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  1. For sale, full commercial quality DPMS LR-308/AR-308 Pattern Lower Receiver Blueprints/Shop Prints. Your choice of two (2) hard copy printed sets on ANSI size B (11" x 17") heavy paper stock or one (1) set on heavy paper stock and one set in digital format via: Solidworks e-drawings, PDF, and IGES digital files with your choice of a CD (compact disc) or SD (secure digital) card to go with the printed set, included is a link for the free Solidworks viewer with the CD disc or SD card. While these prints are geared for the commercial shop, they are also being offered to the advanced private/home builder for consideration. The price for the prints is $225.00, which Includes first class delivery and Insurance to any USA address. A sample copy of the print(s) will be listed here shortly. Please use the 308AR system email to contact me if Interested. Thanks, Vic
  2. Latest on the website is looking to 2014 ! Ooocchh.
  3. Definitely give magnum primers a try...the magnum primers give me better velocity out of my 6.5mm PCC wildcat when using ball powders like H335. Just use common sense and start a little lower on your charge weight when using magnum primers. If your your using some of the faster stick powders like H4198 or RL-7, use caution as you will reach peak pressure sooner vs. non magnum primers with the same charge, so you will have to reduce the charge slightly when using the faster stick powders with the magnum primers. Hope this helps...YMMV.
  4. Larry, any news on the next batch/run time frame...?
  5. Sharp looking build...TM quality is near the top of the heap.
  6. Wow nice looking build, congrats...Looks like you just barely had enough room for scope clearance...Sweet build though non the less.
  7. Larry, those forged LR-308 pattern 80% PCR look great...can't wait to get mine...
  8. Hello Everyone, For those who are Interested, we have AR-15 & DPMS LR-308 Pattern Blueprints available in ANSI size B (11" x 17") Engineering print. They are designed for the average home builder to help them finish their 80% PCR with or without a jig. A seperate print is Included detailing the hole dimensions and locations for the drilling and milling operations. It will make all the operations very easy for the average home builder to complete their project. Admin's if this post/thread is in the wrong area please re-direct it to the correct area. Thanks. IllirianEngineering@yahoo.com
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