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  1. My first in-depth cross country trip was our geology field camp. Drove from Pennsylvania, thru the upper Midwest, to SD, WY, ID, Montana mapping stuff all the way. We drank our way across the country and got introduced to all kinds of new and exotic (to me) beers. Hamm's, Olympia, Coors, Grain Belt. This was a long time ago, before Coors was available east of the Mississippi. Loved the first three, hated the Grain Belt. Miss those evenings around the campfire drinking beer and telling lies. Oh, 13PTBUCK, just get a Criterion barrel. You can't go wrong.
  2. Makes me think of "Grain Belt" beer. Is it still sold up there?
  3. Completely agree. It was an answer to a question no one asked. A pointless "innovation". I just throw them in the recycle can.
  4. MATENs are real nice. Break her in and let's see some targets.
  5. Yeah, you're right. I shouldn't have added to the rumors, but the whole incident is off-kilter. Things are just not adding up. Not to dispute there is evil in the world because there is (Obama, Pelosi, ebola, "Will and Grace"), but this guy who had no history of anything except a parking ticket, nothing to do with firearms, just goes ballistic, gathers up dozens of weapons, modifies them , plans an extensive rampage then kills himself? There's a larger picture here.
  6. From another site, the guy had a Facebook page laced with anti-Trump rants. Facebook took it down ASAP. Hmmmm. Imagine that. It's going to take some digging, but I bet it will probably come out this POS is another left-wing ideologue.
  7. It was the SUV he drove into the parking lot. Those things are soooo dangerous! We should ban them.
  8. Oh. You glow in the dark.
  9. Welcome. Just open your wallet and pour it all out. We'll help you spend it.
  10. The "Bladerunner 2049" movie looked interesting. Preview at the American Assassin movie.
  11. Yeah, a bunch of ragheads who hate America killed over 2000 Americans. Incompetence and mis-communication between the CIA and the FBI (because of a bureaucracy designed by the Clinton administration) allowed those murderer into the country and allowed them to overstay, but it was peace-loving mooselimbs who did it.
  12. I don't normally go to movies because most of the ones in recent years just don't interest me, or were so laced with left-wing political crap as to make it worthless to see. I saw "Dunkirk" earlier this year, and it was good. I thought perhaps some makers had turned the corner to began making good, thoughtful movies. Maybe, sort of. I saw "American Assassin" last week, and while it didn't follow the book exactly, it was well done. Action wasn't non-stop, it had its peaks and lulls just as in real life. The main characters were played well, good people doing a hard, difficult work to protect others. So we went to see "Kingsmen" last night. We enjoyed the first one very much, and was expecting the same kind of tongue-in-cheek parody as the first. It sucked. Big time. Too much "deus ex machine", which leaves open the possibility of another sequel (I'll skip it if it comes out.) They just had to incorporate left-wing crap. Not even smoothly, just forced. Perversion and drug addition are treated not just as normal but as acceptable. They're just good people trying to get by, they're just like us, not bad people at all and if you don't like them you're a callous, boarish cad. Screw this. I don't need to be lectured to at the movies any more than while watching a football game.
  13. Elvis. I saw him. No, wait, wait, it was Dick Cheney. I saw him in a rowboat blowing up the levees and... No, wait, it was Trump. I saw him talking to a Russian immigrant two days prior to Sandy Hook.
  14. This is one of the biggest problems the world has today... sticking things where they don't belong.