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  1. All blem buffers are sold, pending funds. Thanks everyone!
  2. I think this question would have been better asked in an email instead of in a public forum, so I'm not sure if you have an agenda. That being said, I'll try to answer - Hopefully without starting a shitstorm. Until very recently Springco had virtually no interest in the .308 market whatsoever. Now, with some slick marketing they are all the rage in some circles. "Flavor of the month" probably has a different connotation for us 'seasoned' folks than it does for the younger crowd. My experience is that the ArmaLite #EA1095 spring is the best spring available for .308 rifles and also works just as well in .308 ARs with 7.750" carbine buffer tubes. Springco makes good products, and I'm not disparaging them. But I have tested them side by side and I don't believe their 'red' spring is better than the ArmaLite spring for the applications that I'm concerned with. Over the years I have been solicited by numerous manufacturers that wanted me to carry their products. Some of those products were offered at substantially lower cost (and thus had much greater profit potential) than the springs I currently sell. I choose my product line based on performance, not price, because my customers deserve the very best. Finally, sharing recipes is an activity that only old women should engage in. >:D
  3. Buffers will be available as long as this thread is alive. I'll have it locked when my supply is exhausted.
  4. CAR-10 buffers are for ArmaLite and SR25/DPMS-pattern .308 guns with standard 7" carbine buffer tubes. I have a limited quantity of CAR-10 buffers that are slightly out of spec due to a machining error. These buffers will fit and function just like a normal CAR-10 buffer, but they are approximately 0.2 oz lighter. I'm offering them here for $85 shipped, including a .308 carbine buffer spring. This is the lowest price ever for a CAR-10 buffer. No limit, no combined shipping, sold only as a package with the buffer spring. All sales are final. Please include your email address with payment so I can send you the tracking information. I will accept USPS Money Orders ONLY for this offer. Please make payable to Clint Butler and send to the address below. Clint Butler 1916 County Road 139 McComb, OH 45858 PLEASE do not deluge me with questions. You are saving $40 +/- so take this deal for what it is - Either you want to save some money and live with the flaw or you don't.
  5. Negative! That's not going to work at all. Your buffer/tube combo is incorrect. With the AR15 tube you need a CAR-10 buffer and spring. Or if you want to keep the current buffer and spring you need to get a VLTOR/ArmaLite extended length buffer tube. Contact me thru www.heavybuffers.com if you have any questions.
  6. I don't recommend using a lightweight carrier or flat wire spring. Both of these products can lead to other problems. Can you manually lock the bolt back? How long is your buffer? How many coils on your buffer spring? Is your gas tube properly installed in the gas block and obstruction-free? Have you looked at the gas rings on your bolt?
  7. In addition to my Heavy Buffers, I usually have standard factory buffers for AR15s and .308 ARs in stock. ;)
  8. I've done extensive testing with various buffer springs for both .223 and .308. The flat wire springs did not perform well. Spring rate, set, and service life are all poor compared to most other buffer springs, even cheap OEM units. The term 'Snake Oil" comes to mind. ;) I recommend Wolff XP springs for all .223 applications and ArmaLite AR10 springs for all .308s. Several spring manufacturers have contacted me about carrying their products. Some offered their wares at substantially lower cost (and therefore higher profit potential) than Wolff. I declined because I want to sell the best, not the cheapest. My customers deserve no less. Several DPMS owners have contacted me after they received their orders. They were convinced that I'd sent the wrong spring because operating the CH required significantly more force. My response - "That's because the ArmaLite springs are significantly better." :)
  9. Exhibit #2: http://308ar.com/forum/building-a-308ar/magpul-ubr-stock/msg24232/#msg24232 Things are getting curioser and curioser... ;)
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