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  1. Pappy1600

    FN PS90 NIB For Sale

    This has been sold.
  2. Pappy1600

    FN PS90 NIB For Sale

    Any offers before this goes to Gun Broker tomorrow?
  3. Pappy1600

    FN PS90 NIB For Sale

    24 boxes of FN SS197SR 50 round boxes and about 12 boxes of Federal
  4. Pappy1600

    FN PS90 NIB For Sale

    I have a FN PS90 that is new in box for sale, comes with (2)50 round magazines and (1) 10 round magazine. $1,550.00 shipped to your FFL, will not ship to restricted states unless LE with documentation. I have 1800 rounds of ammunition as well and will be offered to the buyer if interested. Any question please message me.
  5. Pappy1600

    Post Sample 1928A1 Thompson

    This is a reweld using a original receiver. You can't even tell where the welds are.
  6. Pappy1600

    Annealing brass

    I anneal all my brass, I purchased a Girard trimmer and annealer years ago and love both of them.
  7. Pappy1600

    GWLA M14 build

    I have built 2 GWLA receiver M-14 clones, those receivers are by far the best available, unfortunately they are no longer being produced. I used all USGI Winchester parts for my builds and had one bedded. If you need any pointers on parts let me know. Upper target was the one with the McMillan stock, the other is with open sights on the wood one. I love these rifles. If I may suggest something get the SACO clone medium weight barrel from Criterion, or if you can find a original SAK General Dynamics NM barrel they are amazing, the one that's in the McMillan was a NOS SAK Medium weight NM barrel made in 1982 for the military shooting teams, it's a tack driver.
  8. Pappy1600

    Post Sample 1928A1 Thompson

    This is a project I have been working on close to one year, I picked up a beautiful parts kit last fall when I was asked for a demo from a local agency, I had a gentlemen that has a 07 manufacturing license do the receiver, this is the final product.
  9. Pappy1600

    Shirts from my shop

    I have a few shirts left on hand from a order that just came in if anyone is interested, I have some large, XL, and 2Xl, but limited supply. Price is $25 shipped, payment Paypal gift or USPS money order, message me if interested.
  10. Pappy1600

    Latest project I was working on today

    Why don't you build yourself one? much cheaper and there are some good companies putting out receiver these days that are forged, as well as parts, and you can also look for GI parts as well. Stock is Birch, it's a thicker than original stocks ,they were used as replacement stocks when a rifle came back to armories for repair, this one is actually a Winchester stock, I have a few of them I restored, here are a couple of others, This one is a standard walnut
  11. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago from a customer that said the rifle didn't shoot well, so I went through the whole gun and tuned it up with some match grade parts. I added one of my refinished stocks and debating on handguards, the Vortex sight will be going bye bye as well as the XO front sight.
  12. Pappy1600

    Colt 901 Great rifle

    I still own it , and it's one of my best shooting rifles, from what I hear they have been discontinued, I don't even see it listed on the Colt website any longer.
  13. Pappy1600

    WW II USS Lexington discovered, Aus coast...

    I can't believe the condition, prayers to the fallen.
  14. Pappy1600

    Wallmart raise age limit on firearms

    I had a NRA bank card , let me emphasize "HAD" any of these companies that are on this BS bandwagon will lose my money.
  15. Left wing censorship at its finest.