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  1. Rpk type. Finally. Now just need a krink to complete the ak collection
  2. Been on an auto kick for a bit
  3. Its badass. Will get some beta outdoors pics soon
  4. Rich mans ammo I'm sticking with federal xm80 and Malaysian or other surplus at 50cents a pop
  5. Are these mags crap? I load them up with xm80cl and after about 4 or 5 rounds they're rattling badly. So I unload them and that's a bitch in itself. Not slick at all. I see some rounds are nose diving. The tip wont clear the front of the mag. I'm used to slick mags: pmags. Ak mags. I bought 2 of the mags and dont really want to open the other package. My guns still coming so haven't tried with it yet Thanks
  6. After being on here off & on for 6 1/2 years I finally did it. $1700 from arms unlimited. Ordered 3 asc mags from primary arms (who is local to me) It's put a hurting on my credit card but what the hell the kids can eat next week. Now to shop optics and of course ammo
  7. Found on guntoker a dealer has a boatload and I can do poor boys credit (layaway) for a fee Thanks
  8. Sar1, halfway converted hungarian sa85m, bulgie sam7, polish wbp pistol
  9. Hey it's been a minute. Huh? New company, much more work. Just picked up a Springfield socom Which has got me thinking on another 308. About to pull the trigger on the xanthos upper & lower set which I could layaway at buds. But then I notice no fwd assist. I like f/a Then a guy on arf has a maten set for $500. Idk what to do. Might just do an armalite ar10t. So many choices
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