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  1. I didn't do it nobody saw me you can't prove anything.
  2. Ok, here's a taste of the "hot chick" thread.
  3. I asked if he wanted me to test fire it, you know, for reliability and function. He said no, just wait until he comes home for a visit. Probably around Christmas.
  4. Sorry I missed this. No, it's not a local deal. Sig is promoting this around the country, so keep your eyes peeled. They're not doing it real well. I got a flyer in the mail the afternoon I came home from the LGS with the M17.
  5. MidSouth Shooters' Supply had a sale on new , primed, .308 Win Lake City pulldown brass. $49.95/250. Bought 500.
  6. Only if you looked like one of women in the "Hot Chicks" thread.
  7. Something like that would be fun, but there's practically no where to actually shoot one. Kind of like the 50BMG. No place near here to use it.
  8. I had time to kill, so I went to a lgs, just to look, drool over their stuff, no real intention to buy. When I pulled up I had an inkling something big was up... the Sig Sauer van was in front! Well, I went in, and their table was lined with all kinds of good stuff. I first glimpsed the P365 for $450 and I thought "Well, why not?" But then the Sig guys said they had a real special on their M17, the Army version of the P320. $585, plus two 17-round magazines, four 21-round mags, 140 rounds of +P NATO ammo, hat, cozies included! Months ago my son said he wanted one, so... Christmas came early for him.
  9. I contacted Hornady many, many years ago about using this ammo in the M14. They were unequivocal... NO. Said it wasn't designed for gas weapons. There are too many other off the shelf brands of ammo that are appropriate to mess with this stuff. But hey, experiment all you like.
  10. Looking forward to the range report. Do you have any pics of the jig setup and routing? I'd like to see those as well.
  11. I think Aero's QC has gotten very spotty in the last two years. Their equipment from 3+ years ago seemed to be much more effective. Two years ago I purchased one of their complete M4E1 uppers which wouldn't shoot worth a darn. I contacted them, and to their credit sent me a return shipping label. After examining it, they said the upper was "out of spec" (whatever that means, no further explanation) and sent me a new complete upper which shot somewhat better. I'm a little leery of their products after seeing this latest screw up.
  12. Geez, a hot air enema. What a bunch of hooting morons!
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