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  1. mineralman55

    areo m5. sale

    I am not trying to trash Aero, because I love their products and had a bunch (before that horrible boating accident where they all fell in the lake). Be very cautious and check out the pieces carefully. Two of the last three uppers I received from them simply had major problems. Aero fixed one, is looking into the other now. The most recent was an M5E1 upper with an Aero charging handle. Their own handle wouldn't fit. I tried three other handles, none of them fit either. Their charging handle wouldn't fit into anyone else's upper, making me think there is a major QC problem over there. I want them to get it fixed, but check things out carefully before too long a period of time has elapsed.
  2. mineralman55

    So I should know better by now (yeah right)

    That is one impressive piece of equipment! Especially for the price. Interesting sighting in video. No ear or eye protection.
  3. mineralman55

    deer hide

    There's a place in Robertsdale, AL on US 59 that sells hides of all sorts... cow, goat, deer, etc. Next time I'm out that way I'll get their info if you can't find it online.
  4. mineralman55

    Primary Arms Sale!!!

    Oh, a true "ghost gun".
  5. mineralman55

    Primary Arms Sale!!!

    Check these out at Primary Arms. The prices are unbelievable. Matched Matrix 308AR upper and lower, $159, Bear Creek 16" 308AR barrel, $69!
  6. mineralman55

    Hello all from Florida

    Welcome from LA. Your climate is a little better than ours.
  7. mineralman55

    Pic Of The Day 2

    That's pretty typical of folks everywhere. When I was overseas, I worked with a man from Cairo, Egypt. I asked if he visited the Pyramids. He said "No, I can see them from my backyard. Why should I go?"
  8. mineralman55

    What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2

    Ordered a Toolcraft black nitride .308 BCG from Joebob Outfitters for $169. Slowly acquiring all the parts for the next build. Gotta replace all the firearms that fell into the lake in that last boating accident.
  9. mineralman55

    Never underestimate fat men...

    I think it was A&E Biographies. Yeah, great from that episode. I think it's Andre, not Aundrey
  10. mineralman55

    Which metal mags are you using?

    I've been using ACS 20-round metal mags in addition to the usual Pmags. The ACS have been great, no problems.
  11. mineralman55

    Never underestimate fat men...

    I've seen that documentary. Wonderful! Best part is Aundrey talking about a bar incident. Four guys at a bar in NY accosted him, then thought the better of it. They left and got into their car. Aundrey got pissed, followed them, and overturned their car with them in it! He said he wasn't worried about the guys calling the police, because no one would believe a story about a giant rushing out of a bar and turning over their car! He was right!
  12. mineralman55

    Never underestimate fat men...

    Ultimate tough fat guy
  13. mineralman55

    PA10 Part 1

    I have found the 1x-fired mil brass to be very good. It's inexpensive, usually mostly of the same lot. It just takes a little elbow grease to get ready for loading.
  14. mineralman55

    Pic Of The Day 2

    F'ing brilliant!
  15. mineralman55

    17 dead in Florida School shooting

    I have been taking my children to the range with me for years. They are taught safety, patience and above all, responsibility, and have asked to go back. This is outrageous. If this had been my child, the school officials would be in the hospital now.