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  1. Keep in mind these are just ideas to think about - no kit is perfect and just like 98 says "Your emergency kit depends on your skills,training, expectations,capabilities,knowledge, will power. Nothing is certain." anyways the whole thing will depend heavily on your situation as well- it may be best to "bug in" at home or a well known location that is stocked, defensible and sustainable. Regardless of the situation though water, food, shelter, fire, weapon, medical, tools are some major headings - slide anything you want under that.
  2. Welcome aboard- these folks have been nothing but helpful for me - good luck!
  3. yeah no offence to any die hard NRA fans- but I just see them as another political force praying on the hopes of people for $ - a bunch of fakes saying a whole bunch of something and doing a whole bunch of nothing...or maybe just enough to give you that tingle for next years renewal subscription...
  4. guess ole' Bush shoulda built the fence higher <lmao>...and obummer should have ...well...done SOMETHING- ANYTHING...apart from selling the smugglers weapons... >:(
  5. In light of the recent hurricane out East I feel compelled to give my two cents on an emergency/bug in-bug out kit that everybody should have. It isn't a perfect list and never will be as each situation/person may demand a different set up. However, I hope this will at least give some folks ideas on what to have at the ready for natural or man made disasters. There are some redundant items because this is a list based on how I pack items and some things I want redundant in different packs for convenience/special use i.e. candles, wipes, space blankets, tools. I know this is a site about guns - but I hope this message can ride here and help somebody in the present or future!
  6. hah - funny thing is it damn near worked...not sure what would have happened going down the other side though... <laughs> what will they think of next? ACME Coyote Catapult? <thumbsup> or maybe just a big plank of wood and throw an anvil on the other side. :cookoo:
  7. ok so now I am curious- as I am very new to this whole thing. A few hopefully not so dumb q's... What is the actual cost difference in reloading vs factory? What are the major pro's cons to reloading Also, can't reloads void your weapon warranty?
  8. I have a Leatherman and Gerber - both made in USA- both great quality - I keep the Gerber in my BoB cause it seems to be a little more durable and lighter. The leatherman is an 18 tool so its more useful as an everyday use item. And yes - I don't trust the NRA. Seem to be just a bunch of money grabbers with promises like the rest of our politicians. I also don't trust them- I always kinda took thier organization as a collection point for gun owner ID's...what better place to look for who owns guns eh? What abotu Gun Owners of America? They are non profit and seem to be more politically oriented rather than sellign you T-Shirts and crap.
  9. looks awesome but it is a bit expensive for me right now and still a bit heavier than I was looking for. Also, my personal desire is not to have quad rails all over - not really a necessity but it looks bad ass! For now I am just going to add the mini rail peices to the A4 handrail and once my budget allows possibly get the daniel defense. or something by JP. Hell maybe by then they will have a Troy Alpha equivalent.
  10. what do we get if we guess it right? <munch>
  11. I have about 40 rounds of winchester .308 haha... 8) oh and 80 rounds of 9mm. <lmao>
  12. I am kind of a beleiver that the majority of our problems lie in congress...if there was ever a complete waste of space it is our current congress...
  13. actually seen a review of glow paints on youtube - this stuff supposedly lasts 24 hours http://glowinc.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=11 not a bad option if you don't want/need to spend the money on tritium- I will try it out and post back how it works. I think another plus side to glow paint is adding it to certain items in your bugout/prepkit - like first aid items etc...
  14. well finally got the info but he is saying JP is the only other maker for handguard options...seems strange - maybe Troy and other just don't feel it's worth it to produce such an oddball size? "the only other ones on the market is JP-enterprises. The threads are 1-7/16*18UNEF-2Ax.555 +/-.002." THANK YOU, B.J. BLICK REPAIR / TECH. SUPPORT BJB@ROCKRIVERARMS.COM
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