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  1. Finally started upgrading my 308; installed the SR Gold just now. It's everything I hoped it would be. Now just have to start saving $$$ for the next thing on my list. <thumbsup>
  2. babo

    Texas shooters

    Just started working in Austin again. Can't seem to get away from this town. JGshooter, we should meet one weekend. I've not been to Eagle Peak yet but heard it's gtg.
  3. I had a similar problem with mine. Worked the mags etc.... I would end up double feeding and crushing rounds. Check the tips of your rounds after this happens. Does it look like they are striking too low on the feed ramps. I have to send mine in and have them recut. Worked perfect after that.
  4. Pass, I don't need any more distractions from work.
  5. babo


    That's not a hammer! It's an Infantry fine adjustment tool! ;)
  6. Bandit, How high is that glass; scope center axis to barrel center axis? And how many clicks are you compensating for it?
  7. Yard work..... unless the wife goes shopping; then a nap... :P
  8. Not yet but it's on my "honey do" list once I free up th $$$.
  9. babo

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome Matt, where do you live in The Sprotsman's Paradise?
  10. Welcome Down here in Texas when we have fruits & nuts we make fruit cake!
  11. I ordered the ambi saftey from DPMS. Installed it has a little play in it. I called and CS said "yea it's a little loose". WTF? It works fine; just not what I would have paid $40 for if I had known. >:(
  12. Yep, the new version rocks. I just wish it had a 243.
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