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  1. This decent stuff? 50c ea at brownells
  2. After being on here off & on for 6 1/2 years I finally did it. $1700 from arms unlimited. Ordered 3 asc mags from primary arms (who is local to me) It's put a hurting on my credit card but what the hell the kids can eat next week. Now to shop optics and of course ammo
  3. filthy phil

    901 marc for $1875. Best price?

    Found on guntoker a dealer has a boatload and I can do poor boys credit (layaway) for a fee Thanks
  4. filthy phil

    AK photo's

    Sar1, halfway converted hungarian sa85m, bulgie sam7, polish wbp pistol
  5. filthy phil

    AK photo's

    Hey it's been a minute. Huh? New company, much more work. Just picked up a Springfield socom Which has got me thinking on another 308. About to pull the trigger on the xanthos upper & lower set which I could layaway at buds. But then I notice no fwd assist. I like f/a Then a guy on arf has a maten set for $500. Idk what to do. Might just do an armalite ar10t. So many choices
  6. filthy phil

    AK photo's

  7. Russian slab side and 40rd mags
  8. Glock 19 gen 4 from sportsmans guide on the 4 pay payment plan. I didnt know if id be approved. I started with just a couple half cases of wolf gold 223. Got tracking today. Also 400 armscor 230fmj 45 to load up in top of 4.8 titegroup
  9. 500 230gr 45 fmj bullets from graf & sons. Getting the ammo plant cranked up again
  10. Well the 6920 arrived with a gnarly scratch Looks even worse in person smh. Got 3 guns in layaway. X(canthitshit)95 i have to get out by my birthday on 8-4. Its at copper custom Glock 17 gen3 from lgs Colt competition 1911 from buda
  11. Also an ets 30rd glock mag from botach. $15 wth
  12. Aimpoint pro $386 shipped optics planet I know they have mixed reviews so i linked my cc thru paypal. Figure im covered. Also a tripp cobra mag
  13. 1/2 case wolf gold .223 on the sportsmans guide 4 pay program
  14. Drunk ordered another 6920. Cuz whats beta than 2 is one? 4 is 2
  15. If you can stay tier1 tactical with a belly full of dough youre tougher than me