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  1. Hello & Thanks everybody! Survivalshop yes that's what I did. I do that a lot anyway, I have a feeling because of reading a lot of your posts or comments few & plus years ago helped.
  2. MikedaddyH!!! I remember you too. Thanks for the reply, understood, I'm trying to get back, just been hectic last few years, s happens!! thanks my brother ? Edit: oh yes the icon, I forgot about that one heh heh, I think I'll keep it there too :)
  3. Hey there, Unforgiven!!! Yes everyone is very well, I am pretty good, been working a lot, but I gave my two weeks notice and start a terrific new job on the 9th. Have not been actively shooting hardly at all, I miss it, I've missed all of you guys, but I'm trying to get back now. Good to hear from you, brother!!!
  4. Today I'm sitting here at my reloading spot & thinking what the heck do I wanna do. I have s loads of prepped brass good to go, lots of pills, lots of powders, all the equipment I need. I reckon I'll just go for it. It's been a hella long time. Cheers!!
  5. Hi, been a long time since I've been here. I have not been very active for the last few years. I have the sound of brass wet tumbling in my ear right now, I need to get going again. I've been thinking of purchasing some Lake City once fired & I think that that brass has thicker walls, less volume, is that correct? In that circumstance I reckon a lesser charge weight is prudent, compared to the many Winchester and Hornady commercial brass I have. Any recommendations? Thanks guys, it's been awhile since I've been here.
  6. Yes it fills up to the shoulder line. I would not go higher. It was the hottest I loaded in a string starting from 43.5 gr IMR 4064 and the 168 amax. No pressure signs all thru the OCW test. 16" barrel and I don't have velocity data. I'm bringing my PACT meter for shooting these this time and I'll inform on that next week. FWIW... JP Supermatch barrel, JP LMOS BCG & adjustable gas block
  7. I hate it when I hide poop from myself
  8. Yeah. They fit my Pmags & I've measured every one of them after sinking the pills.
  9. Last year about this time I was doing a round robin test to find OAL for a 168 Amax on top of 44.5 gr IMR 4064 in Hornady .308 Win cases with BR2 primers. I am loading some up now like these and using a 2.810" OAL and will shoot them next weekend in the mountains above me. Here's the target from last year.
  10. Oh I use "WFT" trimmer. It is fast and works great for me.
  11. Oh, okay I remember now. Anything new here, seasprite?
  12. Why didn't I finish this thread? What the hell? I wonder how I did? Huh......
  13. A debur tool comes with it at least. It came with a powder dispenser option not pictured but I weigh by hand on the scale anyway.
  14. This is what I do. It works great for me and is fast. I'll spin the brass at a moderate speed and hit with propane torch for 7-8 seconds. No more than that, don't wanna over anneal!!!!
  15. I mounted mine on the bench. This "Rock Chucker Supreme" kit comes pretty complete. All I really need are the shell holders for my specific cartridges. Going to get them now.
  16. NoFail


    I'll Go and meet whoever there is to meet and decide for sure. To join them for training I like. Doesn't mean I'd be a draft dodger if SHTF and I didn't mobilize with them. Idk I'll check them out, I don't need to hang out with any radicals. But they seem to be all about the constitution and obeying the laws at hand.
  17. NoFail


    Early last week I had a compulsion to investigate the militia in California, where I is. What I discovered is that the California State Militia is the largest, best trained Militia in the country. I was very surprised to learn this, Kalifornia? I went to the CSM website, which is a new site, and read up. I soon signed up as a member of the web site and I was welcomed from the get go from numerous members. I am looking forward to an upcoming "meet & greet". The M&G I think is how your would be local platoon can meet you and actually I think is where new recruits can be vetted. I am recruit status. I would be a member of the Cal. Central State Militia or CCSM, Bravo Company. Statewide the organization is currently growing steadily. Patriots who love the Constitution, both men and women, are pissed and I think they are hearing a calling and are finding their way like I did. I did this on Monday last week and a few days later I caught onto the Bundy incident. Yesterday the Commander of the CSM indicated a record influx of new members over the weekend, 35 new member recruits. The CSM sent a small contingent of boots to the Bundy incident to observe only. To watch and learn. But everyone else was advised to stay put and "watch and learn". It is up to everyone what they want to do. I would rather be with a group of trained and coordinated patriots when things accelerate the wrong way so that is a good reason I went thru with this too. I look forward to getting involved with whom would be my team and get training and fit. If not I then who? Just thought I should walk the walk with all the talking I do. So that's it. Thanks for reading, brothers! www.camilitia.com
  18. Hmmm I think it is not too bad these days relatively. But the haz mat fee sux. What cartridge are you gonna use it for?
  19. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHH!! Where in the Sam Hell did that come from?
  20. I just realized they have a gen 2... http://www.littlecrowgunworks.com/wft%202.html
  21. 50 aye, I'm 52, it just might could work.
  22. I use the, I use this http://www.littlecrowgunworks.com/wft.html Love it
  23. Hmmm, I see, well maybe it's a good thing I haven't been shooting up my supplies for awhile. Actually it is a good thing I have not been shooting up my supplies for awhile. I'll be cruising thru Manteca on my way to San Francisco today, Giants game, and I'll have my son stop at the Bass Pro there and we'll see what's up. Well prolly on way back home tomorrow, we spending night.
  24. NoFail


    Oh holy crap I just looked at this thread, I didn't know about this powder. I gotta try it for my 45 Colt, which is a 1894 Winchester lever action, my first gun I ever had. This one I load Hornady 225 gn (225?) .452 FTX's with H110 or Alliant... Eh, crap fkn memory again... Anyway my 16" Win I've clocked well over 1500 fps with the FTX's. The gun handles it no problem at all, it's strong. Wow CFE pistol, fkn cool!! Thanks, Robert!! Alliant 1200 is that it? Yeah I think it is. Edit: nope it's Alliant 2400. And WTF Midway ain't got dick for powder, is it worse now than it was last year? Not that I buy powder online anyway, what are the stores on the street like these days?
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