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  1. Manzella is definitely a straight shooter Edgecrusher! Potential buyers should have no reservations in this deal!
  2. 500 pieces of once fired brass marked FC 308 WIN for sale. I have them broken down into 100 rd (with a few extra for good measure) bags for $30 shipped or take all 500 for $130 shipped, payment via paypal. The brass was all fired out of my AR 308, walnut tumbled for 2 hrs, then de-primed. Pm if if interested. Edit: Last of the 308 sold, pending funds. I have a few other calibers, mostly 9mm, .45, and 5.56/.223. I just haven't sorted it all yet, but let me know if you're looking for something specific and I'll see what I have.
  3. Rear sight/ carry handle is in the mail brother.
  4. Are you still looking for black ladders? I have 3 off of a Daniel Defense rail. They're 7" (6 7/8).
  5. Are you still looking for the rail panels? I should have some Knights Armament ones in the garage.
  6. I also found a DPMS A2 front sight post as well. It's a pre ban, not sure if that was what you're looking for or not.
  7. Okay, I have one, but it's not an A2 or A4. It's actually a carbine. It has 6/3 elevation marks instead of 8/3. It also has a little bit of wear marks on it. PM an offer if interested. I'll put a picture up as soon as I figure out how to resize it.
  8. I may still have an A2 carry around. I'll take a look and let you know.
  9. mac83

    Ring of fire

    Oops, sorry about that Unforgiven! That was supposed to be a reply to BLKSHEEP's topic "what do you do for a living?" I totally did not intend to change the focus of your topic. Not sure what happened there.
  10. mac83


    Can you get your hands on Tri-tip where you're at, if so let me know, or just google "Santa Maria style tri-tip." The most important part is that it's cooked with a good wood, oak is preffered.
  11. mac83

    Ring of fire

    11 yrs and counting as Marine CH-53E crew chief, "door gunner" for those who don't know. Still trying to figure out the next step. Special Operations sounds like a blast, plus you get to play with more things that go boom!
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