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  1. Wimp. Step up to the 22 ouncers!
  2. Try these. In order: #1 truck stop in Iowa #2 Spelling bee in Kentucky #3 Mississippi (but they are very happy in MS.) http://frank151.com/each-state-perfectly-described-by-one-photograph/25/
  3. Yep. Typical Buckeye fans I'll have to find some more stereotypical pics depicting states. The Mississippi one was priceless.
  4. Found a just for fun series of pics. Each pic was stereotypical of a particular state. First is Idaho. Second is Connecticut. You'll have to guess the third. That one is particularly in bad taste, but typical.
  5. Put down the sticky traps. They work great for capturing unwanted rodents.
  6. We are continuing our efforts at funding advanced brain cancer research. Our 3rd annual gala is coming up on Aug.25. Ashley Rodrigue, a local TV celebrity agreed to mc for us. We'll have all kinds of food, adult beverages, silent auction items, a band, and the New Orleans SuperFans. It should be a great time. BTW, one of the nanobot projects we're funding is coming to clinical trial this fall. Lab tests on human glioblastoma have been outstandingly effective. We will see. www.kellykickingcancer.org 2017 kkc gala aug 25.pdf
  7. Well done, good looking rifle. Glad PSA is finally getting it together. So many horror stories in the past.
  8. Syrac Gen2. Very easy adjustment, works great.
  9. The Syrac adjustable is a great piece of equipment, and works on either caliber. Gen2 is the better version.
  10. What did "Jack Reacher" say in the first movie... "There's nothing more expensive than the cheapest girl in the room." Yeah, I'm being obnoxious.
  11. Did you see this on the KAC? This is why it costs $4600, it's made of unobtainium.
  12. Midway had 500 LC 1x-fired 7.62x51 cases for $49. Don't need 'em, but couldn't turn it down.
  13. Typical hypocrite politician, but not limited to Kommiefornia. Illinois, NY, NJ and other places with "do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do" elected trash.
  14. Is that a racist remark? How dare you!
  15. Gotta use the search feature. Wealth of info here.