! http://www.pt305.org/
  12. Merry Christmas

    God Bless us, everyone! (Not my line, obviously.) A Blessed Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year.
  13. Norwegian Wood!

    Very cute, and even Norwegians can't pronounce Vihtaviouri, so I don't feel so bad now.
  14. I like food too much.

    Just hold your 308ARs at arms length. 10 lbs. each, right?